I Broke His Stuff but Are We Still Together?

Thursday, July 21st


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Still aren't ready for a one. And it just got so mad. At her boyfriend for eagle. Is found in the why they were hanging vacationing in Greece summer. Jeanne you. And it's time. It's Comanche. Hostage. Into the anyway we're just wondering. What may sound that you wrote something of more significant. He's ever done that out of rage. I'm looking anything. So. Even something in your own. A virtual every guys on the wall gene is nodding yes so grab a microphone Geneen would have you'd damaged. Out of rage. Though money. Is it. And I. And you with that oh when you left. It in. And hitting it very. Our attic are well. Johnson and that's. And seeing it next match. Mr. Wanna keep it at that time. But as I was moving apartments I was like not synthetic and fifth. And Adams. Completely looted and it. Doesn't say how did it feel so great I got a picture of it on the work of putting it out of it. And and also greet. Well yes I did later rod sets against the unfair. Here's here's the direction to go Imus is who. You tell us what you destroyed and then it will try to guess accurately. I've ever astray and you might inanimate. Object every guy is on law. And I injured my hand on late added that. It's like the knuckle balls at both of the trial. That feels great and I'll never played an excellent. To your daughter Lauren problem with this. Well but it's a good. Yeah and learn. Or better after we rate something like do you feel like a relief. Now guys that guy actually. Now and now I'm that guy who did. I did in high school. Row four hours. I sent a girl. While ours that. And and while it was at her house and it was like there it was a very high school arrangement it MySpace and I mean went to the grocery store and on. And on base came probably at the but the little pack it in there right and the days and take him. And then the next day when over them on its use flirting with different. So I just. Days. Probably it cool and rule him out into the. Remember in size goes like you or someone's necklace a unit awards Simmons jewelry or something you are wearing my first wife and jewelry and getting. Breaking and it is like gold chain cheesy I think it's. Ayman rape case and I think we've probably got back together. Let's talk to. Lee and that Colin from Atlanta hey Leann Harriet. It I only answered this is how it's gonna work you're gonna tell us what you broke in your relationship and Jeff and I get to test whether or not you still together okay so don't tell us that part. Attack I've I tell the story. No I broke out that he torched on the day I kinda odd idea are currently. Or I'll. It is trash cholera and her art it. It's okay this business spectacle that. Wow OK I'm again while I'm again trying to why not have liked what. What made him what made you. What did he do that made you do that. A lot of tape I hear what they're not entered. And I love panacea and. You aren't out there. Oh okay. IE ticket strip it out or at or I am I they eat and another one. Day she. At the door and an Internet column it can't take it that. Are telling her or later. And where did you come home and she was in the house. It. That that's what happened ST Georges is backed it might have missed all of his. Could feel good. Lately there. Thanks Ali and hey I Kelly and Duluth. Hi when you break. I hammered hood base guitar. Lula. Are no way cause you take. Emirates Qatar. Ex boyfriend called me two months after it broke up the helmet that he lived engaged there's somebody out. Now and I returned to that mark Salem and he would not very happy bit it would destroy I hammer. I it felt wonderful. SP I thank you for that all day I will keep the calls come on the phone lines lit up more of your phone calls of 4047419400. You'd tell us what you'd damaged and we'll try to gas. If the relationship survived. It's really Tucson is not known. It's my friends and show.