How Did You Brainwash Your Kid Part 1

Thursday, October 6th


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And Jen shall we go. I'm trying to brain wash my daughter Lauren. She's three and a half and I need your help rain washing her ever successfully done this I'd love to hear from you for a foursome and 419 before and it. I tomorrow it is time I've if you fall into the category of people who are hiding something in your own house. It doesn't belong to you but belongs to somebody else who lives in that house. Like that bode. They hear husband. Loves. But his team much bettered is the fact that talent ever Wear it again the it. Right. That would be an example of something your hiding them in her own house. We're gonna tackle that tomorrow morning at this time. There is comfort and members say you have done this successfully I'd love to hear from you but I'm currently trying to. Brainwashed. Our daughter Lauren into liking the things that I actually want to watch or listen to while driving figured I get what she wants the lots are listed. There you're trying to brainwash her in two. The Food Network. Rachael Ray and if I if I could do that I leg yes well John intolerance that's I would be all about. 4047419400. If you can we. Oh yes so and as he played let ago you know you've seen present like. 4000. Times in after that long long time might just lose that. I feel the same way about all the kids shows Daniel tiger is the latest on our house. And also. The pain. I'm nine and then infusions in gangs and rendered me. Well I mean what is being at tiger's neighborhood. It's in part Afghanistan. Without way I mean it's just torture it really is distorts so instead of letting him get into those shows this long road trips. I have been dedicated to brain washing into loving Juli. Says well I didn't mind her and acts. The sound of music. To noon at T. Evening and dean and me at all and so. ET name I nice. Not only to not. I hope that I'm doing Anders and would rather listen to that then. In your world various. Soon. T. Eat me and if that's painful. And because still interstate back to my childhood. It's. Foolish yeah yeah we'll go down. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I want to have your own Mary Poppins I served. A. Casey welcomed Ahmadinejad contention now. And more now that it actually Landmine. It bring lasting. And that as an apartment coming out of other grousing that he then eventually could they not dessert. Make sure that they were they certainly the that's an hour ahead at a sleepover at a friend's house and I was sitting there at dinner wait and let her mom. It taped by the very heat but didn't let her meet your mom is a Smart woman. Half. You know that was that was her brainwashing. In order for her to get an X should bite of dessert every night. And that and bringing them now that we do not let her eat dessert first that I look at. Hey hey Deanna welcome to the death sentence out. Hey good morning. And I don't have a marketing hat girl but I kind of eat my daughter off a little work on his EE hopper on Sheila. By which indicate. I think it's and direct it but they all the current. It done by older kids but it's horrible. Making double bad word bad in other words that I definitely recommend it. I bet a lot on that and the TV you can China's poor start and master chef junior how arrogant power at all but it. You know able. This web parenthood is the hollering trying to find any that are tolerable. It it's figuring out how to tolerate your children. That someday they'll have grandchildren eight and actually enjoy. The yeah. This test at birth until free just and continuing. Paid JC thanks a concept. It. Larry you're. I'm so it might Donna and split screen years she's actually fix now from about three on. I you announced that can reverse psychology for every came. At one. I'm not the boot yeah Alex you know I don't like and I don't wanna try to that's so I would be light don't you don't you try that could that it might they retreated. He was I'm not act like you know I would try and I had when I wasn't looking you know quick like shutting them out and they really mattered. Came close to hill when it came to close you know. And it slightly as some they weren't I would I would like you know what you know that because I know I went back. And immediately and I. And it's not backing now and for the most time yesterday and it worked for the post. It's. Out of guide about. I'm glad. It was I want and got to eat. And realize that something about it. I didn't eat it and I couldn't you know I don't want to eat because I like it mine to look at you went back to work anymore. They're rebellion ahead of the guys they did it just added it and it gave me here. 40474. Roland ninety warranted. Advice urge. Or green eyes. Star in 941.