How Do You Fake Perfection?

Friday, October 27th

These stories of faked perfection will make you feel SO much better about yourself. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I was in line adds kids treat switches a cookie store they've got. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies that are just like your mom used to make. My cookies. Nothing better and they package amount real nice and move row fancy boxes with a red and the one and a lot of enemies as yet another without that. I'm just going to be putting these in Tupperware. And taking them to a party. For Medicaid because I was supposed to bring something home baked so. Don't we sure ribbon fund makes. A pretty good pretty good pretty good mom over there. And it's taking perfection and people do it all the time and you explain this to me that it's just win big Z. Parents especially. Aren't using other resource is to make it look like they're better at their jobs which ban doesn't it create a cycle lake. Is cash reaches around word that might have. You know I mean that had a loop the chicken and the egg yeah yeah there's our enemies seeking perfection. I don't think it has to do with being a parent I think there's a lot of pressure on parents to be perfect but. Everybody's got the pressure being imperfect and where in the right thing drive and the right thing we've all got this pressure on our allies like to looking exactly right on in two grams it. He notes is sure the perfect San chats like all that stuff is just. Perfection pressure but you got to fake kick is always perfect so we wanna hear how you're faking protection. Well I just as we before we go to find this. I'm as you can see from that AJ CN Monday I'll hearing again lord I'm not seeking it out is awarded the best radio personality in Atlanta well here's some how I know your freaking perfection. Yeah because you posting most perfect pictures of your dogs. All the time. I mean the most perfect pictures of your dogs beat her picked. Our answer this sort of stopped there when you don't have a bat its and then faults. Then the food followed the food that they were too good for the flu days that her. Hi your business facing your second perfection every day there's no. For over TC. Three and I'm Carolina is our number how are you taking perfection. On hack access OK and it's you're a little yep and she's staying home not. So her job was. The household stuff right so my. Parents are pretty traditional married and married couple my dad was their go to work provider and my mom was that stay home mom for awhile this before she went sit back to teaching. And win the day would get away from her she kind of a crazy day whenever my dad would be coming home. She said the way that she would take perfection even if she had no idea what she was gonna cook for dinner like zero plan. But she knew he'd be walking in the door and like five minutes she would Chaplin and onion and garlic and thrown into pain island's number. It smells so good so he's come. I like how it smells and here I can't different. And is like I knew there wouldn't even be onions and garlic and what he would end up eating it. They did the house and just smell like something was touched and she gets paid less clear him away from the kitchen yeah. As an idea how did you know nice cold beer I ever sit. I'd like scramble and figure out like to throw different even if it was like. It's began to eat you know out of the John and out of the quick bucks an average house to smell like onions and garlic and he'd be like I am a lucky is an analog. I actually think I have one of these gen C and outline and I think it may be part of the reason that I'm actually married calendar right now. Really yes and I faced profession wants. Borrow Ford 263094. Lines you're lazy confess. Why you have done or maybe what you're still doing the fake perfection in your life my confession is next. Upton and young star Eddie forewarned. The pressure to be perfect it's just too much is this land on the jet engines show we are talking. Seeking perfection and we'd love to hear how you're cranky now for us YC 63 and I'm for one is our number. Monday morning at this time. Jane has her friends from this goes any company that they've investigated her tireless. Bringing buys some of their audio. And what I heard you JP MG loading the other day and the if you are skeptical it may turn him. I think it will tourney I think you're gonna believe in ghosts. It's worth listening to and you're skeptics. And they're saying it's worth listening to him Monday morning at this time. Audio from James in May be hunted. This idea mama had a great seeking perfection had called for when your dad came home when she passes along the year do you see these. See Tony do you. This we were little my mom was a signal moment that was her job and so when my dad would come home and she had no plans for what was for dinner. She would quickly try and onion and a little bit of garlic and throw it in some olive oil on the top of the seven make sizzle. And smell really good in the house so he come home and Michael I can't wait for arm and he listens sleigh. I I'll say on this. And she still is scrambling to figure out what she's gonna feed everybody but he did note. Stereo and you've heard similar plan. And on and get to hammer I cure everything that Nancy in the closet and start dishwasher either didn't indicate that people think I'm trying. This is a. Start this lesson I like that. Thanks to all. I Danielle in Roswell. I break your wallet or my household spending and let me help them. I. It's. An important core content to a Latin light solvent. Just all of the rain. Does that how may and teen you don't market so hard day thank you baby smell them or you a year and how. How does rulings and clean isn't why. Especially the police found lessening Nike ID downing and Rodman yeah. And guys are really let idea this to myself. I. I I I I've had a I'm housekeepers from over and clean the house aide to house smells delicious when they're done. And then I'll clean house because I I don't sometimes like cleaning gives kind of therapeutic sometimes to clean up the pole kitchen but it doesn't smell the same and I'm convinced it's not as clean. Even though I did it top to bottom what adopt all the towners. Just about the senators. Janet hackworth. Try. I say means mash potatoes. And let it play and I had. And what extortion and everything and not let a whole can. In the hold the maps that look and nobody knows it but it. So they think even slave in a way peel on them. Chapman M boil and I am and you just like dumping him out of camp. Why I did it but what about starting your nest or chart shows a bit about what makes. It. Bake announcement they got a name no it's not a lot of how to build. All right Jim well listen the good news is your saving some time now the bad news is you're going to hell. The reason you're the reason you're there is an old saying is because I mashed potatoes. I think and can ascertain as are my immoral enemy they're so bad. I look at village in search of love and I know how does she. And Jane Buford. What the deleted my aunt and during the holidays in transit trimmed scratched. Come home. And I share with my friend and I actually went and I got him on which I told him from ten. Did you make a portrait of a party without technique and my launch and has done a lot of content cannot blame to go into the party. Nice perfect storm bots. And how made every time that's kind of what I did that went when I said that maybe part of the reason I'm married to Cali right now is. I. I hand her over for dinner when Manny and I was running late. So I went somewhere and just got take out. Dinner. And then got home incurred on the stove put it the oven put everything and then yelled you bag up the group. The garbage. And I had you know put it in the camp outside the man in the kitchen in the garage there's no evidence yet you know whatsoever of any thing and that put everything you get rid of it on them. Odds and oh yeah did I here's the broad roasted chicken. Ignore the public's received me in my view it's. I do have a rotisserie you just educated and I last saw cesium Brookhaven. I normally when I watched quietly boast I normally get back on a clean vote and backed it. And then height the quote and acted on stage. And then we come down a weight that it can't talk show our I it's gonna ask you about the historic vote and make it being about well we owed it. There are hidden in your kid's closet did you know they did it make this club and Glavine these cells. Think that politically they keep saying he thinks your just an. Thousand thanks so they dossier is a very. If you want to share any thoughts on this or brag about how you say perfection we always keep these conversations got baseman yeah. Assays that that come Jeff and sends out. Cool I like to share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.