Hot Sam The Donut Man 050417

Thursday, May 4th


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Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion yes. Job on star now before want to societal Obey Jane is gonna share a story where does that we are intentionally waiting for it to be a little bit brainer. It is kind of freak you out slow curve EP and it happened to our last night. It was literally the first thing she said to me this morning like. Anchor and Kenny if you see it goes. You know Michael tees. Maybe. That could be an explanation. Negative read minds. The first we got to take care some bears fans we get a beginners and a new Japanese and remember. Out on the streets. That man. Video and so and there as are you okay from. I hear that of our. And on. If you previous Amazon Sam Moore works for the sanity for lime street team which means. His job is it mainly that. They have to go out and handle promotions this event. And as we had him out on that Monday. Hanging out at a McDonald's just buying breakfast for people I think we're data McDonough right. Despite the trust for people that. And we started to get phone call it's like I'm just I'm in my home that's kind of my own bill has not saying it is just spread some make muff and love the on the glove yeah. Hey there yeah and so he goes out and India does have worse and we start to get phone calls and people are insane. Thanks for the coffee. They were saying. Who bomb icon Andrew. May. I've stereo because I'm eleven it. Yeah and where LA you unload you're talking about I Sam who's on the street team. Oh yeah the. Sam tells a little bit about yourself don't you let me know you well enough how how old are you what did you go to school. What led your radio. Okay well I'm 24 hours old and I used to go to school in Pasadena is carrying a school of Pasadena City College you're surfer out there I did. Currently serve very there's a you have to want to surfer oasis are surfer always surfers Barbara. I thought did Barbara each shocker. I. Yes it. What school there's a little bit and I was Alicia what I wanted to do and eventually I kind of figured out that I wanted to be like a communications major so I'm moved here to tennis because it is kind of convenient time. And yes I just go to school Kennesaw state university and I'm a communications major with a minor in anthropology some interest in the way let people work and and communicate with one another so. So where you from originally originally from Massachusetts a cat emerged as from a small town called rove went to Massachusetts. And mark my town was so small that we had three towns could throw one high school OK yes. I mean great great way to grow up. I in town and turn tanning and former intern tanning is coming assassinate and is still. On sand OK okay of focusing only works in Australia out like arguments to my Guinea was it was having on street team. And you like Sam so hot and he doesn't know he's those like hot nice as sweet as we learned today. We said earlier that he looks like a Latin. You know the Disney character. Meaning if I didn't ask. That's the. Incest. It's. On. I hides what's Sam is doing today and we're gonna check in with him throughout the morning. But what he is doing today is gonna go I just make a donut run because he is now hot Sam the donut man yes. And if you need to see what we are. Yeah you got ahead to NC Gramm either. As Dunn and 401 Atlanta all our jet engine show. And we've got pictures of salmon video Sampras it says need to get in on overtime and about and this is get there immediately. This is teacher appreciation week so we are sending Sam out to see as many schools as he can hit before the end of the shared today. Just to delivered doughnuts to hardworking teachers. And give them the gift of a little early morning to pick me up. Lose early morning. Sugar. I Sam hit the streets team is gonna go Weydedat rebelled against social media let's go slower than it mainly due Thursday a little bit sweeter. Or. I have follow along and all of her social media will be documenting the whole Sam story. All morning line Serbian goods or are they used to have around them. Yeah. Teacher appreciation week and jet engine chip wants to reward. Teachers well. And it just so happens that we have ourselves. A member of our starter ready for when street team named Sam. Who looks like I Lannan. Sam is one more stinnett hit this state university. He's at California surfer dude who just moved to Georgia not too long ago and he happens to be really humbled really sweet and really hot. And varies but. I got out. And we I had sent him out we have gene mean it this morning. To go delivered doughnuts were calling them hot thing him that donut man. Thing imagine delivered opponent's Q schools. All of the area he Geneen aria. How is your morning we've Hans and the down that man. We're having a lovely rainy morning did draining out the growth as we go on. How is Sam being received I believe you're on your second school of morning's tech or. Yes we were lucky enough to get the sound. One of the repeatedly that come down. And then she called the daughter of the student and she ray and and then immediately picnic without the I think we are being well the. I can't Gaza. So let's call it had sued first. We went to civilian part elementary would take people and things are and are. Sit down you park elementary. And Torre rector is the teacher who requested Sam's presence there did she enjoy your doughnuts and other treats. He did enjoy her directly back to meet some of her you don't demand that we'd a kid that I ever had a son Hank. Well she's doing a great job over there. I am any major way to North County school which is where yeah Sophie attacks taking place since the yes currently Sam Zell the attack like that. I will thank you for taking on this tough challenge today of riding around with Sam delivering density and we appreciate. I don't court you don't want anyone here. I assured you out of her eyes at Michelle. Yes I would you like yeah. I love to get Michelle on if you're wondering what Sam looks like he can check out our and programs star 941 Atlanta answer Graham. Or at the Jeff and enjoy and Graham and check out the pictures of hot Sam the donut man right there and get us a comment. Requesting hi Sam at your place of what it. Well and when he could day. What's that Michelle. I was just gonna say the picture it you not see him just yeah yeah yeah. Making him the silent as I now on there and now that he's like Disney princess and me. You know yes. Like Latin it's it's it's not fair to the rest of the man while he is all yours for the next little while some enjoyment during his donuts. And and raised on holes on the and thank you for working so hard as a teacher we love yeah. I thank you very much appreciate it. I take it thanks Michelle. I reminded her. We have good looking man. And saying that we can send he has. And it is teacher appreciation week so we have seen him out. To. Ogle reads and teachers. And some doughnuts. All documented and social media are no reason other than man he's good. I've Sammy is I was member of the star and April and street team and we have recruited him to just hang out where is Jeff and into listeners and be attractive. Yeah I mean who is on the phone with us right now as the very difficult task of spending the morning with him and photographing him as much confidence. Thank you for sacrificing for questioning him yeah. It you know one more thing I didn't a little bit lot though it's stuck in that car a little bit longer now it's been so hard. Yeah did you get lost because it is blinding light I can't it be great I was zero. Maybe you got lost praise you were in charge of re not the ways directions these urges staring at him so long. Yet it equate it looks like a Disney friends. Does. Yeah hello little bit. Incest. Fast. Social media you can check out there is a story can check out paced back and see stance see this hot Sam atonement and we're talking about. And I think Marisa yeah seems really embarrassed that we were China yes it is but now I think he's he's trying to dig and it may do. There you know I think I think you'd pay the. I'm glad that it it has little bit of excitement behind that now on Buchanan do it. I hear out of finals I stopped from the morning is Jacob's ladder who neuro developmental school and there he says is that right. Say yet you're underway there because I'd joy and Kelly. Both said that we could use some tasty trees. Trees thank you got good at this morning we appreciate. It. I. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.