Hypothetical Questions

Tuesday, August 15th

How would you answer these tricky questions?

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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell hole well. I isn't hypothetical question for you. Get your brain work early in the morning. Standings from chicks start your day and kind of a weird way for dessert you. Usually just hypothetical questions make this farm first 35000. Dollars. Would you go for three months and without washing and brushing your teeth or using deodorant. Probably and I'm hello I can do they deodorant. Brushing teeth no way that name equally Listerine and I heavily learning. You feel like you have a winner fur coats on your teeth and 35000 dollars 35000. Dollars would that work had to be like. The ten grams of twelve grand council yeah I mean every seed as more than me idea. I. Even if you could not explain your reasons to anyone until after the three months is yeah I would do it. I turn it. Besides dry shampoo out there now you can't pick which one it has to be all three now you can't go three months of that washing machine it either using deodorant. You don't use jags are dry shampoo it's not unlike does that loopholes and stuff. He's got to be happy I had gone. Nasty out of it early months. I don't know are you done this in college were. It's easily measured at a w.'s school paper. I Jenny the only insane now and now because of fatigue thing I can do that but probably not washing Indiana and put my T. Have to brush my teeth and a locked if you could entice me crazy I the first part of this is for everyone if you could have twenty years of extra light. Guaranteed health. And bonus on top of what Larry had. Are doing that a stranger somewhere in the world will die. Who you take twenty years. Yeah rings of all these karma question again now when you I think you know. Com. I don't I don't they had to do it now I don't think it any better than those many years he unreal that he's he's he's. Mr. Jeter is and there's still mad that you don't get cash in and yeah. And would you know you wouldn't know with a stranger was now that's why they're stranger. Just if they were really people are doing bad name could they around the world Europe. And I would say act take him out. If if they're really kind awesome person game now could be somebody pseudo grandmother now. No poll. And only nine. H and here's a twist level people but it guarantees a long healthy life for both of your children will and the difference yeah. And like kill a strange. Thing out. Strangers out kids are and not yours. What do you do after having her I hammer her in your home for a year you swap the child that cracked the mistake. That's a lot of diapers that's a lot of investments. Welcomes back the money for JP this. Cool. Is that your child yet. But somebody else has usually. And then somebody else has your child I'd have to acknowledge that there was no there's no way to let that secret persist but I'd want that child's always still be in my life. So you don't swap now Jerry got one. Your homeowners. Can play here they did. We got a couch nexus side of the road as. I feel like at twenty dollar bill and improperly paid for out there. I I think it would definitely. Talked to the other family and figured out and I don't know if you could swap could not pay someone else has your kid I now know that then. Yeah how much is this kid cry and play it are they elections at all. Enjoy Davie on slug it out real quick there's no matter what kind of like if you were birth child hands but one dance of course it matters. What if it's like super struggling parents who don't have a ton of money. A lot of opportunities. First is you who is so rich that you wouldn't take 35000 dollars for not rushing to. University. Every person you have ever been romantically. Is invited to a banquet. Nobody will be in attendance except the collection of your format it out about is death. That is a Motley crew. The end a bartender who pours heavy and gives truth serum shots. Okay. Why an outsider will be allowed. Who is to do with your current significant other. Or your parents. You and care than any of that stuff in my life those seem Rich Hill about any names around you know I don't I can't whenever. I guess I don't apparently because they do I ask that is the girls from Philadelphia. Here you dummy is doing just ran away. I don't parents too because they'd they'll have things to them that I was too nice to sang like you are so mean to her that one time. Gonna light up and just say it's. Tough. Can't pass. And we've already rented out hangar at Hartsfield Jackson yeah. Yeah I'm I'm getting out of his main thing. There's an entourage of buses lined out. It looks like tomorrow world's. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.