Hot Sam the Donut Man

Tuesday, May 2nd

We've got a new delivery man on the team! 


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Star in 941. Wanna stand modest fan I. Heidi good thing. Am modest family. Feuds yeah I can recognize beauty yeah. As we recognized the beautiful woman and say oh yeah that girl is beautiful she's eye candy you guys can recognize seems pretty cute the idea Sarah reinsurance two days ago how does it. The front desk and he comes and. And he's talking about. I shouldn't have all this Coke to drink it. It was kind of a Monday in conversation about McGwire muscle interest in them like he had done he's good looking. It got me by surprise you looks like there's if you wanna know what hot Sam looks like. You can do two things you can either watch that tangled Disney cartoons and yes he looks like Flynn Ryder entangled. Flynn writers are good American and it Ascap brooding look he he can do the eyebrow thing. And so you can look at that or you can go to you any I have not seen. Then the people on they show post anything bad stressed social media. Jan and Jenny Allen Khalil out because I'm after he came in studio yesterday late as he heard us talking about them. Any hour so. Creepy with your low to be completely obvious. Instead stories in the big chairs in eighty is flaky I'll haven't seen a good looking guy before hi I'm here area. I know we're just use two years steamy hot bed looks Jeff. I guess into the new news. Young. Vulnerable. I name brand stuff off. I'd say oh here's what you need to know what I mean she issued the same energy is as easy need to know going into that. We've from time to time we'll go out into the communities. Where people enjoy that Jeff and and show up and as. Half. Thank you for listening in half marketing or just top up it'd drive through. And hook people up with free breath to see you come through the drive through plays shorter when he get up to the window there's somebody Wear and you know austerity for one teacher and the like. Jeff and Jim picked up your breakfast today if you're familiar with the show it's our way of saying. Thank you yeah we team up with our bodies at McDonald's and lord Tony yesterday and you're not familiar with the show. It's our way of saying age gender of the show. And we always get from. People saying thanks for picking up. Yesterday. We got a lot of phone. Everybody wanted to know about the guy who is actually paying the bill. Every single person was like hey listen thanks from Miami profiting coffee but. Who is that man holding the starter Andy for one credit card own mind. I want that. I am so we asked him to come in studio when he got back to the radio stations is our conversation with Sam from yesterday. May we please introduce two year old hot Sam the minimum. 'cause I thought I exam Mogadishu now either the did I mean you get your head down here on the up closer I got. I am in my leaders good looking as you I would never be embarrassed. I would walk around shirtless and how I've tried strength. Now let's and. Sam also told us a second ago he's never been on the radio before it hits hello welcome to the radio thank you so it as well and listen how whole idea go Bob being that attractive but. I hit a what's your secret which are secret to being dashing. My parents probably a tank it is to get gene's death and Sam elder yeah I'm 24 and. And are you out of school what what's life like I. Of them being the hottest streak teen amber of course our nanny for airline and. It's funny for on the communications major Kennesaw State and yeah I'm originally from Massachusetts and then when I was eighteen I moved to California. And then I was there for about four years than I moved cheered her finish school at tennis states. That's a good other than it being good looking what are you wanna do mile. I'm not really sure I think it be really cool like beer writer producer director kind of thing like behind the scenes camera so it's. Behind the scene behind the scenes son listen to. Here on his goalies Sam yeah I thirty get a little bit of trying to camera stuff some kind of more on the behind the scenes track. Are right well listen we have an idea for you. That we just wanna run run by we haven't talked to anybody else about as we haven't Condit. That to have their horror oriented you know Fowler and Tony even to get the day at the red tape and now we haven't gone to Reggie Bush demonstrates a year. You're the most important. On this idea I am you Betty yeah we think that having you behind the scenes is a disservice to the women of Atlanta. Your answer your dealer demand we got to show people. You I mean you're already Britney it's my house and a dry through government not on a Monday morning right just keep that contain. It so we're. Thinking that the Japanese pension needs superior. Thank. Area. And hot Sam the donut man I. Just you just think of it. Don't have the same in its flew it right it's fluid so pockets we have different partners on the radio station right select. For example Duncan guys as one of our partners so they wanna part of this we sent out hats and the don't have man. If McDonald's calls this meg next Monday and then your hot Sam the mic muffin man I think and it's it's like around Easter right honey bake their big partners proud I am the hand man. He had rank him plug anything in there. But you still live her. Food. And you're in good luck this new offices and women around. Yes. And we heroes mr. perfectly biggest UK that every thought or talked about it. And Lou go to cape and a prince charming to you guys -- taken a whole bunch of pictures right now I know we're embarrassing you and that makes me happy because. I really like to me people who are so good looking uncomfortable I think that's. I'd go and look out jam where you gonna post these. I've got so many videos that exam on the business. Right yeah. The Internet blew up after that conversation yesterday really. Sam hi Sam in the donut man so. We got a whole new ball. Yeah it is and shadow and I'd start and don't want Atlanta. Best comments. From a Millie gulps. She says. Sam can bring down its in my office I'm the only employee in the office building looks a lot like an apartment. I'll be in my office AK naked in the depths to. There was a lot to ready for an lots of much dams saying all month. Well I guess everybody is pretty pretty happy with these co. So if you would like Sam to come by your place of employment. I think we're doing it Thursday morning is that Tre Kelley ever in Thursday morning and Thursday morning. Just the league go find the pictures and Sam leave a comment let us know where you work and what time people get out and thinking because this is teacher appreciation week. We should start out early going to visit some teacher I. Live call you know and we can go hot connectors and teachers week ahead. Do you some some education early morning education and advocacy. Right. After he had just gonna follow us on answer Graham and Jeff and and show and you'll see him right there. One Atlanta we're checking them off. Yet these same pictures got up every. Clever target about hot guys and Jonas gin and they do leave. If I could with a joke. I'm OK with all nervous who's the most popular guy in a new discount. I don't know hill may diving Kerry two cups of coffee and a dozen donuts. Yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One star not before one and.