I Can Admit It, I Was An Idiot

Monday, August 7th

What took you wayyyyy too long to figure out? 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Yeah admitted. They have you learned any. Patient I. Your contention for a Ford 263094. Lines this conversation was spark between all of us here in the studio. When we heard this story so. Kellie Pickler of her right she was one of the first on American Idol and country sweetheart I'm. Typical yeah blonde jokes written a lot about Kellie Pickler had made it very I Syria typically the stereotypical ditzy blonde. Yes well she likes to tell stories on herself and told this story. About when she first got on American child that she had never been on an airplane before never taken flight. And also never been an an airport and this is what happened. This first time ever been on an airplane I was looking for a date highly airpower like a real day like I can't can't. GAAP I. Do you think led is against. Honey. How did I send some Thomas is just gave there's. Say any day I was like Alice in Wonderland and I'm whilst. Illinois us literally looking for offense but if you guys why go gate that is the code gave from a white picket fence in the airport and couldn't find it. And I'll. Hi I thought. I have one of these I thought wind died later and say this the participation part of the jets out. 4042630941. Is our phone number do you have to say I can a minute I was admitting I get amid. I was an idiot well me. Too old to be as big of an idiot but I used to not understand. I think probably. And it's grave. It even sixth grade. I used to not understand why. When you shut the radio if when you turn it back on it didn't pick up where left office assistant associate in the middle of play to Taylor swift's sound right and yeah. Shut the radio off in the middle of that song. Why we need to in the area back on eighteen just pick it up like to in my won't mind you're heading your son. You wanna pause button on everything with it. So I got an idea I remember realizing. That that understanding which when somebody showed a radio off. A but it was playing in the other room and I'm like Needham. We need this is growing and you'll hold on Sugar Ray of the. That's how I was music videos I cannot understand. How somebody could go from one thing to another so quickly and a music video. And then I think MTV came out with behind the scenes. And you can go like CNN light chop an added an amusing video like any time. I had a it's. Lip syncing now. I understand that on the line. I was five years old my uncle leads a meeting AT MA goes look JP when you're older you get free money and bunch of money shot out of the ATM. For about the next nine or ten years I was about fourteen or fifteen. I went along thinking that ATM's are. I thought not early and take out your own money we haven't paid to take out your money in most ATM RA. And he didn't get back all clock Taylor and can't use let's hear it. This crowd that lays it event with a nice cool see outside chocolate milk in the ground. Let me solar valley Susan can I. It is believed dead when I don't believe and any epiphany when you realize you're like that's not true. Lol what it's really makes chocolate flavor and. It's weird to me they calling him one of these and I feel like I do this every couple days and months and IQ didn't you didn't and that's. Do look Obama how might blonde. That's OK it's time. Euros for her she's 630941. We want to hear your story is. And ray after painted we're gonna make Kelly she's tell her pickles I. He admitted this as a year ago and he still hired her to be part of it. I think if 40463094. Line. I can't say it. Island than anything. NHL all star. They don't think you. An idiot I cannot wait to need to finish some of these stories. Part of Ford's UC 30940118. Fallon that. Kelly pick Laramie former. American Idol contestant and country music star who is a stereotypical ditzy blonde and she admits it yeah. Wandered through an airport the very first time she didn't take a flight looking frail gates played a role a literal gates a picket fence and hide the airport she confined wishes as to fly found as she couldn't find a gate ten to find. And gates. Taxi and a and their wares at Watkins and mark and Joseph Watkins where you want to focus now I tell Jana. Welcome to share. And you I was barely twenty into the record or my mom Sharon to help treading chino. She can't run into were just. The pistachio. Since they need bottom and it's yellows and it here is the fact. Okay. I think on a column I'm from yeah oh yeah. I Mandy and a lot again. I get martini. Whites. Would you like to admit what idiot then would you like to admit it's. So I'm a very noble parish and and at a wrong this time I didn't know that and I am like. And him to eat eat what part about eight I thought that at Hamlet that own animal. Eckert seemed like actual count it's looking even disputed islands like critics can't come compliment him right back. See him in real life like positions so confusing. Like all the basic south farmer. Hands farmer. Right my semester I got a mixed. It seemed like it how to pull in at thirteen so now it was really weird is that is that is a tiny feathered out in your day. It isn't so I'm not already. That's amazing I'm. Right elbow and what year did you realize that hands and I am. I would actually like right before I don't eat eat and I would like joining the military and somebody who has played in cannot play I got. And I turn eighteen years old. Part yeah and the military if you think Sam is its own animal fur for eight years of her life she you is all of her friends alleged letter believe it may. And on the real world their leg now a sunset. Debbie in Alpharetta and can you admit that you're an idea. I don't I'm not that many parents are on there uncommon talent coming out. So girl I worked went on that apparently actually get married and had a lot of done by. Believed and speaker on cherry pick or heart. Graduated like. No I didn't Shah a comedy ain't that a flurry of any archery decline. Her sister and my. Oh hold on chili cheese do you now oh my word earth and spaghetti grown and you know what it was a bit. Getting moss I. You know and seminaries negating monsters country's wealth of knowledge as Colin said the thing amount on camera to Belichick and I thought Darden he might meet taken for the longest time. Can only. Started to take her enlighten him. I know that until late Thanksgiving. Me and I am seeing your high school so what did you guys avoid predators was await me check and always take he has some Thanksgiving meat Turkey. That's a good animal than if she can't. There are no I mean honestly I. I ask them how I figured it buried Darden I mean they were separated their own different birds so I. Now could ever done anything weirdos countries CI. Okay yes I have and I say and I college graduation and I said summing up pickles I thought they grew on bonus. I didn't know when people. Talk about tickle he came highness. Finally affirm our black shirt and a fine I don't. Oh you didn't know that pickles didn't come out of the ground pickled. Now I had no idea thought they came out tasting like any better so people said like a logical things in my hazy take pickle juice and you've been pickled them. Right when the video just comes from squeezing the take over. And I published my mom and now I'm Kelly and cucumbers and specific and no idea no idea I had somebody right house going our whole guarantee he. No the tablet at seven year old and a cup it's technicals so. I Rachel and Buford. I'm saying good morning Harry you. Get a Aaron corporation Kerry may ask. I. Lot ache in order purse patent. I did not realize that and figured each light on over the weekend. I can't find ringing and Republican triggered our terror plot they can bomb like this guy big deal. Aren't bad news and re not all. You raise some really dramatic stuff is to fly pigeons guy. Hanging out. I I don't shuttle and I had a fight. Fourteen and I'm like I had I had I had lunch eating maybe plot thickened. At least. It's good. And yeah there's someone and they're non stop thank you guys freer admissions. Star in 941. Are admitting it when you are. And we are users are fantastic and we love you for that yes we love you. Jimmie thank Abington mother of the death engines out. Hey I need to thank when I was actually at bats. Half an hour or longer are since his. My mom used to try to choose me to take a nap and I don't want used as you like OK it RD minute happy it happened how are anomalies. I think our long term don't have an hourlong not spend thirty minutes. At quarter past the quarters when I. But a quarter passes fifteen and made no sense to me and I think I heard him. Perhaps I'm like I'm totally mound Mike and you're out yeah. It's Madonna on year. On my unmarked jet went now wait and think about it outright Obama. What I'm totally you know how much. Judy and roam. Out he and allowed thirty years. Eight years. Or older. Some. Monster chickens with the way the heck I just ask Judy a technical question. Really chicken nuggets came. For making this way it's. On star not before one.