How to leave your...Hairdresser? Part 1

Tuesday, March 21st

Jenn's friend wants to break up with her hairdresser, but she's afraid she knows too much


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole. I have a friend who needs help with a break up this this some other boyfriend Tyler has been. And their hairdresser. She can't do it she kick it way yeah. This would mean she can't you know making his ghost well it's complicated. We were taught us IC is a friend of mine who lives in Charlotte and set I could share her story. But basically this attend your friendship with her hair stylist. They do have become close through the years like baby shower fractions I think that because I was asked now let us you hung out she's like. Must keep my baby shower OK it was like OK and sounds like did you go to hers she's like yeah Mike picked pretty close is at a category of friends throw him in the Asia times I think maybe show our friends are brags made friends. Those are friends in. Bidding not you are tightest clothes is circled by an inner circle. If I hit a become a bro or write the Salomon bros that would make guys is is one of the guys selling my guys it's one of those guys wanna. Yeah yeah he's one that girls and well just caught my friend actually and actually has confessed some things to her hair stylists. Friend that she has not confessed to other people and her life okay so that like potentially some issues in her marriage okay. Some secrets that she's confessed while she's been sitting in that chair. Break is that share they hairdresser chair is like. Is like that is like a truth serum chair of the paper that shampoo and woman's head allied well here's everybody is terrible my office. Here's why my husband is the worst and. Tell. About my mom. Right I think south gang so I think it's a friendship it's gotten close Serb because of that client customer relationship can ask your question before you we talk about the specifics of the break out yes why is it about the hair Dresser the hair stylist and hear what's the proper name you. I think either way I don't know if one's. A good offensive or not the head person but I figured that person hair person what is it about the relationship is it just. If banks that women can't be silent. So if you're their for two hours passed for three hours so I would be for food guinier wig jammed this big guy I talk about something yeah. Yeah that well and for some women that process is I've been six our own my god why. Well for my friends are African American mayor pair takes when he longer. Then my hair does and I feel like I'm their for a long time. And so yes I mean I think that your relationship becomes really class. I hit a major their for that long you're sharing a lot of information obtained that yeah. So he just taught and you gotta time. You have to yes so and so anyways actually needs help dumping her hair stylist because she doesn't like what she's been doing with her hair. But because they're friends she doesn't really feel. Confidence saying like shall suggests things but then her friend we'll just. Do a whole different thing like cut her hair in a way that she didn't really say. Says she's just feels like she's in this relationship for so long now ten years now. She wants to still be whether she's doesn't want to have heard your hammer in New York can be awkward. So she doesn't know how to get out of it and Mike. So I try to come up with all of these different options and I would love your advice if I can pass along to her give her an outs and align aren't out that could save the French ship. But ended. Hairdresser relationship for a 42630941. If you've ever. Gone through this or an hour hi any advice for her because I said I want advice was what do you teller you can't afford it anymore. But then if she's a true friend should really what what can you off. And that's exactly what happened she said don't worry about this on me. Yeah I got you girlfriends is an evening on May. Because their friend they here's what my prediction is and Woolsey with the phone calls saying about my prediction is the friendship is over. Because once that the parent like that. That's an insult because it's now Ali she's gonna stamping are paired cut styled or whatever color whatever snag to get that done. So that means that when she's hanging out with a strained. She's gonna have styled. Hair and the woman. Is get a note that challenged our house all right yeah it's like yeah. 4042630941. The phones are RD ringing so I think if you successfully done this. Or if you're here dressed and looking kind of talk her through it was an unsuccessful Ricky you know an ordinary yeah. Star in 941.