Hypothetical Questions

Monday, June 12th

Hypothetical questions to get you thinking about where your limits lie, and we all tried to answer! No joke, some of these are HARD.

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Book Kim began to read it only to discover that it is the story of your life. We'll. You read out to the page describing where you are right now. Knowing that you won't be able to change the rest of the books he read the next chapter. I spent way into law. Well I'm these hypothetical questions that live on the Internet now to get your answer now. All of this is the enemy Sonja and how do you find about to begin to read to discover that is oh sorry I realize you've read up to the point of today. You turn the page are now. Knowing. You cannot change what is. That is so it's a hard question to answer. Because I think for my sell off. I would be OK to say no. And not read any further air out of for my children. You can't change anything. Yeah. HM someone an hour do shut the book in front there ever I honestly Larry the very last page on thing it's really really good numbers so high. And it really yeah I don't do that I think makes me just like you a little. TW I is a good little Caylee to see how it ends and then you go to the NCA out and how. Only the last like three pages and I and that's where was and I'm so excited beyond hi guys there's hello kitty tonight. Just look emotion as the and that. So yes I LA I read the last evasion MM by analyzing right here at Santa. JP do you wanna now know on how light it on fire and I prefer to make my own ending. Race. I would have Terry I have terrible and calls control and then I'd really just have to know how life worked after that like Powell would speed forced me to keep doing those things you never. Regarding race. I like if I know tomorrow I'm supposed to eat eggs and I just tell myself like oh now that I know any I'm gonna ask you anything bags writing and they like I'd love to see healthy like forces eggs. Race is won and now. You are why I would it do for the same reason Jean said I would read it. And then look at every day as a challenge to try to change at ten utterance. Off if you're walking a force he's trying to see case there's one million dollars in it but also in there is a piece of paper Steve what would say blood in a single word. Don't written and the piece of paper. Would you take the suitcase homered you leave it where it's at its. All of police. And I think idea that you know as any make a summer word and I mean. I think I would call to constantly it alone there's too much of the security cat blood in at all it would let's involves electric output of the word don't involves calling the police. You just you CEO John tape you should read about your. I jays take Sony or leave it alone you got arrested to get the best. Families save them money and out of runs so bad. Get married in October so yeah. About forty grandson of the. Just pay for my wedding right. I have not heard 8000 dollars left in the briefcase or kill it yeah. Isn't that don't exist for like a small part of every means don't leave this year. Yeah actually don't leave that to use what would you take it. In our men and a heartbeat. Can you do when even think about it Hillary you mean you take it early and see Allen's. I don't think oh I didn't like I don't need the money and blood is. And sound after me if I take I don't take any sport would you rather be the best player on the worst team in the worst player on the best team. Worst player on the best team. In our worst player on the messing per share I mean it's all about rings right eminence of the gold they weren't as. Worst flare on the best team do I look in my playing the fifth. I would opposite. Yes and then make additional little time yeah but then like no one's expecting that lets you view it very needed. It is do whatever you line anything like challenge yourself whenever I need on the insecurities and in the words is Alice like the dumbest kid in honors classes in high school. The governor's honors general I think that's great to. You did best on the worst team can't you just do whatever and then I can feel like a leader and like let's let's all become a better team together and you wanna be a. A close candy in the lower than average class and yeah. Yes not a cloud. Yeah sub par school but give me the intelligence about it and yeah. And that we Eugene A that was. Star in 941. Our hypothetical questions for you guys went down a worm hole. Finding the Internet. All these. Hypothetical. Would you radner I question. Things that make you go. He's kimbo brilliant for trying to maybe get too unreal like I really I think about Alan and I think this went. What amount of money would it take treated you have to give out fewer mobile phone for a month. For months. For January 2000 bucks. 1000. Dollars Jan that you can't touch your phone for a month now. 2000 now 5000. Limbs. Now. I know the meaning of America and. I don't have I could eventually say yes. Kelly chase I would give her a thousand downsized enough revenue they're gonna go to find a magnet. We know until they got the five days. Yeah ice is an amber would you from 500 no I had 200750. Now 1900. Dollars so I can't. We can against an extensive. I. GPS in my phone yeah. But from a hole in the ground and I have to. Say oh yeah. Adobe apple though the last person on earth stopping at gas station asked for her. I know how to get home and argued the centrist part. And downtown Atlanta and that's about it but then let's see that's the thing is that you can you get use GPS a huge victory another device look. I'd probably go like a thousand boxer 15100. To name. Yeah I have little less on a satellite my phone and I was if he used to announce that it it yeah. Those people that like IE. I think I have like an addiction like them easily addicted and I'm one of those like I just hate catching myself on FaceBook and I like it since it's been like an hour after any of you. I don't know why am scrolling I. They'll play again and so like any incentive to not have to touch iPhone and really get to challenge not just as a layman villains actually taxing. I Gina okay yeah. Limit for you then how much to give up your gaming systems from a boat now. That's social. Allot more like five and. Yes. You dollar you wouldn't give up your very treated at 2000 out of a hundred hours and I'll. And you we give up your phone front there no way hundred dollars a day Jack Manning calling their bluff and it gave money out. You got married. You really were not 3000 dollars. 3000 dollars to put up right now but if I did I would because I don't believe you I think you are full of CRE eight somebody would offer me a hundred dollars a day it would give a match around. Easily. I'd be changed one part of you don't think about this from just answered quickly. If you could change one part of your appearance what would it be Jenny got shoulders. Jay peak out there national. You have my whole life in Sicily as someday like slightly too broad a notes wanting them weirdly like really insecure and staring. I was young man's shoulders and yeah your normal there nine million say that but I don't believe you. Yeah. Hair like you say well I'd like my bald head but people are having a conversation and what's been forever is a got a haircut. And talk about shampoos and conditioners and not appliances. Possibly yeah. Yeah I need commercials so bad. Gonna whip my hair back Boras. Kelly sees. I would love to have two different color eyes and I did change the color of my eyes from brown I would love to have like two different at any time in science guy like one green eye and one blue I tend to like I wish I had. Different colored guy. Beautifully so we are. That's a much better I'm well I went to school at this girl Sharon and she had one brown I and one blue line. It was crazy if I could never enlist all issues and then I was in look at our I's all time. Are you and husky one of those dogs. 'cause he's always had you ever thought I sure. Really I would love them like an icy blue line and then like that dark green that's gonna head around the whole live thing that's changed you know. You have to advertise you keep the man hands. Don't deny you aliens and good meals. I am announcement coming and they can't engine meets obviously and so. Humphrey. I would change everything from the neck down since I think I. I would have my giant hand and the decimated these actions on. Anyone knows Photoshop. And I'm not. And you're here I'm sorry I'm confident I mining would be. It would be the Delhi after seeing kids and it's a single back as flat as used to be really liked that part of myself. But I think it's just a former part insists it's is one thing that Mancini in remains the terminal yes. You again tomorrow that the tummy and say they stretch so far when there's a baby and they are who they kind of bounced back after the first one. And after the second on themselves us just now Ohio. So it says. Tomorrow at this time I'll answer this question but for somebody else in the room. Long story now before lineup.