Hook Up or Hang Up Part 3

Friday, November 4th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Around back touch. On starting formalized I we have reached the conclusion. Of hook up or hang out and this news what's about to happen. Hi in the news. Here hey Andy. And Sophie is here peso trade. Eight all right and. Hey they've had their time to think about it and we're gonna give you guys we count down the way that hook up or hang up works is no questions asked he can hang up if he don't wanna go on a date. Or did you just stay on the line and we'll make sure to send you guys out too nice restaurant. Saga and you'll. Be all right. And one and I'd hold a bogey as well and just 12. Ivory and now boldly that. Seeking clearance prediction. I. You do you. Stick. Well day in both single and she wanted to meet with an eight. Years ago here. I think that two of them on a date will be the equivalent of watching treatment. Why he's so. I it's just I've got the answer is sentinel this. All right Soviet air. We need okay. And there's Andy okay will give you the countdown. When we do when you're 33213. I would do 321. And you guys just hang out if you are interested in the date this week and you're not interested in the date he has hang up and you'll never hear from is again. Well. So free and handy. For me. Since the law and and here you still there. I am here yet. And so series though there. I. Andy. Great now I am. As I didn't understand. There will now. I mean I get 80. Who gave Baghdad and now. Who thought up a couple of music. 08. He just. On. How I'm optimistic he could. Just skids this right Sophie and ask to be ought all aren't our athletic. Is next week we dragon. But you really like this big. I I just work I. It's called her upper hung out and if you would like to get on the list to do it next time you're single and you look at her somebody united Europe next time. I just give us a call right now for a 47419400. In Kelly tees were put you on the list for the next time eat. Took cover are handing out. Ari Andy and the jet engine apparently done it twice and failed both games. It's not really a failure as much as it is a learning. A. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.