Hypothetical Questions

Friday, July 7th

Would you rather love someone who doesn't love you? Or be loved by someone you don't love? All that and more!


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Starry night before one. The question. There's no Brady campaign. I insert. I'm used rooming yeah Kelly would you rather date a person that you love. But it doesn't have you. Or would you rather date a person that loves you. Which you don't love the Mac alone dozens. Again I really users in general. Aside and have more fun and the when I load them and they don't love me back then says that Cheney thought. It's an easy Callaghan stadium light it's. On this fat I know but if I only have it's you I'm Joyce if I if I could Poland Jeff and change generals I just choose Ben. My legs and I had to choose I would choose solo some money down ten to chase. I I JP here's country yeah. If after dying. You can come back is any living thing other than a human. What would you choose any living thing up. It's exciting. I'd like to fly. I think the ability to fly would be cool and he bad ass maybe like an eagle and McKinney and up but if you're a ball the go to your endangered some people couldn't hurt you and your involved so that works out. Yeah in the match. I Jen what would you be if you. Any living thing other than a human what would you choose well. You with little kids they spent a lot of time in zoos and at petting zoos and stuff like that. And always my favorite is a giraffe. They're so beautiful and they've got those seem pretty long necks and there's this cool later they locker around and I missing bit I just mention nuns and cheese and John I'd rather see for talk friends and be pretty cool if there. This donor anymore. That would allow young man is mind should have smooth. Please I I think Strasser really cool. La Asia I would come back as I get docked in apart is our it is hanging out with people throw fruit as. Yeah a second round of the three breads it. Oh you want me to imagine you don't just throw cards basis. We're at. OK I jammed me. After her nowhere is it as I. You're Jan if you can go back in be any age you wanted man for one month. What age was that would would be the age it would be most exciting Korea if I could go back and the any age for one month what would it be. I'm trying to think I. I do what held you in fifth grade. Like ten or eleven you. Ten or eleven I'd be ten or eleven again because that was right when my family moved to saint Petersburg Florida and my brother and I got our own pool and all we did was swim for about two years straight and we had so much fun and my dad and solid basketball loop so I just have great memories of that tells life like playing the ball brother. You could be ten caches. I'd probably do like a five year old time at Baylor. Yeah and that's a part of I had really don't remember them lunch and I think we moved to two or three different places the dreamy thing for a 76. So is our panel blur plan I think it would just be fun to be talking again. Hey wait I mean what about you okay guys well. Like 67 grade middle school before I started hearing about blaze but old enough to my parents let me go like clocked my friend's house on my own so we're just spend. Ours is like. Walking around the neighborhood are going to the movies really do think this I was the most free. Again Holmes sodas they go hang out and I'll be grounded everyday but my parents to get home till seven solid beat Canada seven. Us and because I just have so much freedom and had a tough I does from everything else I transferred days and I would get my parents to agree dislike. School night sleep ovary cells like oh she just close up the street even if I can forget some baggage is run home. And it worked. Improved 41 again that because I'm match when he first here is lame and as a boss and has learned. Hello I was right when he first anything's redo and redo it I 1617. Right around that age is you get your license yeah. Citing. I'd my ninety Buick LeSabre but blink waited two and made a wide Oakley is in my book shelves. Turn on music and you turned your music down loses that UNAIDS. I don't want to dinner I'm gonna go to fast food and give whatever I want you let the first time that you could lead. Choose your own adventure he had a Reno car. All right last question for this round and it's -- I'm starting with you who is a little philosophical. Note today within. You are offered ten million dollars yes. But for the rest of your life there's a turtle trying to get you. OK if they're turtle touches you. You'd die and that turtle is relentless and never stands going after you but it does mood the speed of a turtle. But it Smart so they can hop on cars if you get people's backpacks. So you can go to a different country and try to forget about it but the Smart turtle will find its window plane and end up in that country it's always chasing. But it is slow is eternal ten million bucks ten million bucks but the turtle of death is always behind. I would tell ten million bucks I can fund a lot of research Intel like. I'm very stuff and then on this site have a house and never touches the ground and there's no little turtle latter's. And I'll blow this and other countries it'll take awhile to find me and then I'll move back. And then others I just wanted to touch the ground again. My internal can't fly. Ten million dollars and that something is chasing you for your entire life mean it's quite a philosophical question because isn't death always knocking at your door. You have to live it every day to. You can't get in tomorrow's not promised exactly Perreault soda bottles I think fit I think it's a metaphor for life I think you'd go for. You can get at ten million you'd go for it because you don't know what days enemy at last plus you could pay some money offensive Paterno. I contains them. The way it's incumbent. Jeff great job. Helen style or not before long.