How'd You Accidentally Set Yourself On Fire?

Tuesday, October 3rd

So many burnt-off eyebrows...


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Italy thank yourself fun fun. Thank you so. I accidently set yourself on fire. And I questioning and wanna hear you'll Christopher it's for employees and his 630941. I cannot be totally ass video we can't remember how he came up on the show last week no idea. How you accidentally set yourself on fire did what did you guys do so no I think that's something we remember the I've witnessed people do this before there. Never done this myself. It maybe it was a collar to their share those whose senate campaign in and I don't know. But it came out and we posted it on the Internet it's. We asked people to just we don't wanna go on Iranians say they had to actually save some banning you no phone calls right. Sergio we posted them basements and within an hour we had twenty. It's an amount an uncommon distinguishing. Yourself and your eyebrows eyelashes count on him yeah sub camp Allen. If sorrowful learn it DT he's 6309. For a line that tactically if were gonna talk about singed hair I have one tea a day. Right I didn't know he had to berg a big green eggs. Well it would. Who isn't you know the grill has an airtight seal around the top and the bottom okay good the eggs the big green bag and if you get it up to a certain temperature ranges whip it open. The influx of air creates a fireball that nobody warned me about. So I literally came mainly to the house one day from cooking steaks. And the whole trying to get our. I don't reverse Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial massage. Thanks it's somebody else's fault. Nobody warned me they didn't they knew I suppose you are today green tag they probably came with a instruction manual that as a man you certainly do not read Amtrak and aren't they. I understand you have Angelina and tequila. Yet. I got myself on fire because I would about 78 months pregnant. And I day and age verified that my belly when I was picking Eric dash go. My aid well that I had on the little typing. On fire in Orange is copied. Pouring it on my belly and I'm. Never heard it out so we hear about pregnant. Think. It's just this racial thing you don't UK and AdAware. Have when they're bad belly gets warmer than Basilan signed the interact. And the well that's hard to say. Jenna and Cognos says that back when the super long fingernails turnstile. And term bond to be super fan pick I was a bit intoxicated I was trying to light a cigarette packs and only lit my extremely long. Violent Opel acrylic nail file. Funny thing is on their eyes and l.s on fire there is enough links and it's like this they ran off a message to try to block the mail and then ended up going beyond. Fifth. Awesome we'll see you have a Bon Jovi show great when you when you referenced by Joey at that it was Jimmy Harris face situation. Dozens dead to us air Scott's. Running X-Play for and memories and my parents fireplace someone burned so I got extra gasoline from the lawn mower in the fireplace in the house. Port a little and loose. They know arm here. Another and I think we're all kind of guilty of them. Vanessa Lambert says he's addition Allan several possible nerve gas burner on time it caught fire I didn't notice and then my sleeve caught fire was coming here. And staying really believe is her all three women. Accidentally setting myself on fire story is. Similar tears his grill related OK and I just. Was never in charge of the grill blow your girl and again it's one of those things where I just wasn't charged they can sell. When my husband and I were going out one night and dad get ready go to the club we thought we'd. Pick out first and get ready together whereas I can do this grilling thing and I think the same thing happens. Whenever the birthing thing I didn't know about that I just opened that gas grill and there went my eyelashes and eyebrows for the night before a night out before a night out. I'd the phones are ringing 404 to six day 0941. They're very simple question. How did you accidentally. Set yourself on fire talks. Cheese. Euros were 263094. Line. We need your phone calls. To take in three minutes and started. NHL all star. Yeah accidentally set yourself on fire. Think Indian Wells borrow 466309. Floor line FaceBook and some great comments. My Kristin Davis feels your pain with a lighter guys. So when someone says so the calls and lighter fluid they don't mean that alone are also fans and enough fluid for the me floating diplomats eyebrows. Came off. Another grill one polite afloat on the ground there and a little match it didn't catch sun looked over to see where the match felt. This fire since my hair eyebrows eyelashes all facial hair gone. Caitlin in Atlanta welcome to this down. So can Maureen how did you accidentally save yourself finds higher. I went to college and lived a drinking one night when you go light a cigarette that note. Act out and make sure they're you know quick fix the problem pretty instead I. And down with the exit turn on that thing and my eyelashes. Had a weird sequence at three months. So you've leaned over this stuff and then turned and I saw me anyway. Of those fans. But these are all women. It is pleasant ones. I jazz see ray come from the Sony doesn't. Also so all we got a guy I Jesse that's Jesse knows what happened. I'm I don't being open to doubt it and alert when there are. And where was your legs. In tune it out so did stocks. No I can't within Cindy Taiwan moment. I Cameron and Duluth. As highlighted in church and picnic eat. Every night. And down yet Rick between down. And guarantee would give my god there aren't they and I hear one complaint. They. He's my favorite son on Christmas Eve and I love. And where the hole all surges candle lit it's those Solomon peaceful and beautiful but I always have this year it's somebody's don't have. And and then there's cameraman in the corner. You are that one and oh my gosh that's amazing. Really is a betting woman because that means that. At all but three years it right you know we were a Christmas Eve mass winds yes and a woman set herself on fire. They got church might no longer do real candles because Cameron so it may do the little slippery ones. Is like here. I hate actually log into the show him. Good morning I oil and on a crude went my mr. And she would eat that entire trip so let me then they traveled hand on the back Germans are not about race. Well and in one I said slaying. Yeah well the entire candle brand out so it like a little you know cares in burner and she can't make entry and I think internal water on. Though it would like a little nuclear bombs all of that how long in the bathroom caught fire action and the entire floor of the cruise ship alarm went off to Egypt actually. And create clean everything up. Out well I think actually you could of taken down the Titanic yeah. You and the and is able. His aunts and got no blow dryer calls because you know when your blow dryer sparks and again. I've almost set myself on fire many times when that one felt spark yet and fit when there and it's time where it can suck your hair in the wrong direction now. And sports it also simulate what's earnings now and it's like Al. Is. I love the yeah yeah. They come back I think we've got one final column that that is gonna put an exclamation point on this entire conversation I think. I'm reading this right. And so he spent his fire station I. Star in 941. The question is how did you accidentally say yourself on fire. An observation. About everybody on the show to make here in the second related to that topic. And we're gonna charge you Caroline who's gonna call out her firefighter has been and what he accidentally. Sounds. Himself. And you Kevin about I'm here with you guys Powell used an attempt at a random act of kindness. Completely failed hope this year or attempts this is my intent yelling and laugh at me this is the act. JP what RBIs during your decision about a birthday party you're at. Yes so my uncle. Went through like the birthday candles are happy birthday depth is wearing a sweater a freaky sweater earth and then his sweater caught on fire. We tried to blow up says. The thing and we ended up getting a town is okay. So. Whether a couple times sent. Everybody sitting in this round Jenn hobby me and JP all have a story about. Somebody letting themselves I'm tired but I'm guessing the person in this room uses open flame the most. I didn't know stories. Now. I'm never sent us a nonviolent. Ever and I mean idly never many candles now liners close my face you have an I have bangs now. The exchange rate care of things can't be real careful you put a lighter suits us. You all forehand I. They go again it's. And affect my time zone offense. The senate hangs on the I can barely in the in Roswell welcome to the shallow. Hole you are calling out your husband's. Yes I eat out. DNA that they are clicking chicken wing and blind eye at this station and see. And how to keep prior bad Erica on the sound. And had a big creek fire you know why do you station run by air act that I can't think our. And he's an animal. Do you call. Will be called I don't I don't hate he sends. I asked since. Bullet here and there. I had eight you know why I'm gonna sympathize with the has been Caroline because I was cooking chicken wings in that pot. Outside of that and you know they get the degree with a side burn. Yeah I was taking him outside and increase spilled over social site. I wish they'd rate up the side of the house call I remember when you tell me that haven't it was really terrible and doubly cut my ass off and luckily. Hosting burned to the ground but I'd walked Kelly my wife Kelly saw that whole thing happened I walked in and she said it up and heard the links. And on that did you that you see what happens is oh that wasn't supposed to happen if Obama. You see why you're putting on a show for. Does it figure out. Seven flames just for a fact that's me am I on the Benihana of again. 2000 that I would have flipped a shrimp regular socket and. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.