How Many Marriages is too Many

Wednesday, June 6th

Does it matter how many times you say "I do?" 

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This is that a Japanese yen shall. Kiss here a minute you marriage is that what's your answer to that. Of the Islamic and the other today. I think salon and we sit and having come three chairs and you know get nails did. This chit chat with your neighbor and she is asking if I had king is this again. And miss you explaining that she did not have grandkids yet because her daughter. Has not yet gotten married and then she says to maim. You know it's holing my fault. I've been married six times the Boca clock. So she is explaining that her daughter doesn't wanna get married ever because she had been married six and her. God is a wedding America's this woman sucked up all the eligible managed. Yeah I. Average. Can be started twenty years old. Marriage about every six and a half years if she was that age I'm gas mating and what you want when you guessing her I was guessing that she's maybe like later fifteens like fifty users are like six CN tops. And so I was thinking OK so twenty. Now it's like forty years of potential time again hearing the union guy. And complex marriage she does you say it's. And now every one of those divorces was light in guide it says some people that he would get divorced and it's like thirty days and out. Other people get divorced had eighteen months. I've seen her two years or are you read something in the paper Reza me it's been. Their divorce is finally going to be settled after five years of contentious negotiating odds I can count so if you factor all that in there she's in the ink is probably not even dry heat both in our lawyer's office before she's banging on the church door right. While at this point she's probably just what you've heard retired judge may know church let her after six. I mean that's some minor they don't hear or getting married he's only alone right six stop Jimmy in my try. I was like six games and I don't lose isn't that what cancer for you don't. I'm they should just take that woman bad bad bad angels among us Perez usually a fairly. This year although this is Charlie's camp values and outdoor and indoor outdoor gadgets on the cats so like I. I asked her if she. Has like all the engagement rings aim a little boxer she's had to give them all back early how that. No I did not ask her. Anything and that's why I'm so frustrated because those that in any real we interview people for a living this is what we do I. Have fretted that in my tracks but. I'm glad you bring that Jeff because I have been thinking about the thousands of questions I should have asked her singing and that nail salons hair. There would've been fascinating to fight like. Do you keep seeing gauge ranks yeah it's absolutely everything like do you have six different engagement rings. I've got lets you at night yeah what do what else how else did you blow it Jamie. Here's what I should have asked this isn't married six times do you Wear a new dress every single time. Did you get did you have a wedding every time like what I'll ask him how many times did this woman changed her name other hyphenated went. Died days ago students as they are reverend Russia and that I did this at different and then are going to on the emotional read it like now which one of those did she really think was. So one. Or all six in your mind really though all of this is the wind you know them Fran you add to their dates and guy an aunt and single lot is no lie and as I was jettisoning lines she can. I Jen do you know that you do we anybody in our world today as then. Denies saying that right now. On the you come. Into the fire upon I think you lack not I just question. Did she keep album of photos from each and everyone like is her shoe box under her bed for every marriage is like a that was number one number 20 here's the shoe box number three don't get old Justine. Do you keep on just how that is how much money in total did she spend on divorces. One dish she used this same divorces. This is best buddies there are any measure used car that I didn't like her favorite curse that hey mr. Jackson and I listen. OK we've dead and six so I have kept the plans guys. This means for you rank and Heidi and a half dozen the next and sprayed its. An easy thing to do any of the six husbands know each other. It was one studio lets wanna know when's brother was not an island's best friend Mike how many of them all know we sat Jan. And you get fazed by it and you get a cousin of the Percy went out one day waves and high school all. Like their marriage announcements like sowed the wind that's sort of networking in the world. We're all. These guys now leads that did did they all think they were the first one and did they all think it would really zeroed in yeah like even if you're never thought I tell you and there are four before you know. I'm an idiot can't believe it has marquise ace yeah. And while next time you go and those questions again the notepad on your found if you render again because it it that many. Marriages. She's got to be getting manicures pretty regularly like I do. Winning games I've got my pop up yeah. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.