How on Earth Do You Pronounce McDonough?

Thursday, March 30th

Residents of McDonough, help us!


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell ol' ball. This is the hard hitting stuff we tackle here and start ready for the ones you think tanned skin and it is over being able to drive. I know. They're gonna make that match. Are you don't like mad bad. Content and Pelé. Yeah. Mack. Donna are met Donna. It is not a big it's. Mick MI CNN. Dot. I yeah woman's name. I and this can be there coincidence. And here these are really popular aim I down their horror. Kelly screwed up Haley and again and make mad Donna. And that's really not be a popular name it connect. I two votes for Mac two votes from it when they sent Twitter Jeanne. We got the same idea it's nick not Mack. Tracy mix or match and Donna. And I three Mac's dreams mixed Donna sees things like going against your friend it is. If you were gonna get justice he was around I'm not Ron I desire and a grown up there never that doesn't happen to know is an X there's always hope but it does not. I'd Chelsea and net make Mack Donna where do you stand. Blame it on mic Donna okay. Sky. Mic or Mac. All right we got word would look at and have unanimous match. Brian Earley mayor Cory Mac. Yes. I did this morning I'll be kidney. Tell me chunky but there and do it bank got a late April strong nor so don't say nick got on it. Donna. A big. I'd chunky bright so. Don't. Let the world. That's good that counts like his five votes if your nickname is junkie about it yeah. And then drop. Our hand and you're basically the mayor right and you have to from match keep shaft Mick got out or Mac down. You know it got out of boy chunky but not a may have uses baby isn't healthy thing Stephanie mega Mac Diana. Stephanie. Deduct Mary mic or Mac and Donna. Meg on anybody can click here for years now as if meg not I think they don't people greatly in that area. Bill that. Broncos' edge. Eroding it they're ruining the culture so it's. We just got to find it we gotta find the lines a year saying you and chunky but most say Mac. Donna like. Pole but a big Mac. I and then the sec Gavin is Donna not Donna there's definitely you know I'm right I think that is agreed upon. I'm Donna I'm Mariette I'd Brad in a make or Mac. It's 100% Mac and just because we are terrible thing directory commodore. Mac Dona who spelled his name Jim eight seat. The only make it and Alan we changed this on the map Korean people. Lived there my whole life has definitely Matt and done. And I got a little history lesson Merrill love that I just said he jazzy brand because I am. I feel like everybody would know chunky but do you did you know him just as a oh definitely. And he's going to be run for mayor Suzanne a Mac or make Donna no buts about it. So tell it they're turning now closer to her it was unanimous. And now it's. Kayla Mac or manic. Lean on our way that come imagine that and again. I'll make people are screaming at their radios right now Laura Mack Donna or Mitt Donna. I used to live. And Mac Dona Mac. Thomas outside girl I just threw it right you're hero. And I know I'll let you met bill and a I thank you Laura mirror so T shirts or run for mayor James Mac or Mac. I'll I'll see that's and back to Mac. This is a split decision this is going to be tough food we get to finalize what it really is why don't we just reached the final set Ian can be just as. Let me say don't last aren't any let me have flex electric. I okay. Why can we just what are we just renamed the town. Why how traffic center on Saturday drive through here with the what if that is the whole name of the town may be and always you know he's clogged up. Donna is Donna country. Sound towel every time we come back from spring break we sit in traffic here for two hours. Donna Donna that's an image after. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star not before one.