How'd you Trick Your Man

Thursday, June 22nd

How'd you get your man to do something for you that you knew he'd never want to do? Brag about your trick!


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. We need you to brag brag about how you treat gill man and it doing exactly what you wanted him to dale. And he was none the wiser for 042630. I'm four O one we just witnessed this chick week. JP is fiancee Heidi says hey Lance. Due up claims together because. Couples that are healthy together stay together and they're getting in shape for their wedding day and he's like all of this a B Brian group findings. Clients and then she console better doctor friend Chris. Who neglected to tell me that it was a stress yeah and then I'll look. Why does on this claim this is water on nothing but water. Tonight dude that's a bad we're like it's. And for relative bad snap a clients and is just uniting that it's torture until dad and it's it's organic it's fine. I'm. He's free honeyed itself rearrange water potato because this is obviously had told you guys are gonna fast for today's U what is it oh heck no man. Battle that's Jozy you're gonna Clemens and it'll be a bunny strangely. Are you sure her free and up for that. Kelly did this to me listen to this crap by the way our number is 404. Views 63 phone nine pour wine. Ladies don't let JP and I hang out here alone. Gives so give us some stories so that we know that there are men in our group who have been successfully. Deceived. Borrow 4263094. Wine. Cali denying. I have a long standing. Policy against couple showers of any sort baby showers marriage errors. Whatever day wedding showers you don't like anything that's couple oriented and brought eight I think yeah. So she says to me like last year. Hey do you wanna go out of your armor who was the deal when it over to my friends zones has has there have been a party. And a barbecue. To celebrate her engagement. And I was like cool I guess chicken and beer amid yes semite and I have Barbeque party who she said party. She knew would she was stealing it's the same thing he needs the invite said shower so those smarts. The guy she is Smart they decorations. Were all wedding shower. People bribed Gibson put them on a table wrapped in like you know that they have. Wedding related paper. That she knew exactly what she was done and I just like JPM like loves. Me. I let me just say that makes you a tally either MR. Yeah 540 soared to 630941. That we wanna hear your stories high each until May. Andrea and can't governorship. Ariel please make JP and I feel less than he just didn't do do you say what I sure. Lou I. Mean my own. I praise you know I'll ask. You had to have been looking at. OK explain that systems. You know there. Electric car eater the only now our look at how can we can't in the dollar. Where he now okay you did you ever hit a great. Who were actually heard early on it we're out here I ain't you know. And her daughter urged troops and dairy queen and her addiction airliner that you know my. You keep might tell him. Do you feel like you wouldn't do that no. I didn't act and you knew that you know wait a diet or range. You can't outsmart our daughter. Oh yeah yeah okay Eric and then do you truly don't polished. That. As a low blow. Yeah. Your job is the data angle how old vision Donner. For you used a four year old against it and you should be ashamed of yourself. Richard that I pulled off on my husband Graham but it just backfired over Memorial Day we can have backfired completely. Because she is one who likes to dress casual and comfortable on fights. I on the other hand don't think that you should do that. I think you know there's a place for sweat pants and on the airplane is not one but. You know I'm I'm just he's more casual I'm more old school when it comes. You have to dress up that you are finally every just have to be decent on a flight I take you know I've taken a flight with Jan and she wears a full line dress you know he's sort of a cigarette sent along a filter to paying the corolla the bills cigarette. He has white gloves and ever patent heels she brings her about her luggage is like the stuff that you took on the Titanic like these big giants in my case I'm. I think. This is fine but I don't want you going in your job or your work can't hear what that and it's so many people disagree with me on the spot. And my husband was a nominee is all I wanna be comfortable he wears those like. But that the pants account that a deed is one of the stripes down the side that like basketball warm up paying I love those. I don't I'm talking about well how many times have you been on a flight and game one on one breaks out of can you say why can't play because I'm prepared so I would always try to convince them that if he dressed nice. The opportunity to get upgraded to first class would be higher if they're not a courageous first class if you look like a bomb. If there's action first class and you know at that time we were track you know we first met we're traveling a whole lot more room we have lots of points and we had status and all the stuff I'm like. We're right at the edge we can get bumped up to first class aegis trust nicer. So I commencement just little bit nicer suit you wearing ninth jeans and closed toed shoes and that whole thing right. So over Memorial Day weekend we traveled separately to Florida. On the way to Florida he's like how how. She's not with me ago casual. So he's literally wearing shorts and flip flops like nice kind of leather flip flops. He got upgraded to for. Well noble noble and. He didn't need any and everything he's dead. Why isn't. And the day. Sorry gang name. Does I was already in Florida we traveled separately and upgraded. 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