How is a Guy Creepy

Wednesday, July 27th


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One. Jessie. Apparently when the game it determine whether or not guys treat we have in fact games of first in Iraq and and creepy. News. Pretty universal. Physical attractiveness. Varies from woman a woman. Personality varies from woman to woman. Attentiveness that had a boyfriend or husband the guy is varies from woman a woman. Creepy is universal these are the things that I learned many elements. I would totally agree with that here 4047419400. Is our phone number. Is there truth to this and if that is true. I would like to now one indicators. Some examples what indicators. There are a instinct tree or 0474194. I would say facial hair. Yeah but the type of facial hair IV. Overly. Manicured. I. O two manicured Fisher. Let leg backs reported. They got out without batting fifth is grieving we've got our it is our our internal AXA and producer Kelly tees or boat and hearing even angered counties. And you love these along I should have a quick it's more natural origin sort of that. How do you what is there a couple days old Ali this is cracking answer them all beard and toll down fish and it got. But when it's overly chiseled is our two manicured no. Mir and thought Alex do looper skinny. Like that's attention to deep down in strap or like unknown and have a say I know exactly overly manicured facial hair man like way. On on the. That's for. And I heard. I'm a soft handshake if a guy in the I had the time can. It was his duty yeah. That I did this. A couple of seconds having a visit lowering. And this is the importance. Four for guys to each year BK is in there is any of this it was on Miami. You know in my roster behaviors I would change immediately. Out for me I don't think there's any thing. Worse than being labeled tree. And a mildly treaties a raft when there were probably our conference operated Tiffany. Her height defying creepy how can you I needed to find creepy in second. I can't we hear my accent there like that a lot of our around the world so I'm like is there. And luckily. But as a teacher. I went to a channel and we actually. Its image it made a loud and predetermined own net. I gonna petition that we are aware different between people are actually turn out. I'm looking like that I look at Emma are looking here I look at it you know there during that people are. A lot of things that you can get it and bury it. Eleven different things and say oh. I mean intact NG look at them very delicately he legit you know what they Wear out and I. A lot of pride I didn't do much bashed I I would be on the order. I couldn't. Rent it Emily and I longer little. Amber in rock. And pat sounds I think though we're eight saying and neighbors they kick you ages how to prolonged eye contact. Yeah. And it if they get like you are crunched human hockey he had it all that. As a major weird factor. I totally agree amber at the close talker especially if it's a side eye contact Michael on our eye to eye contact that is. Exert as. That. And I knew. Elected then that would linger linger touch. I've. I they're guys that hug too long. At a thing. If that's. Check your parents may mean you can do you. You guys rub your act and they hug you. And now that they rub your line and act your age. Yeah it's weird. It feels return. You know like. I mean in my life behind him and like having your Mac in and by how well our pentagon this Qaeda globally competitive you haven't and that is exactly what I telephone numbers for a 474 and 9400 and is the and you and in what could be effective Rio. Her mom. You had your chat area. S that are pre V. And how long is prolonged more than like a second. He does and take her. Yeah we're lucky and not only that what do you occur. Yet there is why any man on the plot there are. We see you guys watch and sweetly you know where that now. 404741. Worth. Creepy. If you would like to wait and I'm things that instantly make you guys treat the you'd hear from you for a 474194. Countries. Women make a determination whether at a guy's creepy. Literally and three cent. I want and how. It. Engine shop. Star ready for a one.