Hootie or Hootie-Hoo

Friday, July 20th

Are these lyrics by Hootie and the Blowfish or Outkast? 

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This is that Japanese yen shell. You know any harm yeah. Love in and play. We can't be Simon game that is the Gutierrez who he is so simple. As my friend elected to read psalm song lyrics and all you have to do is identify whether there's song lyrics are looting in the blowfish lyrics are outcast where they are. It's simple I was so excited I've worked and I we've seen you guys yet this morning edit down a little studio produced this in this I'm so excited. It Kelly wet blanket cheeses like this terrible pat is going to be so easy Terrel hunt alone unit you think it's going to be simple living outside played the first when issued things in the charge is Ian hesitate. See this is the way that we walk on a sunny day when it's raining inside and you're all alone issued immediately said that is hitting the bloat fast food. Yeah yeah. Yeah I know it may well manner. Selling series record of. This is no way that went well I Ghana's. And if there's any day. I know. Yeah okay. Wrong I'd isn't really gonna make you feel that imagine and I knew now without casting he knows share I guess resume all of it. What would you alleged and I think it's out Kasten who I have no idea and yeah I had no idea that's not aimed at Gray's blog. Militia now eighteen and are you moving into this game of booty are already knew with the embarrassing confidence in the Kelly she's had. Or not anymore. I sell its assembled grace and whatever it is they are getting used get what you got to do better than then cheese better than she hasn't you hello gang. Are identified this on is this who he war booty true. And it's no big deal no big deal only hold me cause I want to get higher and higher. I am end the eighth and her husband as a. I am tired. Of it I'm gonna guess TD. And. Halo need. We'll give you. Please hold on your first Mary hunt about playing right now Zachary. Thank you guys my views I give an account. I. Marrying again now you're ready to Wear any game called do better than Kelly yeah. I a lot of good iron. And I IEA it is identify the song lyrics that Alexis says for you and say I tell us is it unbelievable ovation or is it outcast who. Primary today and yes I Cali united agreement Imani OK area. She never lets me know only tells me where she's band when she's had too much to drink I think and I don't care. Well and Allen and arrow. Any time how bad things are monitoring Imam Hussein now right now. I hope that we'll give you another chance here's some redemption grace yet let me let me again a guy who some redemption for. What happens to the feeling that grin mean hand increased so much about it I need some meat had. That's who he knew he had it got a. I'm married included in item yeah I'd never batted an eight. I'm thinking it'll tell you want redemption Alomar redemption is Marines good commercials parents into. I got the last suits me yeah lucky I think I'll hang. Every summer I'm really not mean I'm really math and I think about this and knowing I. Nothing is forever and replaced and what makes love the exception I am on guard to. If what they say is nothing is forever in my weeks and what makes love the exception. Now. The thirty. If what they say is nothing is forever and my based on what makes love the exception. Are you kidding. I feel like there's got to be movies songs that are now I have but at the same time until I get got VI it's our task. I'm gonna play again and smoothly than Jeff. And CN show starring 941. The show going to be at centrist part. There is a weekend and run Jason out dean's going to be they're dead including and a loving you know this weekend. And everyone is so excited that who in the blowfish reunion. And I god led me to game. I don't mean very Rudy do. They have to pay in lire from below for your time and leaders from outcast songs and you either have to pay hootie. Our duty you. Who sang it. It's going to be easy that is pretty challenging it is that it's silly really Kelly really hearing now. Meet that you're you be embarrassed again telling us India again who's this is this outcasts or Hootie and the Blowfish Kelly Jean Pettigrew. I won't dance you won't sing I just wanna love you but you wanna Wear my ring my and it sounds so thirsty it's definitely handy in the left hashish sharp yen and the present president. I won't dance you won't sing I just wanna love you but you wanna Wear my ring. Meghann year of first we got a hundred dollars in red advertise Korea on the line how aria eight dead and we didn't seem good deal here it is grew. I won't dance you won't sing I just wanna love you get you wanna Wear my ring. And Kelly she's is insistent that that's a really in the blowfish on. Now that there's something on the line Kelly against the command sometimes signal an answer I imagine are you gonna agree with Kelly are you gonna disagree. I agree you're gonna say outcasts. And. I won't dance you won't sing I just wanna love you but you wanna Wear my ring. Megan with the chance of redemption and a Kelly's energy jinx everything out. Yeah. I. Diego chancellor to move from Megan illegally owned and I think. Take their rent and blew us and then the ocean they can clean maybe their mothers won't cry tonight. Of course polluting our yeah. The USA. Hootie and the Blowfish from our time. Taken rent and blew us and then the ocean they can clean maybe their mothers won't cry tonight. Cali kids I get angry with Megan and say duty and above mission really that's outcasts come on honey hole. And as I can't stand out and I look at what song is about as a month has sure had taken its time may be a blowfish and. MM and then search a problem without playing these duties I. I saw. And cheese and they're looking like she's getting a root canal they forgot they know McCain I will say our like the way he Haitian gangs lag hang our hat I got an out and I McCain. Now. Maggie and hold out yeah yeah yeah. She's mystic she missed those kinds of bad taste GAAP. Mahan holed out okay. That hand he has and a friend Reid and Ehud in the blue visual reforms in the main gals whatever dollars. Oh yeah I'm always an Angel god you guys are either you know like I ate on the floor making out she's like so it was this morning she's I don't know what's happened. Florence and the machine is like drag queen and June coral welcome to the Asia use them aren't I car you're a player who via video. Yeah I identify this is a have you officially they're going out Kessler. Sentence costly that until she wrote and I hope I never have to slow and then don't tell AJ to give your answer on an ongoing attorney Howell. A. She answered outcast in this battle okay stretch and I crashed and. Sentence costly but until she wrote and I hope I never have to slow enough boots. I'm gonna go ahead media blow Spanish music your movies now sound he had a media. And I'm hitting the side of course you know I'm three minutes welcome back we'll give you a chance at redemption leg. And pull some more songs and and gives three minutes maybe five minutes we'll get a chance redemption date Saturday night Simon Kelly's energy Jackie Anthony. She was an act abnormal around here dude at Iowa and that's for making us less. It's just its. OnStar not before one and I were in the middle of around. What what are we gonna goody or 32 in honor of putting the blowfish coming. Into suntrust part. This weekend's. Tenure ray I can just listen to who he sounds all morning long. Memory lane job. Oh yeah. He adds. Tallying. Like Rudy I'd found and I don't all like god I just don't love duty all the garbage music do you isn't it illness in the garbage music I don't not like. It's too much into. Unease is yeah. Hashing out a pleasant memories all attached songs Kyra giving Koran dallas' chance at summer redemption because. I she just lost the first round we got a hundred bucks bad guy red pepper tied Korea thank you so much for for that red pepper you have. Awesome there are so awesome best fresh local ingredients at me now is a fan of the jet engine showed once a hook up our friendly members so you can bring your whole crew to read to advertise Korea. I call are you ready for Osama read them shown the I carried out this AA is either error goody in the globe beige or outcast which would be who you are you ready again I can't even make this any easier where you are you're right yeah. I area. If what they say is nothing is forever and my weeks and what makes love the exception. Because I was relatively new could. C is an outcast yeah I'd say a little more confidently and act say they Kelly chief pretend you really know. Out at whatever I had my favorite Bible. What this means nothing is Brandon east who looks the extension. Congratulations to our round. I'm about to read forever hold out OK I think it'll Lamar contests into DJ and I spell log on to the channel HDJ. In us now welcome to the show that fact that that are you don't hurry though or Hillary user could. And I asked it happened and I screamed aloud I don't want to be part of your problems don't want to be part of your crowd there. Yeah. Jen knows. It's a season you know I bet they do not blow it moody in the glove his guys he's richer Melo I had a good meeting in the globe news stand which you're about. Co parents that you guys all 100% JR and. We'll let. In the broad based on transpiring this weekend. It is now means there today. A big either and they can actually open Convergys now the jury Jay eluded him trip down memory lane of. Itself. Star in 94 line.