How To Leave Your...Hairdresser? Part 2

Tuesday, March 21st

Jenn's friend wants a new hairdresser, but she's afraid she's told her current one too much.


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Peachtree City and all over Raytheon. It's a little early enough. Adjustments and Shia on starring Eddie borderline. James Randi is trying to figure out how to dump her hairdresser. She can't do it. And she's confessed to many secrets you're she's afraid if she dumps or that there's going to be repercussions. The secret to get out. We she doesn't have a staff is. Life day in Dallas did a ladder. You can say to dump your hairdresser. Again my mom but as pared debt and how the pilot on the planet how little action gigolo old school issued not a and I love and itching I'll. Not much and that's what I wanted to Allah something different and. Oh. I had I did not Rahman met a military camp there and it. Shoot par opera for a long time and every time I get it always hypocritical on it. Oh my and it should. Well those releases your friends are going to that things like that. Terry in Cleveland advice for Jane's friend. And I went up. Ventures and doc. I am hairdresser and every time anybody. You know wanted somebody different or whatever I'm very much expecting him. They had to run telling me oh you're busy ride it whenever to Toronto and they had. They went somewhere else and I'm with pat. You can see through the excuses. Yeah yeah yeah. You know position is it to be direct about it though is their friendship can survive I'm Valerie and Douglas welcome to this year. Good morning at it from what I've done in the past is I have told him that I had another tree and that let you know my hair or pre. And it save money. At a campaign without it I can't keep that cosmetology. And become that we're gonna accountant said you know as a or what is slightly alert did break in Soweto. The and yeah what if the senate and offers to do it for free. And she's really so Valerie thank you thank you well know a comes. Kelly and Norcross welcomed the show hey Kelly. Hey as thinks I am armor and then hairdresser. And learned this. This is the kind of thing that I get really upset about because. When you when you go to a hairdresser so she could have been them for awhile. You create like it. Emotional relationship here trucking them what you see. Yeah exactly when people leave without without explain a little bit ugly lie they don't say anything and it's just like it. It huge clearly about her relationship like that you wouldn't leave your spouse about chocolate about it. You talked we'll pay you figure it out together because you have an intimate emotional relationship with her. So you say are you saying you can never leave a hairdresser. I'm sorry I'm cool. It happens sure but it's I'm saying that it should be a very very rare occasion. Because neither people who are professionals and we are triple a little Q last year you know what you want. And be able to do that for you know and and we've we've spent much time with you in the church and working with you in your personal style that you leave it should be heard only the most drastic results. Well so it couldn't just be like I went something different that's not an acceptable reason. No no I don't think so because I think they think you're talking to a professional and this is someone you trust who now. And and and it that he would call a friend and you can talk to them about that there's no reason believe. So if somebody's going to leave you know as their hairdresser you. How should they do Kelley book an appointment to sit down and are quick fuel how. Yeah I think things are really serious confrontation because I think that most of the time 99% of the time if you can do about it. We're able they're able to work through whatever is that you want in college you were getting because that's 100% our job. But maybe sometimes people's tastes have changed and you just don't have the skills that anymore. To keep up with that what that person wants. People are horrible. That that I didn't get treated me I feel like I feel. Like into locations. Or whatever sure. But that's like corporate. Like her brother didn't like I shot them all American grocery store like I don't like that they aren't like that he can just decide not to shop there anymore than the hearse entered the human person looked real emotion. It's dedicated their likes to hit it. People are talking about the public radio like makes you an object your little survey or something that you could just discard this world a better come along which. You wouldn't you wouldn't think about with a pet or something into the human person. Servant you're I don't think yeah you aim your very passionate. It's just infuriating when people talk about it that way because of someone and it should you trust and know well and an. I think people would leave and feel like you're not gonna noticed you look at the little relieved and not say anything like you're not been noted sleeping at all and then they post on their social media. With their new hair and like you know constant Wear and pounced blondes were somewhere action. It's I could have done not for east of the Kelly it will help anything and who to go online you know it's got that kind of upsetting situation. How concerned people. I'm sure it is who you Kelly what happened tell. I'm I'm I'm not saying you went in particular I'm just saying that. It's a situation that happened what we know we're online Gailey couldn't be that we're totally checked checking hash tags note for hairstyle the public that. So the customer leaves you will use cyber stock ma'am in order to see what there. If they've truly upgraded. No of course not I will say get my clients are my Bratton and most of the current Clinton iPad iPad for many many years is so. It does not can not see. What hurts more that they don't like your hair styling or they are not going to be friends anymore or that they we'll have replaced you with a new friend. It hurts the most that they felt like they couldn't talk to me about it. And it couldn't have the conversation. And Qatar and they don't trust me. Did he ever made I discourage out of your customer's hair. That I wouldn't do that but. I ask current thank you thanks Kelly. Hi AJ welcome to the shall. I say. The worst lawyer Diaz for that. As he pitched he popped on key it key he psychotic I'm sorry. If I and I I had to give that got the par and I told him look you're not gonna want ally. I ask this not good nuggets looked at a only relic that. What I want and oh yeah to have that you congressman you guys you got why can't I tell you I want you don't do it under the non. He's dead if you welcome to the show how. Hi I want to talk about that crazy woman yelled yeah he would. See it off her rocker and I swear to god and I had a sit in that chair without woman's I would probably get out right. If you didn't see you NCA. Yes I do I stopped shopping at any store in the ice area like or what you heard it comparing that. Or battle looked like it would. Prick the ballot but not bite without talking to them she greatly. I didn't create it. I thank you Tiffany. Tiffany for the record call the woman crazy. By saying that she it was near her would doubt got ourselves out of Cincinnati let's just that some big talents are crazy okay. Okay and Robin welcome to this young. Ankiel and I'm Eric got there and I I totally agree that element sound a little contrary rocker because I think that as professional police should be. I'm her client but that same time it is can be sure it's really not getting that is what I friend their client let somebody else. I would end up fixing it after their diet. Because that's what normally happens like she would he know that try other people that's dying should be counting your order caged and not make it's no personal. It is. Take it personally you're dressed as we. You stay friends with somebody. Me you have hundreds and I. Much pressure like I don't want the one that my chair of the public. Eye appeal. Like oh my gosh I don't him to get in trouble like you're supposed to relax its CD. And enjoyable. Situation. I don't know if I would stay friends with Kelly if we refuse my hairdresser we broke up because I think she takes pictures of people while they sleep. He strikes me is that his. She screen grabs your pictures of your hair and analyzes its Kelly welcome division. Or Gary serie one militia. Saying yeah I'm a 45 year old bald men and how would mean wet chilly Shea MacKey. That Leslie. Has snorted too much to Barack's. Star in 941.