Hurricane Irma Can't Stop Tori & Nick's Love

Friday, September 8th

Atlanta you did it! The Jeff & Jenn Show family just planned an entire wedding in only one hour for these evacuees who had to miss their wedding. 

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Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and. Maligned here. Jeff is afraid he's going to fail and take this all down with. I believe. We can pull this up. I believe that we will win. I believe we can win because I believed in the jet engines have family I believe you look. I believe any if you listen their show right now I believe in you and your. Capacity for giving. And Billy how. Hi was unfazed. Yesterday afternoon yesterday evening rather and a couple of messages popular one right after the end there. About a couple of people. I'd named Torry and neck. Torre and neck. Are getting married. Tomorrow that's the great news is it that way. Is there neighbors if west Georgia low. Dells we are at west Georgia. Thanks. I'm so. They're getting married tomorrow. As a good news bad news. The wedding. I'm Jack alignment. And and as you may have heard there's our hurricane coming which means Jekyll island any having no weddings tomorrow if so well that's crashing Joseph Torre and nick are evacuating to Atlanta. Where they have roots right all in the Atlanta area they have all the routes out here. And they're Jekyll island friends and camera started evacuating wig them. And they still want to get married tomorrow. So this is where I am seriously. I don't late failing I don't like the peace that humbling he is feeling of failing my ego and a fragile ego I'd like to strut around here like a trapped on stained. When I fail. It hurts me and it ruins me OK so we also have a month trial on this show. You've done a risky it can take advantage. And it on Jeff. There is it to get this plan out there just. The more I read about their story Torre in mixed the more I thought we have to help them have a wedding tomorrow I look this. But then the other part of me my eagle par was like don't do it because of you go on the air and you try to as gently gentle family members to put wedding together they're dealing with their own. Hurricane Herman evacuees. There's other things going around the world ism is this is where it doesn't work and then you've. Fails Jeff you're kind. Now given good I'd try our lives rioters want to help our listeners aren't on their helpers I felt like. I can't tell you YE yes these arm mad people we've got to learn about Tori and neck and why they've got to get married. In Atlanta tomorrow and why we need your help putting together a wedding. In all less than 24 hours. I listened to date they've got third north Georgia roots right they're there Atlanta rates ends. They went to University of West Georgia is Jen said. And in 2010. They started dating for the second time they broke up late in the early two outs to get back together in 2000 intent. Knew they were soul mates and relocated together. To Tuscaloosa. So that naked Finnish grad school at the University of Alabama and in 2000. Louder because we have a lot of Milan University of Alabama is when you went to grad school. Now you remember. Also on tap in and detached Tuscaloosa got hit by tornadoes. A year after they moved there. They lost everything in 2011. And because of that they actually had to split up so Torre had to come back to noon in and indicated taken jabbing Texas. And they kept their long distance relationship going. Torre even moved to Korea to teach English to Koreans. Over there. Nick relocated in Michigan in their lives are literally taking them all over the world. Until 2015. They bought their very first house together is a couple in Smyrna. Job opportunities eventually taken down the jackal islands and on October 3 last year. Just about one year ago. Nick it's down on one knee after dinner and asked Torre to marry him she says yes but he can celebrate their engagement. Because it. Hurricane Matthew. So I had to evacuate right after they're engaged yeah it's and now one year later they're getting married but can't they can't get married because they got and I think it's a hurricane. Natural disasters just following this couple young. Three hurricanes. Tornados into her yeah yeah. Attorney Tuscaloosa tornadoes and hurricanes right. This is not right these are good people he's a good hard working georgians who have endured. A relational long distance relationship a break up of almost a decade before realizing they were soul mates right so here's the idea yeah when we need. We need. Before the end of the show today. To get them wet and we can do best so they've got everything that you would need to. Like she's got her dress and they've got tuxedos getting back I think that they need a place to have a they need food he had DJ. Somebody you music photographer photographer click click click flowers city out affair. Food and Kate probably. Like bacon and everything the UN have that you would get locally right. So everything that they would have at their venue in Jekyll island. They don't have. Tomorrow or Sunday there are many people are going to be yet if indeed it's either 75. There's seven by their. Original wedding with some it was like a hundred people because of the evacuation and people having that that not everybody being able to come to Atlanta it's so it's not a huge wedding fifty to 75 people. And they're not picky. He just don't have big thing about this anybody's plan a wedding JP Tommy you can relate how many checks for deposits have you and I Heidi written and I was so many in between nine and twelve so. Getting those deposits bank is an option because the person who would write a check his evacuated. In any money. We got to do this form we have to now I've sat at my ego can't take them through this. We didn't do this territory and neck and chest. So let what are we asking for people call us if they've got ideas or things they can offer I want ideas once Don Sweeney Diane swinging plans we need stuff I need of mania. Any event you food. Food and DJ DJ it's our turn yeah allow. Hours yes KK. Gas moves stationary stuff like those cute little signs that say blade. Love that her glittery. I don't know what they're called centerpieces and stuff okay since you've got something that you can embrace Torre and never quit and make their wedding day happened. After a tornado into hurricanes they still get Mary. It doesn't have to be perfect you know I'm saying that it doesn't have to be daylight if you if you have. You know you're one of those companies that put tables and chairs and also the other stuff going on this weekend how do you get coming. And on FaceBook already the cumin and DJ service just talked and I'm so excited okay we can do this for 042630941. And call us. Let's make this happen Pretoria ended how special is that if we don't get anything by the end of this year and we're just not gonna speak of this again yeah. It believes just believe you never believed it never happens they're evacuating. They need us. We gotta get married we can do this. Don't let me down chef intentional family no historian nick are important but do this for me if you've ever had nothing to do it. And I think you're very thoughtful for bringing it out and sticking your neck out today that's 40426309401. Collison if you can help Torre and they get married in Atlanta tomorrow they're evacuating right now. Star in 941. Other people. I'm helping their calling where we're gonna make this happen playmaker going to be better and we greatly. Victorian age you live in Jekyll island they've got. Your roots here in north Georgia they went to our university of west George. I think that their friends Rolf Carrollton and do name names. Day. Are getting married tomorrow and Jack alliant. And is they have to have back. This couple lived in Tuscaloosa Al Wynn a tornado hit their common they lost everything after their engagement they had to evacuate because of hurricane Matthew and now hurricane Irma. Is ruining their wedding day. So they've got fifty to 75 guests all of evacuating to Atlanta and we wanna trauma wedding more than 24 hours Lorraine Stockbridge won't militia. Any I watched and you help us out when they're more importantly how Torre and they countless. Ordinary but number they have gotten quite a decoration. And some book you. You don't got to get rid of all of quite a L I got a bunch and who you are out. All my guys is just me you many be used again you're offering to them. I'm I don't understand cards and Dingell and I'd survive and grow really why did you let your whole. This is what I do I look how about those who. And incredible hang on we're gonna ask all your information okay. About what did you say that you got rid of all your bridesmaids. It adds I'd yeah. Yeah we may we may be Carney Matt for a couple reasons IRS. Liz and Lawrenceville welcome to the show. You're headed down aria we're doing dead headphones are rang in some film will batter. Well I did not bat in Latin community and I event downtown. I injured how out of my hands and I leave somebody celebrate territory tech wedding anniversary. Had a big party. About what he can't he can't. Twenty centerpieces perfect wow while helps okay though that's amazing. Cool all right thank you. Hopefully they'll bring them as much luck and has not the iPad here. Lands this beautiful. So beautiful I hold out gamers. Are thank you Sheila. Welcome to the share. Hey hi. Are you and had a party didn't and it being born is necessarily better. I'll call summit that is so so important I know. When when the day's over and what's left is that is the pictures and incredible say thank you so much with the naming your business. Art not to ten nest I KE NN team like K and you. Let's say oh thank you sound my hunch or not what I got I I we have she it was a dream I'm guessing those phone numbers are channeled into shortly a tank. And. Awesome okay so once again the situation is this. I'm nick and Torre were getting married are getting married tomorrow there Redding was originally scheduled planned for jackal island. But the hurricane changed those plans so they're coming home to Atlanta we still wanna throw them a wedding tomorrow. We want them to be able to still get married and have their dreams come true and we need your help to do it's a 4042630941. We can reach out to us on FaceBook as well if you've got something wedding related that you can offer to this couple let's make it happens I am. I think the most important thing we need rate now isn't and you how many hours I wasted duet where did we or can they do that we need a venue. 4042630941. Or in Afghanistan based birds. And let us know. If you can how. This may really happen. We can do it's like this. And young star ready for a one. Tory and me are getting married tomorrow here's the problem though the wedding has been moved. From Jekyll island says somewhere in Atlanta because they had to evacuate. This couple has been through so. This day originally met at University of West Georgia. And lost everything in the tornadoes when those six and 2000. Allah and engaged in the last year and had to evacuate right after that because of hurricane Matthew and now working Irma. Is poised to ruin their wedding day but we'll I'll let that happen and we need your help to throw Torre and make a wedding. Tomorrow. The number one thing that we're looking for is a venue. But the calls are rolling and it wins other great great great great great things Jennifer and Atlanta welcome to the sheriff. So. I UN compound touring next. And I'm I'm I'm perilously peak. Wedding he's all beautiful is that something you don't put together and 24 hours I don't I don't know how. NBA I guess it'll say happy birthday Al who. Unfortunately died the day before yesterday I. That's it'll be a vehicle just scrape that off a suspect you just get a good. Can you can you turn that surrounds. That before the weekend. Haven't technically it's not like US terror and edit on the saudis and. Cause so awesome we love can you think you Selma yeah. Dinner that's what we're at a law so incredibly you guys know about what is his survives senator. Yeah natural disasters and flooding and rebuild it and make it work so we know you guys have been through that. I called thank you Jennifer hello thank you Jennifer. That's awesome Lauren that welcome to the show. Right hey wait would you like to offer Torre and nick. I still license can't silence an alibi talk urged. Cheer and make sure what it. I'll beautiful perfect that's so important do you think I thought about that yet either awesome thank you actually travel I'm sure that it. Our thanks Lauren we will keep you posted on exactly where we find it's still looking for a wedding and venue that 5075. People sept you're just joining us for trying to throw as wedding Pretoria Annika have to evacuate her Tina Herrmann and all coming here. I can't the rain it would like to contribute something to Tori and makes relocated wedding when he got Katherine. Art teacher a rat out your increased school current enrollment at our current. Are there ought to learn. To understand German. Beautiful arm cores that beautiful. Oh my gosh that's awesome cap and incredible. Out. Did really well today no power to bells cannon because that's like the way. They definitely did actually talk about and some of our C quote urban car. It being any. All right perfect are we need DJ to regain DJ am lying did you say we gotta I Janie so. I think it DJ service reached out to us online call. I'm faced Megan has some companies that if you can't get her on the phones right now Christie is. One of Torre's bridesmaids take Christie. I'd have. You. Don't worry thinking so much her doing meant. How is out how oratory and neck holding up. I am allowed to eat as you can I understand they are kind of Iraq they're trying to hit a house leader and appear rich. They're readying and they're trying to think positive then they're you know and each other's support system. So Chrissie how long have you enjoyed and friends. I actually meant and 2008. At west Georgia group one of the other right may have there. And and we've been friends since then and leave and hung out in the inning and after college. Then when she didn't live to Smart and they moved into our neighborhood with. All of them. Seemed like one of my favorite people see the wonderful wonderful person. We really wanna make this happen for Torre and frenetic and for all of you guys. Is there anywhere. That you guys have been able to find online forum venue that's that's a place that that's what I the first thing right. We did he can turn it. Who we've been trying to talk to various weight advantage. You know I I have ever had any and hot possibly act I carried that we're not really sure. Her. Only thing that that the budget is kind of very tight with everything wrapped up in deposits on each why are. Writes I we're aware of every everybody is nobody and who is Connors and today is is charged and did these guys and I'm like they've been through enough so. And we lately and we know that yet the tangle with the deposits and stuff hang and Chrissie hey. Is this Dixie. And Dixie welcome to the shaft. Welcome he has okay. Yeah kind of guy is the limit quite the way comes from. Aaron Rome Georgia and Georgia okay. Why you're. There everything's everything's clad in. Sorry if we're what do you got for. I'm about what I actually unemployed and they need and micro and to protect the morning the top 10%. I thought I would if he can't apology doesn't get you to help out has always bloody month in either. Did have already come in today and now a year till tomorrow to actually make some more on Sunday they adapt. Wow moves Sundays a great option Kristy. Wait yeah woods Sunday work moratorium next. You know what we're we're not going to be picky word we just want it to be married and have a wedding and their dream. You know tiger can't PGA there's so. I'm. Yet what my mom like the best I can't. I mean we will make whenever we can work out. Permanent hold on okay Dixie. Awesome thank you. Jack welcome to the jet engine champ. Good morning you're gonna help laboratory inequities that are relocated wedding. I I would love to get out. When he got. I have. Sam warmer time. I don't know boom. Are a photo. I had a wedding without a photo Booth and the drug grooms men wearing the really giant sunglasses. Perfect thank you Jack hold on okay. Sir I Tracy we're gonna keep grinding away at this all right. All of you thank you so much thank you but on the bottom of our heart we we couldn't. Can't appreciate you cannot thank you. And and Christie hang on a Renaissance you a little bit more austere okay. Okay yeah I Aaron welcome welcome to the show is that. What's going on why this is very ordered Greg Norman and let it get a well. In more carbon output on Friday that they do what if you say they could go tomorrow and whatever there. Oh my gosh what do what does that will place they have. Well I. Alexander how were actually all than any couple nights ago they explore a little ball or should be harder that is. I don't know about that I'm okay. Cool lot nicer and you guys in the. Well below. McDonough Georgia. And I think it certainly gets hurt. So my guess that is so cool thank you. We have huge network of folks we don't forget I'm sure would be to go to whatever charges are so far. Well it's. I'm so excited. All right well I keep flying through these balls in and if you've got something keep calling for a fourth season. Star in 941. If you are just doing it every day and show this morning. Or our Internet may you're waiting introduction right now and we need your help to make this happen for a 42630941. If you can help us. We discovered a couple stories and NASA have. Have roots right here at University of West Georgia at Smart in Noonan. And they now live in Jekyll island since they're supposed to get married to. Morrow for the evacuate because of Turkey are mad at them all their brides made their entire wedding party they're family are all on their way. Back home to Atlanta but we still want them to get married tomorrow so we reach against the jets and and your family. To throw them a wedding in 24 hours. If you're listening at 7 o'clock when this started I might I don't wanna do this. Because I don't know if we can pull it off and if it fails my ego can't take a don't let failing at things but it could have pulled this off in in 45 minutes or less. You all everybody listening dollar greats. You guys are amazing we have already got calls from continue in the pastry chef Jennifer there is gonna to their cake and room. Wounds we've gotten calls from venues offering up their venues. We have gotten calls. About centerpieces and flowers that we are still looking for fresh flowers for the bracket right we fret we yes treaty of Florida's heard from a wedding photographer who has already signed up to help us out. I'm Lisa welcomed the jet engine shall. How are you. I'm just not present happy Kelly called the morning. Yeah lease and Kelly are friends and Lisa actually did all the paper. For our wedding Powell on sun and easy one how about Tori and nick. At every single weekend happened when you're in the wedding is there whether your heart just say so. My favorite eighties. And it. Devastated for the people who have had to keep the wedding so. Called the morning it was I had Arctic we would love art and culture and the girl but had they're canceling where an early all of our guys are back. Edwards said and let everything happen. That is so incredible that's so so awesome so other than invitations which obviously Marty on out Victorian nick what kind of things. What other paper things you guys do that weddings. All right so we can do what they probably already have their program education ready and then turn around and I agree and you can use it any cable had scored card I was I'll have a lot of rental. Like trying big screen we can really pretty ceremony ended it and I image. I mean weekend and we got out of the ballpark they can still haven't gorgeous wedding on but I'll entertain. All these men in the studio and pick out what ever they want it there. Yes that's an incredible and the name of the accompanying and pretty. Awesome and incredible thank you Lisa oh so thankful Ting. Or doing at this and so it I can't even imagine how many people are devastated right now it had a lot better. And not able to get in the way he handed her a little on just so cool they are put that together. Thank Jimmie sad when I do an allergic to where does the mouth besides Yeltsin got the microphones on making this happen this is incredible Richard from Decatur are welcome to the shallow it. There are best. I Nicolaus and Torre. How we got our Richard. Well I but you would generate in Europe. Compared to learn to cater aren't dumb luck like a lot of other job. Yes it. And so. Risk they tear and it's a examined these days yeah and what are some weeks. Because I mean it's not a party unless he got in music and all day. Mean yeah absolutely and you know that's one of the big things that you remember what it what it is the music and the great and they had during the receptions. I found Richard I won't pass information along and I need you to repeat after me I. DJ Richards. Are you Egypt directly DJ Tara will not play the chicken dance just took a photo non particular knowledge or. Thank you asked Obama did you read an editorial on stay shall welcome to the show. Hi good morning I'm. Jason. Cried scenario. We are so excited he's gonna pull this off for Torre and next what you got. And yes I want to help pull this fall to duke and DJ integrate and flowers are great that you don't have a minute jerk yeah how you do because I am a company called more than words ministry in and out of Woodstock I'm a professional wedding manager. I'd love to see the couple and they want a religious ceremony on secular ceremony. Of the matter to me my slogan then that's your wedding should be done you're away so I would like to provide my services and perform their wedding terror Germany. I'm pretty sure station as long as they're dry you can do the wedding and you walked into. It's. Really hate you now I I got to brush up on that yeah yeah I would love to. I actually lived in England how many percent a year down by Jekyll island didn't on the mainland in Brunswick so. I do. Praying for my own property that I feel I'm down there as well so. I I understand that I enter shut down their format Eli evacuated from that. So let's pull this off let's get these folks married wherever the manually edit the matter in match early and I lived in Woodstock but I'll travel anywhere. Given that accusation yankees on my absolutely god bless you all look a little cell is yeah. Al yeah. At. Season's end his or are you really it isn't. There's a a little behind the scenes. This guy really was nervous going into it at 7 o'clock. So gene's answer on the phones she looks pretty much shell shocked let's go to like a flash bang grenade just went off. In her pants but she's good what is happening. Our interns are pumping their fists with everything comes along because there're like what he has early twenties right so your prime you still think weddings are beautiful dungy and yeah you're going to wind. Like nine of them every summer aria yeah so they're excited middle and Jen is re planning her whole wedding. That. And so excited and I said Kelly cheese is like making an outing. If she's trying to be tough and they put it all together and JP's just sitting quietly in the other and gone why are you guys doing in 45 minutes. What was taken me the last year of my life. It's fantastic to watch US since so many good people out there while. I were gonna get organized here and asset almighty god yes thank our speed and organized around complains hey Denise. Okay are you I would it would it would you trust. I 80 this guy I've been doing guitar by letting you hear it on. According to cater a wedding or reader around the area. Oscar. Loan to keep my therapist and. Corey beat this team and everybody altogether in all we're grateful to be got talent and one can eat. Growing at about one in a phone numbers and again. And I really have never plan on letting the farm and I'm happy I am planning to do. I'm happy that I may I hit it Kelly it's too close to wedding things she starts to get it she is now yeah. OK it is all I got everything you need help if only out right there help. Iran's it's all right give us a few minutes till I get organized. And once you read this text message on a bridesmaid scheme and a sign here. I carried out there. The bride is sobbing with joy. Whose joy. Of the other rights and stuck. OK Christie just Calder why is teaming trying jeans every scrap all you women. I'm thinking is regalia open part of this thing right I get his humanness to get organized we got to see you we have left in the game. We will. Comeback seasons and he left analysts lets you know the the blanks that we need to felt I can't leave we did this job in 35. Minutes. He's on the landing and they leave their wedding the other. We we we just for the wedding together that I DR keep calling if you've got anything that you haven't heard on the area. 40426309401. Let's make this happen for this couple Torre and nick. Georgians evacuating from Jekyll island right now let's not let her Jean Irma ruin their wedding day. Still aren't ready for a one. Hurricane Herman is not gonna ruin Torre and Nick's wedding thanks for the jet engines show family. This incredible Sherri welcome to the show Mario. I am doing great how are you know I you can help us out and we the wedding. Yeah no doubt when he knew I'd need a decade ago near forty nor I need to. Hurt. You. So perfect thank you so much what's your floors with your. Yeah. And that didn't pretend that I'm entitled to this year it's a great example bringing all that whenever she works. Oh my gosh that's so awesome caring perfect ravaged trade center intends to cemetery to steal some flowers and try. Ho no matter rather easily that let's go hey we have carries and I'm well thank you all right thanks Gary Williams I will be in touch. You know I mean I. 188. Lighting guy how about Tori and snake. And ideal actually won a Tony are you here they are wishing me bad yeah I sounds absolute power. I'm not that I don't. I was just as I can promise you that they don't want anything that looks windswept. That's a fancy matte that's that's that's okay and I'm guessing she's not gonna do with the BT and a half hollow I had a. All right we're still holding out thank you and grade. What can you just jump in any don't know we're talking Manchurian (%expletive) a couple from Georgia. And they live in Jekyll island our planning to get married tomorrow but they're all vacuuming them and their entire feeling in wedding party all their guests are evacuating to Atlanta and we someone trauma wedding day. So we need your house. We need to do things only two things remain as far as we can tell we need a caterer. Who is available. On Sunday bright. Sunday I believe it's going to be today I so we need a Qaeda were available on Sunday. And then we need somebody to help out with late decor and room sent out. Regular. The rooms will all have candles or requirements like LED candles or. Just what ever room decorations out I don't even know I guess that would be a wedding event company right it would have a warehouse of those kind of things. But if you've got it decor company and could provide wedding reception and ceremony decor we need jet. I've for a 42630941. A week and back hopefully we'll have that record company. Have Decatur and then we can call the bride and teller she has that story about anything but being safe. Because I think we pulled this off off. My last and so excited for a short she's 6309. Shoreline. Record company. Care. And use of either of them. Affairs at. If so why. Open bar open bar yet portion of the event at the ceremony packed and it's indicator we know this could be at some expense for you. But we promise we can make it up an air time right yes absolutely. Star in 941. AJ story. Okay and threw it on May. Data they've broken up they got back together and realize they were soul mates they move. Together to Alabama so he can. It is grand work finishes grad work just before the tornadoes hit. They destroyed everything they own in Tuscaloosa back came I think it was 2011. Then last year. I work they came home to Atlanta at my house and Smart about last year work brought them down to it than Jekyll island area. Where they settled in. Make pops the question Torre says yes. And they were able to celebrate teenager because then her game that you blow it had to evacuate but they planned their wedding. Beautiful venue down there and I'd Jekyll island bill. I spoke. Inject Riley has that beautiful gorgeous there's a problem. Check islands has to evacuate as hurricane firma say they're coming back to Atlanta. And they need a wedding tomorrow. What exactly one hour now. We said we wanted to help them. And with these next few phone calls Chad and I think we're done. Well I think this is everywhere Jacky welcome to the show. Hey Maureen. We were just talking about how. Our company needs to command a candy decorate the room for us in new light candles and make it look all. All Freddy wins wins whenever things going to make him the weddings are pretty innocent and I understand your wedding pretty maker. Certainly we Aaron Cook Anthony located here around the corner and Georgia calls century Internet and all streets. Streets okay. And and we we actually provide I don't play table and chair I don't remember how to do you trust are relying which we do lighting the senator and not just like we would love Jay helped weaken Torre. Unlike last incredible Jacqui thank you Jackie what's Anemia company again. State Street it and are all awesome thank you shake your browser appreciates love it gets his head or arm lie. Totals so they must still a lot of firemen and aren't. Ask weddings. And the other thing we said we need help with was catering Jen sees out into the show Amanda. It's. And that's how are you all please tell us your caterer they sell us your cater. We are eight catering company on its own and some listening to your company company. Saturday. On some. And we can be available Saturday are on my. I'm asked. Out on a wedding video and Hiram Georgia schools in general now. And I know it makes it really temple by every would be included any actual spending of all Obama Saturday I'm so. I am how I ate each day. Now. Well Larry the people of this city are freaking fantastic. And that is awesome times and a overwhelm. Out all of you. And are. Yes he. And they are going to need one of that ulcers sir doubt vaulted them that's cool. And I Larson and her husband. Amanda hang animal yeah that. So so generous I mean I I'm so the hurricane Irma is not ruining this wedding you know it's not gonna ruin it Pretoria next. Hey Jan grab that box of tissues saying hey Regina. What is your relationship to the wedding party. I am the mother of the Brad. Just want to. Your cats so much. Thought actually not gonna happen. And I'm just overwhelmed. At Bain. This is you can't show you how important Chris so match. Regina we are so so excited for your daughter and for her seem to be husband we're gonna make this happen and and this Jeff engines show family and salmon for a one family of listeners has come together in a big way in the last hour war. Tim makes this the most special beautiful dream wedding day that your daughter's always been dreaming up. And we're glad im so glad to add VoIP and she marrying. The most wonderful may have you can't may or here's pro can't they let her. Aren't saying. Just wonderful. And so excited that this is happening now that we did. We're devastated over there so thank you thank you thank you. You're welcome Regina. We will. Put all the the finishing touches on our spreadsheet here and we're gonna get it over and you know you know who really deserves the thanks is. Torre's awesome bridesmaids. Who reached out to guys and saying that that's. Torre and nick you need help so thank them because they they rallied and they're the reason that that this snowball started started rolling downhill so. I can't stay yesterday I learned. Crazy. Got really crazy and I didn't text back and fort I look Colin people. And I mean they are wonderful every area of great content to let them. Well they did it and our Regina enjoy your wedding Ireland has said will put the finishing touches on this and we'll be ready to present its warrior just humanitarian. I thank you you're welcome. Exactly what I would like southern mom to sound off. Just I JP and know you're overwhelmed and not paying attention but the next two sons neither of them we can like OK no we can't play breakeven by the script right now. And we can't play exes who knows my L king rent and silences and those don't always like to look at at anything that doesn't deal with a broken heart. All right Walesa against a guy I know I love song I know some foreign cash and and when he summer here. Did Murphy then say oh yeah. And the Italians in the end ball hit this perfect night we'll come back in three minutes after Bruno. And we'll have tourists. The bride on witness and we'll tell her what you all. Did for her and next. Shell star. Lori and nick are a couple of Georgia roots who are supposed to get married tomorrow in Jekyll island. They're now evacuating because of hurricane Irma. Homes and their family and wedding party and guests here in Atlanta. And we're not gonna let her keen are must stop their wedding day detentions and show in the last hour has been putting the pieces together. And with your love and support and donations. Let me get a wedding happen tomorrow or Sunday for this week Koppel. We made a wedding happen you all came through huge. I Tiffany in Gainesville has been lessened the whole thing hey Tiffany. Hello. Good morning M good morning. I did it tell you got a bit act out our can meet every morning going to wire and you guys are gonna love scene. Yeah. I mean that. Trinidad. And it. It's like crack and I just let. Tiffany they use so much fur making the switch in listening every day it wouldn't be possible today isn't possible without you without our entire family assign any form one listeners. I'm a wonderful and. I'd tell you like it makes second occurrence embarrass people I didn't. You can't maybe you can tell this through the radio and in addition to being positive and wonderful were also very good looking. Luckily I have incredibly humble you very. I have I have here relate to fur of the belly of a unicorn slower here. Jan. James brass smells like a person wants peacock it's angelenos really copying Phillips after my. I rides notes if you don't you know you're right there was a good start but we just finish announced where we are great. I'm very. And it's and he thank you for that at all and I a year welcome patty today do you see Ian. Now please welcome to the show. Aren't well hey. And alana on the NBA regular flu and we had givers especially you gotta get our program bride music. And I just went. The jet's engines show Tori. Tori and neck. Since then that they. You. Don't want emotions right now a lot of feeling. I know it then says stressful are you guys leaving Florida and now have you packed up for you in the car what's happening. I'm a little bit in Georgia. In late night lineup when the jackal. And we are. You look at this morning and when I worked on my own marketing. Yet to say confront it we can't they're to be without. Punched out and now we're gonna let the car my volunteering can not technically a mandatory evacuations are hit eighth that. None was pleased to get everything everything together everything that we don't wanna I wanna lose. No that is so stressful for you and year rule and your fans there's this tie the knot tomorrow how is he holding up. I need keep a rock and you he tried to. So extremely strong well good then. Maybe had a moment there it. She could provide decent strong. I'd Torre be the beautiful thing about this is. I've bonds very sad the you have to leave your home and your wedding plans are disrupted. Your story was so inspiring. And the journey that you and nick Todd was so resonated with so many people. I'm moving to different parts of the country even the world sued to get your starts to. Losing everything that tornado in Tuscaloosa and then having to evacuate after hurricane mess you are nearing gauge it. I mean I like no no no only. Yeah add to every people connected to your story in such a huge way that I don't know if you're listening just a few minutes ago but. You're entire wedding top to bottom. This weekend's here in the Atlanta area has been taking care of by the Jeff intentional family. I couldn't upload a lane and appreciated. Yeah. You just make sure you've got that went in dressed in the car grumpy yeah. And actually it would actually yeah you make room for that wedding gown and you and your fiancee get here safely. With all of your most precious belongings. You guys focus on getting your safely. We are teaming up with your bridesmaids we tops your mom. And we gonna take care of the details okay so consider us your wedding planners and it's our then come together. I am I am. And each let that never happened. Well I special thank you see your matron of honor Katie and your bridesmaid. Christie who votes reached out sued to me on FaceBook last night and said if there's anything you can do and to Jenn hobby who when I said. Tennis is Macy sue turner something we should do this genocide. Will direct or denying we're gonna make it happen and it never doubted it so exactly one hour and thirteen minutes ago we went on the air and asked her wedding and the people of Atlanta delivered so. Congratulations. Enjoy your wedding and we can't wait to hear about it. Thank you wouldn't it into tomorrow we brother I have and that it has so much. And Tony. I will tell you the best thing about this is that every single person that we've talked to who knows you says this couple deserves that. It could not pick a better couple who loves each other more and who are just great. Wonderful people and their heart of hearts to do this for so just know that you've got a lot of people who love you and believe any of. I. Don't know what. He's had Trace. Yeah. Isn't he had a decent. OK as it is nick nearby him. In an anomaly Democrat and I was just gonna say. The debt. I know you guys are packing and Russia and everything we found out who year out from your bridesmaids. What year song was so I want you take three minutes in and celebrate. What the people of Atlanta adjusted for you and have an early. First dance. There has been. To be met. They stand and thanks for sharing your story with a story. Thank you. And young star ready for a one. That is a song you wouldn't normally hear on star 94 line. Love that story and Nick's wedding song Chris stable and Tennessee whiskey a jet engine show except. This is Josh I'm reported fat zero million million. And haven't on the roads all of my company. Yeah. Have taken me back at my wedding twenty years ago. We had the privilege to hold my blood the first round and so I cannot match. Everyone up to service banking this morning. Well okay. Alhambra I had a tough for the honeymoon. I music you you have maybe they're still. They're still good people in this world. I. There's so many. There's so many lower this radio station in this community. Wrapped their arms around Torrey and neck and are gonna provide this. Beautiful dream wedding day for them. I know it ego did a great job bank. Bank gives you thank you can just a petition oh man he can't even tell you this season. You learn nice sound good mantra I'm. All loan or share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.