Hot Dog: Sandwich or Not? Our Listeners Weigh In

Thursday, June 2nd


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Thanks for being a part of it. Well sorry. People all fit debate. Is hot dog a sandwich. Your vote counts were 047419400. Candace welcome to the jets and ginger is a high. Argus. Now how. Hot. Or. He can't it be a seat which to read. Now the the umbrella of sandwiches. And let me ask you oppression and okay you've been very passionate in his is pizza a derivative of toast. Because it's a red with that topping out which is way host kids. Yeah I see your analogy. I see your analogies that I know is that Cal's own a sandwich. Yeah a Kelso is us. Back home. I thought our partners. And CNET. T. I thank you feel like we're debating politics on Fox News right now and you're one of the angry Talking Heads with the. Yeah Obama are among. And it. Kansas because you don't know why I feel like you and I are probably very similar just ignorant people drive yeah. And and until you make them see the right answer and make them understand what it's cracked. Then it is it's just difficult to gone with the today can you got to fix people your fixer Garrett healer Candace. Yes exactly. You and you know you. Everywhere. I I got a again. Tony. The aryan you things. There's some sort of him. Gender lines if things all the women in the studio in the same that they were not sure that this is something that. Necessarily. All women agree with that every woman in our studio this morning GA he went. Everyone was saying that it's neat it's meat between two pieces of bread right. A hot dog is non on bread. It's Obama but I. It's and a different one piece. That is. Connected to steal the middle. So what's a burger. A burger is on a bun it's not a sandwich. So you'd think it'd have to be a different. Active and all together yeah I sandwich is two pieces of red. Two pieces of red you open the thing that little twist it to in red is he actually is determining factor for you guys later about it threatened. Jeff. In our bun. I'm done by an hour. Hamburger in order pizza slice. About this is macaroni and cheese and entree or side. After that party. Good that I would you say Crissy and I and one secrecy what's going on welcome to the jeopardy champ. Okay and talk no I mean as what I did those same lines reflect on that taco. Now calling it taco wrap OK so the difference is that vehicle with which she'd get it into your mouth. Why. Aren't. Thank you very much appreciated Jimmy Kimmel waited and the and the people who edit the Merriam Webster dictionary. Had the temerity to declare that hot dog. Is a sandwich they say that by definition. A sandwich has to a more slices of bread or split roll with filling in between. But this is an important distinction. That definition that's there definition by my definition are hot dog is a hot dog gets its own thing with its own specialized bond. He knew what their arrest Friday ordered me to sandwich. Sets no good brother called cops on him. It says a hot dog is not his sandwich if hot dogs or sale would choose. Then cereal to soup. Hey I like to Jesse welcome to the Japanese and high and your idea on to agree with that high. Cardiac. I was dying you really have to agree with Tony he actually let me handle. And every. It's funny love that you think he's a Smart bets today it's very happy. Donated today Saudi work here is done at 7 AM has dropped since. And thank you so much we appreciate you view weighing in on this on this big topic hot topic. There's a big debate hot now top fifth and I thank you very much my Jesse. Yeah.