Hook Up or Hang Up Part 2

Friday, October 14th


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CC you have an artist today look just. And no one noticed copies ought enhancing discovery of the championship. Shelf stuff Nady for a lot and we have a brand new segment that we are attempting on the jet engine giant's excited about this we are at seeing it. To create a love connection here we're calling it a hook or hang up we just mentally shut. She came on vessels about herself that she's really athletic and fit and looking for a guy who has similar injury issue of sports she likes of funny movies and and Joyce comedies she's looking for a guy in his thirties who's got brown hair. Dark eyes does describe your perfect man what he would look like she's at an AFLAC. And we have got a guy on the fountain new. We her pretty certain fits your description only show. All from Alpharetta. Is on the promise a pol. Okay are you guarantee you heard a leash on the show and you thought yeah I could be her man. We expect. Yeah well I mean the kind of what you describe loose like you know not so well. I don't know yeah. About this that this is where you guys get to ask each other few questions to know each other a little bad and then will make the big decision. Little a leash and accuse you were the original caller you can be the first person ask a question and I'm Paul you respond and ask a question back burner. And we'll do that for three rounds yeah. It all right Alicia sent at Apollo. And ask him your first question. I found little. How wet is your idea of the Turkey deep. Well you know we saw an early dinner of course because that's all good they'd start. Moved take a little walk strolled down you know the district if you oh in the you know maybe it up a ceasefire. Through the night goes and then non and it was a little little nightcap. Okay. Call you got a question for Kelly show. Yeah so on. It you were to go on a perfect gate. We're directly but but but but. Our own okay silica and a you and any similar beyond that you know dinner conversation and if you lie. I definitely wouldn't mind including. Yeah. So. Are you can you Wear off to a good start I'm feeling good about smells like compatibility. They say got another. What's your favorite kind of movie. I'm a big stand out of of I if you were to rank them I would say comedy number one. I'm B action adventure. Like superhero movies those are cool I'm really into those right now. I am not a huge end of the dramas is just 'cause they drag out so long. Yeah I would say com he's number one and then the action adventure X number two. I think it. Paul you get to answer ask a question back to that we should. Okay. If we work you watched save Netflix. What is one really that you would select. Including Q okay a. Off of Netflix. I I like it from the they also can do. Like similar you. I really loved superhero movie is like a load of Spiderman movies like that under movies. Any silly ridiculous comedy writer line. It's to anyone don't they like our affiliate buddy comedies I'm on the panel that. Who. All right I leadership class question 'cause I'm realizing is that yeah. Dating is putting yourself out there and then filling all kinds of awkward and too. Who does stuff. Mad about you know how are if you're. OK last question do you social media and laid use. Be comfortable sharing your page right away or do you think it's a clean up where. Ha ha that's a good question question. They're really good question. I am on social media not on all social media is how long neon trees look in order. It cleanup and now I'm not really I mean. I'm friends it's the majority of my people I don't trend everybody kind of thinks so or follow. I'm not unlike a lot of like callers on tour how tall a lot of people on Twitter so. Com neat yeah I mean. I'd clean up now I mean should remain pages is score like gas I mean you can scrutinized sort of a little clip on national. Okay. Call last one for Alicia. On. If I were accused trying you iron. Please go to on any social medium. What would I it was the first thing that I am actually. I think you'd you'd probably be clickserve mean Rick my friends and family. And I thank you guys both for being a part of our very first. Hook up or hang out. What we need to do now is just think about the answers that you got from each other. And we're gonna come back to you about 33 and a half minutes. And then yeah that's where you'll get as the verdicts you wanna go out with a each other or know. And the way you'll. I'd tell us is simply buying. Saying and the line. Or hanging out but don't hang up and don't have rain well with just hold on mine will be back for the a three and a half minutes at camp while. Aren't really sure cool. Okay and okay. The decision to make I'm the damage and have started before on. And jumpstart. It before one.