Hot Dog: Sandwich or Not?

Thursday, June 2nd


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Jeff and didn't show us show Vizio. Conversation I had 4047419400. OnStar and I need or want. No idea why this is such a huge debate and I think we will be spending valuable radio time line. Leader initiative today this simple question lets go around the round that asks Tony Tony's and for marina today Tony. If they had dug us and my grandfather would say yes but he sold icing no no. Janice high Dagestan. Yes because it is technically the ingredients of assailants. Read and yeah meat between June 2 slices and potentially with some condiments and topic says I'm gonna go yeah. Sandwiches. And he'd meet between QBs and that's an anomaly thought they settlement tomato sandwich then technically it is now. Eight oh true so it's something in between two peas bread would be. OK so I'd put my head between two pieces of bread and it's object sandwich. Donna is a sandwich. So I know people like me. The coronation. Lehman's. What is that the news being. In between. It. Okay Simpson has ended condiments using means that you're seeing meat and bread makes that this guy David is is a tube of meat line between two pieces of bread would is that considered in your world I don't think it's analysts. I think it is either be pulled over because it's. Nine or its open faith yeah. A complete close to him. I think we're gonna be getting into this later in Asia because I hideout is now I've just. So it's its own category yes and then what's a sausage. A sausage what about rob Morse is a bra or hot talk is of course the same. If it it's their such thing as a brought our sandwich to progress and BC just give me a bra wars that the bratwurst aptly. So the brought hour's hot dog and different categories even with tubes to meet yeah that's how hot. And. About it all know the ultimate leader different is everything I'm liquid in a bowl with stuff and it what is that. So it really hasn't. Seriously I want you to give me some chariots of milk and don't let that. I have something Jeff and I think that everybody's saying here and yes they right now but I think it defines. The difference between sandwich and there's something that everybody all the women in the rumors saying. An ask guys who were intrinsically it we have and we haven't communicated our is that it is this Andy's and so. Male female reference. Is clearly it's not and hot does not make that sound Omaha seriously you re edited down this road. Our Ali and I are trying to meet at civilized and it all and your army to. Yeah.