I burned my vaca days for THIS?

Wednesday, September 7th


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And yet Michelle Wie goes. Labor Day is come and gone and that means summer. Summer vacation. Officially. Over kind of starts a Memorial Day. Does the Labor Day can't Wear white and talk about summer vacation. Now it's time to switch clause even as high as ninety degrees. An entity and the issues I'm. Gonna talk about vacation. Obvious that we had and everybody has. Good to me and I get to spend a lot of time at the late with my am only that was fantastic great company great group and am. Parents can mean as good vacations. Yes I had a good vacation this summer do. And I did our first family of four we were elected Griswold we went to chat an Olympic carols and perfect he's had it ever in our way yes student and look cabin that Mountain View and had to explore all that. Chattanooga Tennessee cool stuff today. Here's our phone number 40474. Wine 9400. The topic. I can't believe I burned vacation days for this ramp wreath at the it's apple yeah. Izard will treat yeah it's such as this IA didn't. Covet those days not if I don't have to get up and going to work they're special. Moments he wanted to fill them with everything is exactly what you wanna deal with that there. And you only have so many of the league gold bars regularly you're signed so many of them at the beginning of the year. Right yeah it's them. I'm person and a mountain deems themselves human resource it is. And they dictate you use of dots that he's gold bars. And fish. And if you're using those that one of those buyers don't just sit there and go getting paid yeah I. And that unbeaten winner mountain top tiger doing whatever like. 0404741. And 9400. Is our phone number. I burned vacation days. Of this crap reason welcome to the jet engine show era. Some of the war zone and of one hour seven day cruise. To creep and then. I'm not so assuming that Gator whatever alert and I basically got a nonprofit two days and com on this seven day cruise imminently mayor room. At all after that the entire crew and the way. Yet. That's. You and I money and all moment small cabin room and it was. Awful so that was a whole week of vacation literally. Rate down the toilet. Under the age of the cop. Yeah yeah. They actually welcome to the Japanese and show. Hey are you burn vacation days for what reason. Well I can't I can't make it and they didn't help my best friend lane her Redding. And Al. Glad they came and I eat it got any. And I only had to beat LA weekly they say they are hard at all. A week later. Yeah I eat. So. I meant leap down now look at everything he's been saying and I'm married now now. Am a lot of money on that letting automatic. She owes you big time like a Vick basically back to the Caribbean or something. Actually that are. She did she acknowledged that guy you're burned I irrigation and memory cited as the Euro which I'd. Not even. Active that way. Are there man you know they aren't you that. Totally thanks Ashley hey Danielle and Atlanta how would you. Burn your vacation days for. And how are out. We won't we do rattled like seventeen hours and how little. I could care at all and we believe that they are though and I hear all. Aimed only we did I idol eight and nearly a portrait portrait they. And so I think it's terrible app and you're just decided. Eleven that island like wire are. Really like aren't you illegal means to our daily news that he can and I mean you can't help our I get upset I don't. NY SEB in a car for seventeen hours with. Children. I know everyone told me didn't aboard I know you don't want to get you don't want to. Do it anyway. And they were right. A stunning and Miller I. I do another mom recently is that when you is called a vacation or is it just called a track at its. That's how much vacation trip it's just guaranteeing him a different town. In a more inconvenient. Hey Christina things are guns Evans and zealot that. And so I had you are my vacation days we got I'm and it might impede or a three month. And yeah do you vacation days and ordered here are ideally you look at all this crap reason right there. Can't lie any security at then number it was absolutely. Hair all over the nightmare and you bumper. I know I agree. And it. If you started to look in word about your driving schedule is. Nearly half. Block they are tightening underwriting changed and could not I thought they'd we're not here to enjoy it so yeah. Her. And do it caucus in flood over the jet engines show Bristol. Outage you burned that your vacation days for a Crabtree. Shall we. The Myrtle Beach with my kids for the week. On Alec are burst into the air out at an adult and do what I'm a student and a lot that. So we always an op twenty minute mark to powered by a group a storm hit that while out on open eat or not so out. So the key idol walker is now in bulk I don't tell you where here. Our low. We are and it. My guy's name Matalin thinks they're gone into contention out. Apparently it is her and yes. We're all on now I let three vacation days. You'd go over at my brief time that you mid flight school reunion and out Oregon. And I'm an actor reunion and that he ended up making out with more is senior com they. I'm wait wait for an and then he got the than me she's married and he got an app it's quite licked her husband. And ended up getting arrested and going to jail. So I took a Greyhound bus back to demand that and we haven't spoken that. And debates that. I now. I mean it better out. I mean. It would be great to make it be great if you did that without burning three vacation. In that way. I'd thanks for the comment and pay a problem. Pays them into. It. Are you waste your impressions vacation days. I'm well I was sort leaked you may and I ended up in the ER Larry King I cannot even imagine. And it carried out that I had at least on a cubic detracts from. He. Got that in her. A little early in England had these are medications and where it. Obama. Went yeah it is. Maybe I don't wanna know the answer is what happens when you have a kidney stone that's too big impact. Well and I really think that pregnant they can really do anything until I had a baby. The outlook and rightly stated that it does this huge doubt they had that they aren't and probably needs a glitch as a kid that goes in your back you're getting me. On Katrina mismatch lot of signs are a lot of clean it gets that. It's time. Happy vacation. Is yeah. No. Vacation days that you wasted. A feel so bad now. Star in 941.