Hypothetical Questions

Thursday, September 21st

Who would you save? Would you jump? Check out these brain-bending hypotheticals and see if our answers are the same too!


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Star in 941. Just got some hypothetical questions for you there is really gonna get your brain working early this morning. He's an occasion I have for Thursday. It makes you think right away this morning. I Jan you can go first okay. Imagine you're on top of a fifty story building and there's a giant inflatable landing pad at street level business. I have vertigo already just thinking about it yeah. It's huge jump there's and 95%. Chance of landing on the pad and food. Arriving okay trees a 5% chance of certain splat that. Would you make the jump in order to save a friend's life will well. Cheney to wish. John how uncomfortable he wanted to be OK so when in this room. Well. I feel like my answer would be different than everybody else is because some parents so I wouldn't risk my life because I feel like it led to it. Significantly impact my kids' lives so I would not sound. Okay which is a question slightly then for you Kate. Mentions has his surveys and film fans Jim Nantz I pretentious I found Sanchez dead yet. Would you jump off deceived your brother Matt's life cool yes the new parent Matt. Yes. We don't matter. Yes sorry if I have clarity Camelot or buzz. Kelly would you joke about zero translates treasure I'd outages jumpin. Diane not about presents haven't done I pretty surging yeah I saw the question is this would you do it. Fine Olivia. And shooter entered JP which he did I'd do it again in 19120 chance of doing it to make sure that you got your you don't slip. You know don't look at your phone do it. Oh wonder what's going around baseball. I've been trying to instant Emma and yeah I get like a thousand bucks every flip I do on the line now you just save a life Geneen that's an. More than money came out this summer are pretty tell you accurately exactly greed being twenty years via powerless to change it. You wanna hear boo. Yeah you're right this is making us think this morning in his second on the wait say again anymore coffee and seminars really tell you exactly where you'd be in twenty years Lenny ears are powerless to change what they tell me. You are here. It's. And the answer and you get splattered on the road against. I'll mail and that's harder and I know achieves. I don't think so. And then I didn't spend a whole life trying to change that. Righty doesn't cook he can't do anything is changing it then why know about it. I'm such a control freak out like information so I would go with yes. I sure do JP we had no I'd take joy away from my life seen it. I would actually regular milk and even if I don't like Eleanor or like at twenty years night. Not Jesus what is really like everything and then by then what if I realized I really do like it. Move that I got to work towards liking this magazine and guaranty. Or at least held that island and you're also aware that the response can be dead. I mean and you don't know when the next twenty years you dial you know is dead. I'll probably make better traces before then campaign oh that is that because they don't look at all if you like my twenty years ahead then I. I think that's kind of cool suit. Because I think I'm cool I'm in heaven by an animal like. Challenge with everybody and you're now in hand because you murdered her friend did you enjoy possibilities are. Well now we've got and says it's as I I would not one and the last one. You're driving at a town minutes before an avalanche rolls in and destroys. Everything. You've only got room in your car for one passenger. On the side of the road. Is an older woman who happens to be your mom's best friend. Next to her is your old baby sitter who actually saved your life and he started choking on some food aged aunt. In the third person is a woman that you have been vigilant our man even visualizing in your dreams for all your life Asia very perfect partner. Who gets the right. This is so complicated. Financing night here's a perfect partner. Oh yeah they're moms out estranged dad. My my best friend. Good woman who saved the baby sitter who saved your life and I'm not a baby anymore she's donated yeah. As my purse and you get the blue Jay's agent I'd call uncle babysit her life for a life like sending you visualize in your dreams like what is that. She's being paid a lot CC connection like you. Poked a student died on time on our times she'd been. Verses saving her boyfriend's life you know it was just my life she would've helped us dollar cold I'm waging a neat. These Columbia that are you can see I'm gone my best friend why she's all good guys in no way. My mom's best friends were like second parents Sunni so all of my. Most closest girlfriends I think of as another mom so as I visualize them in my mind definitely sensitive to her. One foot in the coffin no stranger no baby sit around changed they're awful you do killing young people and all your friends and your person injured person. I am a person I know it is a sell some fictitious person though some things you already know Steve Francis on grants I tagged out pain on the mom's best friend. Yeah letter read and then go waves but the person isn't the person in your dream person even dreaming. For your whole life your person. You are sending you can't change hands now that it's something suspicious person. No it's like the person that is your purse and wiser and into greens I'm very confused by this whole hypothetical question all I know now I. And Ramirez single and Jeff has happier than he's ever. You are not your person is your purse and spoke quite the same way he's setting. Your dreams of the third is the person you've been visualizing your dreams for all your life is your perfect partner this. Tell some fictitious person not your actual person you're living within your life it's kinda like you're sliding in my. And one other thing grant now we are driving by them on the road seemed visualize this first seeing you this question is do you bad. A rails got a thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.