How Generous Should Santa Be?

Tuesday, December 5th

Jenn could use some advice on a debate between she and her husband. What would you do?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. How generous DeGeneres show good Santa Claus beat India. We've got a debate going on inside my house should use your health and figure out what you do. Because I have time are not ages on what Santa Claus should. Yeah its value and it's getting to be the time where. For Sandra Lavin making his list and checking it twice 32 beautiful little girls of course. They're both been very nice this year and it. A score worse. Jan and welcome to the show down. Mining. How would generate as is Santa Claus in your house. Well there's no link that is they can't thank us baby Jesus only got three yes. That they employ approximately yes but the children. She have gotten. The food and I'm gonna go down okay exactly the JP made it to the same thing hasn't say JP. So who's getting goals for Christmas right that's what your kids just get a big old drag up a little boy. The dog I did that aren't called it and they know. And here's my follow up question if Sam brings three guests dear mom and dad didn't do any gaps in addition to that did you wrap gifts under the tree. On what you do know that our tradition lately and that they yet Christmas the and they got just if you get our mom and dad and from the team plane and then they end and I'm born and brought their. Okay I'm. And guess in the family gives her all the dumb ones like socks and jam hasn't stuff. Underwear than and that they appreciate it out and now should. Parents can block parents. I'm an only child sighted varied. Different view on this yeah promise and Forsythe. How old. Comedy and how many gifts to Santa bring you. A YK. And do you think that's what should happen engines has. Lost. My. He can see the language knowledge I. I fans are like yeah this is do we need to take anywhere cause. He just take her comment send it to grant MP3 that writes my. How would you what's your logic and the whole thing and. Well I idea like magical Christmas and I love surprises and I think that there's a year. A certain amount of time where Christmas can be extra magic all right. And so win. My husband and I were talking about it he was like I'm thinking about writing Santa Claus letters sending it to the North Pole in just saying it. You know our key kids are blast. All the time and it's. You know make sure you take care of all the kids in the world and our kids dot you don't have to overload the sleigh for our guests a matter of with gifts for our kids. And and I was saying that I think our kids have been really extra good this year we are practicing kindness really working on Mac and it's really. It's really pay off and I think especially our four year old has made some you know big changes in her behavior this year and so. I wanna sends in a clause letter that says cannot it's half and so we just disagreed. On whether or not we should send those letters well let's letter gets sent to the north. Well char C I think it grant needs to be reminded that Santa's sleigh. And the reindeer are magic. And so you can putt. All the gifts times infinity in that sleigh and always bet. It's it's not like an SUV when your dog on a camping trip in all this and erosion have enough room for the tent. Santa's sleigh it's everything always has room Jamie and Powder Springs are you on that team grant team Jen. Change and and I admire your badge it'll allow. Plant trial and Monday. That's a good point that's his fear is about you know. Just he's just what's the meaning of the holidays to be about the meaning of holidays and I get that hill and I feel like we do a lot of those things he and he doesn't want it to be all about being and consumer. Great show in Atlanta team grant teams then. Kenya and I have really fond memory of the magical credited that my parents that are sent. I couldn't believe that my parents it entirely but it cannot get out grand. Well I mean Santa is magical and he just you know. Can make it that way but if you ask you not see you then he will follow the parents' wishes. Yeah that's and there's this secret that some people don't know about Santa clauses. He Gaza talks to your parents so that's when you gotta be nice all the time they do you know there's an app for that. That's a topic for an Saturday. When parents got app for snow across now that we've got direct lines to Santa Claus if your kids are misbehaving than Santa Claus will call them. Really thank Allah has gone up there and there are no elves hanging Imus ceiling fans and no one to zero out hey Eric yeah. And July in Atlanta. Team Jenner team grant. And pressure are I have never deleted about it that I. Was spoiled cry out there that are between gay and a spoiled brat and eighty. Oil and so it has Mike I got a bank on it debt trap and Latin. It gets just stopped. I can't I don't know weighs six and a rough hazards in your hearts and yet has a different I don't care you. I. And there's a difference and things like to spoil the year around him being asked club grab only news player kids on Christmas. And and fuels a docile holiday is about Boeing Larry king and any run around the living room Christmas morning and it says. Phil it's always and fun stuff it's like oh my gosh the magic of Santa all of that is such a cool thing. I was spoiled gone up Jan and I need your daughters to grow up to be just like being so I'd say maybe now I'm Jean grant. I read you have some team granderson is equal time for the other side of the equation. Star in 941. Big debate going on in our house right now is how generous shed. Crosby. I have been I disagree and I would love to lean on you and what you come up with in your house. Sorry just the whole legend columns. That were on that team Jan Jan believes that Santa's got a magical slide. And when mom and then reach out to Santa they should ask him to advance they would lose many games as bonds evolved. For her two perfect little girls yes I don't want to put any limits on clause but my husband disagrees because he wants to make sure the holidays. Are about what they're supposed to be out. And that you guys are our last day that your two daughters in to do other things and and and have a great are you play year round so he doesn't want to make it. So over the top on this one day. And they use oil that's the debate. Every call we took him the first. Art team Janet. May the magic had Santa's sleigh is a magical for no reason. Now the other side and our kids' influence. Size age and equal time we'll start with Kelly aim at Duluth. A Galley. So definitely won't grant. Because. Unfortunately won't won't eat those you don't score every good child so what happened when your child goes to school. And then talking to an otherworldly good fit into all year but you know what to order a jerk. I think it's great to see if it's want to beat her. So molds to be similar to opts out. And I didn't appoint I think what I would do is I would quietly judge that there and say well you think you've had them. Victoria and doubtless well. Yes I'm sorry and bad and team grant because you know interact. Can only needs to start off small one year because. You can't say they can't go back in other the next you're you're less. Then they can get our next year which it and I can go back. The other thing is located a lot of it had grandparents. Their budgets you know they can't agreeing residents. So EE LA remember that I'm not saying my console and have a talk with the grandparents about that scene at bringing. A lot of present day I don't need to go overboard or blowouts. You have to look at that that's funny that. The funny conversation that I naive and injuring of adding with either set of grandparents I had a one minute long conversation with somebody in the elevator. And I house yesterday. Where this came up. Now and she said my issue isn't sand. And fantasia and care we have 23 kids it's a bit and things you'd care. Ram. Really takes care and every year. We have this conversation that I am I am not these groups to the ground CNN and McDonna. Yes hi I'm Jean grant called fan and I don't even a magic of Christmas having experienced and I love bacon picky blocking. Maybe it's ridiculous I had seen as doing craft make me wanna man and I think about black and I believe that we. Always want to get and that's what we need to teach our children not just only about began. But about all the people we've got. Regardless of how small that all they had a bit vague and could capture and remember it's not about the money about arcane world. I think Danziger I think chandeliers and I think he should have your daughter's eight meet appease UK and I think that's what's and I think that's it's analyze ended up picking the plans for tonight so if you wait a while bring him and both antibody and baked goods are solid job and really like him. Well you trust Jenn hobby Green Bay then you forget the press won't so quickly I will call instilled tastes defects and her feet Shiites. Try to poison. I can't imagine on social media there's a comment it's kind of team grandma house that he knew. Men are selling at says there's our little unknown quantity of the one thing parents forget is the pressure that you put on yourself to continue to do Christmas is like. And so that's another way to think about it too I think that's really Smart. Well if that's the case and I messed us up or. The conversation continues on FaceBook Jenkins and yeah. All learn to share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.