How Jenn Almost Ruined the Proposal

Monday, January 9th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. The Jetsons and shell long ball great so I messed that I have to say it wasn't. It wasn't surprised Ruth Ann I was totally surprised when my husband Graeme and I completely. He also. Am I apologizing. Or a lot of brown eyes. I even began you didn't completely messed that up because the proposal team. Happen yes you urges that little bit and sour mood fifth and he drags Yamaichi to envision tennis. It's Jen tells the story when she gets that last part of the story. You've always you've all Bane to this or maybe you have your own caves where they just wrote themselves down and become dead weight. And you are dragging them you almost worried that somebody's gonna call late. Defects or something because you're dragging that it out of the store. By their coat sleeve as agents while I there lately heat or that's how Jan was brought in you or surprise wedding. In. There as. Well OK so why has wanted to reserve the weekend. That I would make other social plans for us because he had that proposal planned. He had my parents flying in. He had rather. Rather then girlfriend wife flying in from California. Are made it pales in New York time line from New York. He had all of these things completely and so he could mean make other social and so he told me that we would be going north Georgia. And going aching for the week so therefore. Keep the calendar clear and open at a Saturday morning rolls around and he informs me that he has something work related. Is preventing us going hiking. Now and looking forward that all week so. I was really excited about it that he has taken a -- weekend you can already smell the camp fire against eaves and I was excited. And scientists. Now hiking that we have one of those no make ketchup honestly relax line. So it was really really excited that morning breaks me not unlike. And so I was only. Atop. And it back continued all day so he towing that we had to go to I knew him for a school event something connected to the school where he was and time. Finally all the support support students support kids does not what I wanna do you lament that yeah. I wanted to go biking. Weekend now to hit its credit. And right it's good that he ran. Ahead CU would block the weekend yes right but the problem news. I think guys is a look if you use this is a learning. Roughly educational experience. What he did is he went from. Haven't weakened in the woods. You art museum week and in town. Which could not be farther apart Treo so he went a 180 degrees in the opposite directions though. Natalie we've thinking about hiking in the woods. But you there was nothing about getting dressed up to go to museum even rate. Or yeah it's just the expectation was complete right now and I didn't want to do all right. So disappointed so. Then I'd be gradually like get dressed and on make out went on nicer Alfred and in Canada and the old way to the Heinz museum I was just. Matt I was texting. One of my best friends like. Do you I'm gonna regions and today because I am just so annoyed and might need to act and I mean she was H. All I see now is going on but she didn't she had no idea is that she's like. Just text literal love lines and get Nelson and you can bent all about it. As. In a hypothetical scenario in had she known. Is it it would she tried to talk you off the ledge rob. She would have been less encouraging of events have seen him but she could eat so weak it's that Heinz museum and now of course he wants to go there because it's the place our first date. So he starts talking matter for state I don't catch. I'm like yeah it was great. Eric at all. Yet it was fine and great super. He's he's so excited I get me excited whenever we get there. I like how to be here. And I was like I'm so mad right now. Actually is that I'm so amendment now I don't even want to go and I'd sit in the parking lot while Yugo and check in on it. Because he told me all these students in a artwork and he had to go make an appearance with what he's like. I. It's their idea of finally I go inside and waiting in the lobby. Port and use your district. And of course because I'm not going along with the plant I'm sitting lobby. Where he's trying to get my parents across the courtyard of the court erred in the middle it only has between. Restaurant and museum there's an open airport and my parents. The route there is in sizes that brothers' flight from New York is the blades and he's trying to coordinate all this being a culture. You can't say it in the parking. Otter so I beat you and I didn't lobby either so he's like this on an award. Beautiful surprise that I am and yeah I hear of eight total to earn a couple prayers I'm pitching like it's hot car. Stamping my feet. Enemy here. So finally music. Bullying. I'm upstairs to finally. There was this place on our first date one of exhibit rooms that where we you know told some like funny jokes and he. It was just like a cool moment I first state he's trying to get me back into that room price basically dragging me in. Like it Todd this is the part where I said remember that time I. Who doesn't wanna leave the store and throws himself down and looking around for students and outs in the students and east in our work anywhere that I'm like really like it's even happening newsroom now all we can't be here. Art and to have more eyes and he gets on one I was like. It still didn't get an ice in it washes of me. And I circling. Well now. No no no no no no. Just because of my attitude but not no like no I won't marry you don't. Even further by his own and could be like they've benefited jerk like. Acting would only be making. Iman I now is known and and now that's an added bonus I didn't know that part thank you act yeah. And so then I hate us you know start bawling crying and hoping of course that yes but. I screwed V and in any heat in it he is such a great guy that you walk across the museum. And your parents yes in years brother and the brother's girlfriend at the time there my brother lines sister Molly there and now mother and a lot I mean hoping there and they were all there for the surprise and I just started all over again frequently and I mean that's. Rat is that could be where. But he still married you and gotten its due beautiful girls. I and I think he still likes and at least today Nvidia and you're not allowed to be a rapper at least that yes the back stick. For making this list of suggestions. On stone not before one.