Hook Up or Hang Up Part 2

Friday, November 4th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one. This segment is hook up or hang up trying to get Sophie. I dates for this weekend. Sophie I just told us a little better about herself and what kind of guy she's looking for and is sitting on hold so fear you there. Me and I've got tidbits of good news for one as we have Andy on halt. And number two is you can't make this decision you know so you guys are gonna ask each other three questions. You know you get to hear his answers and if you don't go out with them this weekend he'd rather go back to work work all weekend. The and you can just to hang up and then you know he has the option to hang up too but. Your pessimism Chan is discouraging no it's just a protective thing like I'm trying to be her wing woman work her girl power here you know. You like lines he sounds cool here. Opens this. Opportunity. But if he doesn't sound right and you just can't write five it's OK hang up too long B match. And Raul. Are. Andy you're have been priests greens we know that you meets the qualification you do not decades. You are between the ages of 26 and forty. You consider yourself self sufficient and funny and that makes you so fees future. I as I'm on. A whole group who hey Andy thinks sir Colin. All the more. Often just tell Andy how this is gonna go down. I and the you get to ask a Sophie three questions so please get to ask Andy three questions. And then you'll take a couple minutes to think about your respective answers. And we will. Do you account down. And you guys would like to have a dates I'm eyes this weekend. You just stand found. If something was wrong in you don't really feel them by Aybar then you simply hang out and you go your own way. So. That's how her government networks. Me. Sophie the first question is yours. And we earned. A lot ringing in her and they just don't know why. Started last timeout left Atlanta was. I went to Washington DE alert. And then from there I met birdies and Charles didn't serve like Ed divorce. Celebration. One might crack under that got together and part it's. But as as a post wedding bachelor party. Exactly yeah opposed opposed marriage bachelor party. Any usually get it all. I'd and the first question for Sophie. Okay what is terrible burden. It's given. And earned liken I. Including my own. Birdie. Question for. I won't turn to war won't. I had eight town are inviting. Yeah. Have them. Okay my next question age. Who would the last person to break up with you then why did they break up via. What are. They doing. And. Believe. Broke out of town you sound and it was. Seasons leading. King. I mean we were engaged. To. So feet and one very handy that take a fine turn did it kids. Speaking. Arnie. Like their cards need to. That. I read. Too bad and fourteen I'd hate. Okay and then Andy gets one more and for Sophia that sit right. Oh yeah all the good I get a little later than a lap question in the so that the what are you wearing right now. Yeah. Thrash around and I am wary. As business it has a very laborer. He'll. Well. It's. Itanium because you because we haven't talked to you for a doctor Sophie. You have like thirty seconds. If you wanna make some closing remarks. Certain. They may need you look and you've seen pretty normal Clinton and like it could hurt and so yeah. I need. They didn't. Okay this is this is becoming increasingly awkward. More time goes by Margaret it's. So the way it works is we're gonna come back and three minutes a game that time to think about their decision. I want to count down and they count jealousy if posting on the line or if one hangs upper and hang up. Both hangs up and then Jen and I have a great dinner bucket list. I look back in three minutes and the Japanese interest sanity for one. In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one can notice the company's bought and hands and recovery of the jumping ship show star and 841.