Hypothetical Question: Who Betrayed Who

Thursday, April 5th

Jeff's hypothetical question about a couple spurred a heated debate. What's your vote?

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And she I'll star. Of David see you say Abe hypothetical question that Jeff has it could be argued on either side just as pat. Passionately because I'm sure there's a ready answer honest. After a rough life a couple decided to jump off the top of a building again. This is hypothetical not real story when they climbed up to the roof they both counted to three. The warming and jumped. The Maine and stayed. He watched her drop for several seconds and then saw her pull up parachute. Here's the question. Who. Betrayed. 4042630941. If you have if you heard that up obvious. For a 4630941. More time publicized above the top building. They get to the roof they count to three woman jumps the man doesn't he watches or drop for several seconds and she pulls up parachute. The question is. Who betrayed you. Who betrayed him. Jimmy dream hearing in the air I was commenting about the trial. I have 28 get on my mind constantly really has any know what I know definitively. That dude totally debt he just didn't jump but she. Could have maybe been like. Maybe all pulled us if he does that. So maybe she never intended to use it or maybe she intended to grab on to him and pull it if she wanted to save both of them. So I don't know if she did and he did he sucks. Back to know these sobs solvency of the CI thought commitment. It Lou when you ask a question who betrayed do I think it's her. Because she. Clay and ahead and took all that extra time to plan ahead and have a parachute. To have a backup plan even though to his face she was saying she would jump so I think she. Because they don't know what her intention is Jennings who come to think and again I know I was I don't think it not like may be the one analyst Arnold like this guy's gonna screw me over I'm gonna pack compared issue in my book bag Casey decides on junk Aziz dirt. But because the whole time I'm ending and with that it is not as they plan ahead and plan ahead. Even if she didn't do that if she thought if if her reasoning why is I'm gonna have the parachute in my bag in case he doesn't job. He's still the one who betrayed. Is he didn't jump but what if kids not jumping was a last second decision exactly. That's why Ernie hit hers is planned Al. What is her at her planning. Why is due to the fact that she knew her man. And she knew that he might betray her by not jumping so she wanted to be prepared well and who doesn't know does a backpack. With a parachute and I mean he's just done. A couple of true. While they could be miniature people. So it can be a tiny little tiny Blair's little that he had hidden under her shirt alienated tissue made with toothpicks and cut as a group interview of those big parachutes and everybody had to make enforcement. JR in. Yet they're very shady. But never like that said I would never to about a building for anybody that Johnston like Alex. Except for blood. Wait hold on every anymore random. Note that he only nine at. Uncle Jesse and China add a one. Still isn't there is a hilarious comment so you think they boast beach trade each other but if one MITRE won more than the other what would you have to say. Can't say both what would uncle Jesse's. Did a woman probable moments. Christian right I mean that after their initial sort of ridiculous story is actually crazy. Yeah well you're the one Connor radio station in professing 1110 spammers about at. As far as yeah does that affect guys that everyday users getting all fired up for a 14630941. Angela above ground. Who betrayed do. Even parent mellow but that. You probably had a backpack he probably had a parent she. And he had whatnot and their car bears you did not have a line. Is that if he had a pair issued. Lighting he jumped it. It. A man bashing the second inning and let time Wal-Mart time here's the front of her for a four to six very. 0941. After a rough life a couple decides that they're gonna jump off the roof of the building together. And they get to the top they both count to three the woman jumps. That man does not he watches are dropped for several seconds and then saw her pro out of Eric shoot. Star in 941. Hypothetical question movie trade it who's taking your pain for a 146309401. After a rough play for a couple decides that they needed jump off the top of the building together street's bad. We give to the roof both count to three the woman jumped the man did not. But after several seconds of watching her drop. You saw her pull a parachute. Question is. Who betrayed do here rat and Decatur who betrayed you. Yeah I definitely think don't want me. Betrayed them limited to sort of you know I. I don't mean right I don't gonna be a plot twist in this story. Don't expect being one of them that output you know my heart kind of drops a little bit and I very bad. The wanna get to see like balance it. So me she had the pair's so but I. I agree with her and that's how that's what I was thinking JP says this is so obvious and so easy I have a might drop like take its cause or whatever but I mirror on the conversation because. Is that right. Saying when he got. The agreement I never took the bar not a lawyer but V agreement. Between the couple was they'd jump off the top of the building together right it what did the man not do. A jump on the building so he is a 100% in the wrong. It's not the woman's fault that she was prepared she was a girl scout or Boy Scouts know. Always prepared and you're only as good as your options. Because he didn't jump so he's in the wrong hang out or has good points. Amber and coming who have betrayed hill. Gasoline demand fresh air about it out ES. Like that would completely unlike. He whole issue I get there at the lake like that make then. Thanks he watched your Salt Lake actually at each other really about eight thank you actually watch your solidarity open this year. Thanks. That's. She she and how investors. Me did you grow like there's a plot twist this. My soul so she jobs thinking he was gonna jump to whip out she says social media's jump in on Matt and not. German crowd and on I had Davies said and I think Katie it was a perfectly. They both said that they would jump they didn't say it goes back I didn't Jin Jun. So it Shealy is chunk casino early may. They Ramirez into a matter of contract Lockheed violated their agreements give us dumb they never said they had and act. It's not like you're not buying a house and you didn't put the money in escrow people. Ali Al contracts and so the judge didn't glare and who betrayed do jazzman. Hi guys you're like oh really couldn't union that way. I definitely dilute the girl that LeBron Britain now so I let court I don't I can't make lead late did you know. Do you wrong on so. Now it's me I'm like oh. His latest coming into each other you really base it on a technicality. It's nikkei's Susan pair of jumpers. A hypothetical jumpers. I accordion Buford welcome to the jail. I was so I was under pretend that guy because I was thinking you know the very end. We make the commitment injunction and then. Not taking an actual jump and then just watching. Her popular death and they beat a pet. About her having here Q I don't think that's kind of the ultimate betrayal there. Riots. I got to save myself go by the view that. Hi well we really I just treated this out and we'll post that I'm they spoke because you can spend about two hours at work today you. All right our life and ask your co workers what they they think of who betrayed hill brigadier it carpool line that you pull out and yeah kindergarten teachers that are going to be Acadia make. And real quick. I'm well up NATO chief Xiang didn't bring a sack machine in action when yesterday also these two people on the roof of the building. Children like apple a little weird out. I hear it is one more time and you can spend some time that it worked today after around flavor couple decides to Joseph about the top billing. They get to the route they both count three the woman jumps mainstay. Russian draft three seconds and then saw that she pull the parachute the question is who betrayed him the one thing that I can be absolutely share of is that when he finally got down the stairs to the bottom of the building she was not waiting for him no way no she'd she'd got a lift and she gone home Jerry starter pat him. All local machine where that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.