Hypothetical Questions

Monday, November 13th

Jeff's got a new tough question for us all! What would you say if your dad asked you to do this? 

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Okay Terna Nande. Justin gen shelf all well and here's a hypothetical question okay as they. Question out of Florida. Is gonna get our brains crunching early. On Monday. My dad is this an email their friend of mine in radio received. From his friends. I'm still wondering from a my dad is 83 has terminal illness. The doctor says he can be gone within a few months. He's an amazing man who leave behind a legacy of love and all things that he has done for others. It was a model citizen and I don't even know that he ever had even up parking ticket. So when he came to me and asked me if I would give him some cocaine I was blown away. This is so unlike him but he's always wanted to see what it was like two bit never dated because it was illegal. I don't know this is a genuine request our results of the illness slash medication. My hope was that he would ask once and forget about it but he asks me every time I see him. I told him I wouldn't even know where to start I don't droll wit those kind of people. He said could you please try your best I've always wanted to experience that. Question. Do I do this or not. And dads definitely going to. Pass on Santa yep. Doctors have confirmed it. My dad is 83 and has Tara as the doctor says he regatta within the next several months. Hello. We your campus. I don't know what can I think about my answer. Would you studio. Dave Dave. I'd say yes I mean some people wanna go to space not a Disney. Political space mounted just went and that's what is 83 year old man wants to do and if it's less wished for Madison on its make a wish and Archos for. But the big debate is still illegal here's so if you tried to go get it here and you can go to jail riot as. Right here get a rest I don't know what the punishment as it is serious right. And then you've got to figure out like how to get it and so. And wow. Okay. Could you would take dad out of the country and just go to Columbia. It's legal in Colombia and you go home whenever I'm Sherry I have you seen locked up abroad. True glorifying their three wild and Colombian jail yeah us. I think there it's kind of like you know us detaining those past the cup came to. Like you would be less germanic prior like literate music fassel's. I know that everywhere pretty well. All action salt used to mean getting extra deep on all of us. OK got to make sure it doesn't interfere as a medication and I high need you Google but I think you just ask the pharmacist the CBS. News I have to yeah. Walgreens can get death hovered around that and pay. Is this the minute clip this. Good job float glass to you referred to interfere remember approach menace. Asking for and other than that though yes like your dad is gone through some stuff like if as someone who has vowed to pass some in a few months who've raised you asks you for any thing. New U verse and jail time and that really really yeah. As long as you think there and very you know good space is this not play just offer some we'd like to add this big gateway drug anyway let's just heart. Lo charity care. He give me anything like what's the fake stuff that the use in the movies there was rabbit on their gums and all that obvious that it's time. Just given that that's true though but then you're lying to the person who raised you and Monty all these years. Announcement 83 years yeah plus he taken a fast you do this right. You get tickets to Vegas you go to EDT festival out it doesn't. My biggest my biggest problem is I had to get drugs refers somebody like this. Like I wouldn't that there and then and I think 90% of the reason that I don't do drugs is because. It requires an assumption of which what are my friends as drug system as I would have loved to people on it and walk up to somebody MB like hey. You do cocaine right no I thought I was insulting your friends one by one yeah I'm just kidnap man. I don't know I am now mine now. All learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.