Hook Up or Hang Up Part 1

Friday, November 4th


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Starring Eddie Fuller line. They named this segment is hook up or hang up and here's how it works. In a single person about to join the shadow. We will find a single person that matches what they are looking for. And then they get to interview each other each get three questions. In the end of those three questions. They either aired it do you stand in line which means wall pay for a date. Four of them at one of the Buckhead life restaurant this weekend. Or one or both of them. Hangs. If they're not compatible they both hang up slave as a what's awkward. And fun to listen to him is when one person hangs out and the other person doesn't mean a segment hook up or hang up and we welcomed their show so for. Thanks oracle and. Thank you for being so brave acts that the pocket but I think I only maybe I was I tell us. First of all. Like all about you aggregate twenty seconds. Summary of Sophie. Campaign I arm not try me it is no. I need. It is being between ten inning learned and the general. OK. All right when you know real journalists. Now I I don't think he does talk and write about politics and. World news. And obviously you're your single. Is Muller who is it rude to ask how long it's banned since you're. Last date. With any. I mean we can't hit but I am having dominant dating probably. As much as. You but I haven't been apparently can probably to me. And and I feel it what do you like to view. I let it out of backlight glass. An action and I'd like they had the movies once lie now. Basically I'm gonna let holly you guys are making that's why do little wrong. And I need to find more balanced level. Tag clothing with the way this works is we got a little bit about you. Were about to ask you about the type of guy you would you would like to date. And then wrong. I you guys we will actually foot the bill for dates this weekend. So you'll have a date. Either tonight or Saturday in OK all right well. Now tell us what type of guy you would be interested in going Hannity. Are not I like only conclude hasn't bowed. Out retention and she has its Honda car that can be next. And then yeah I mean I mean. She didn't let you down and get good conversation and concern than not it's not EEE. He essentially acres south as honestly get a lot of back. That's basically all. We'll be superficial and what do you want them to look like this. I would love him to have a dark hair. It'll allow taller. I'm a little collar. And how tall are you believe. And I that and don't know now long for the economics. IA you women hours have to do he'll man. Who hate hate anyway. Up our plan. I and is there an aids ranged that your opened. Aren't a concern knowing you're live there there is no younger than Tony's legs under the current. And how much older which yeah. And Abu Salim. And and. And is there anybody who you want it eliminated from contention like anybody who has been married before anybody has k.'s anybody who's. You never know won't. Okay you're gonna this championship round like online dating. Him all things I ask you like this is some sort of interrogation aspect of it. I don't. So Sophie you're 26 years old you live in Atlanta obviously very workaholic. Journalists. Who is into working him parties. And you like to go I'd be and the idea of him. You're looking for a me anywhere between the ages of 26 and forty who is taller than 52 and dark hair. I'm pretty self sufficient has its funny and not selfish. That's to be. Not too hard to finally got a pretty big signal I think we can cast a wide net here. We know kids who isn't a case of feast so our phone number is 4047419400. If you were a guy that fits that description or ladies if you know a guy who fits that description. Gave him on the phone like this in the next three minutes. And we will connect him in Sophie. And we'll play the game hook opera hang up. Basically means you guys. Ask each other three questions and at the end of those three questions you decide either. Collide Hannity this weekend. Or are you never crossed paths again. McCain and a little bit of ground. Do you think. I'd. I'd hook up or hang up happens as soon as we get the guy time. Die in three minutes and the Japanese and 4047419400. Disparity for once. She still.