Hot Guys on Instagram

Friday, August 5th


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Before long and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. Can understand kind of bow out. Here. This becomes quite a project for you women keep talking I'll set it up and then you guys you just talk amongst yourselves. Okay because I Janice in here and our internal accept these or can we cheese. I G means just ran out I've played but here's here's we're talking earlier on the show about things that women do. That are creepy. That guy is. Would never be able to get away and we had one woman column. And she said that she collects pictures of the hot significant others of her friends. So it'll be a photograph of her water her girlfriend's husband or her. Sister's boyfriend. In and when she's when she's alone shall pull out her phone and scroll through pictures of what. I found a little creepy hughes' people she knows. It feels less creepy when it's you we don't art so we stumbled because I was. It is actually creepy so right I thought I was bad by reading hockey 33 changes brings up. She brings up that point in and she just say it is. Like it's not weird that I follow guys reading names and where it might reach. And and the entire room explodes Alley chains and RG and it says hey you know about that tilts at Disneyland. Yeah. Other view and. Islands and I don't know garlic paparazzi connects and Ginny went out she didn't go do something or whatever but she he has. Cute guys carrying cats. And it's a Graham account she follows and looked at and Alexa dropped the Mike with this thing I did then Herman and now. The funny and are they making comments are eating it they're eating Hamann is feeling beautiful settings. Bodies. In the end game that noises start happening. As is jango is what I wonder what other categories there should scroll and and won't let Andy then you hear this from the other side able. I you hit yet something like that it was more about. Oh. And at pat who's I think she's I am just about to make your year are you ready for hot dudes with beards and bonds. Well all. It's a man that may have done insanity. I'd do is beards and bonds and telling you you're going to. Thoughts on this thing and I'll mine 181000 followers say this is an epidemic. Problem attitude problem. What they view women. Think there are energized pieces of meat there's men and coffee. Men with howls. The man with towels or hot dudes in the shower at angles on album. Soft porn on Nancy Graham but a cup maiden or animal thank you guys realize collectively with the group review are doing to productivity. At the office right now it is vote Friday nobody's anything done anyway I mean Lee did somebody like all of these from the jet engine shipments to Rampage yet. We like all of them I think we're going to if you go to seed jet engines show and answer Graham just look at who we recently followed. Their often. I also made an entire blog dedicated to organ with out of line to prove it got like fifteen never handled. Are all hot guys on and examine how do that you're in the islands. Now don't you you're welcome. So what was yours are hitting our guys carrying tents cats you boys with cats but it's also. And the other ones that's just multiple. It. I'm mountain where arm for the onions it's called OMG cute guys. The guys and apparently this I'm killing of creepy yeah. And our dad TV news on one. No I am just looking at the reflecting. Enter Alexis phone and it's a bunch of shirtless dude they're not sit. Q is there sure. Shirtless wearing Speedo sometimes and you appreciate that very much and it's difficult to be in a man in this environment while we welcome addition it's now and recognize beautiful. Let's go to the room brokerage and you obviously have eyes and things go well hotline. Harry got. Again that Alexa have a boyfriend inning. Yet months. And monsters. And she shall we go so.