Hook Up or Hang Up Follow Up With Anna & Austin

Monday, December 19th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. On Friday morning we met Anna and Austin. And I called out because she had no plans for Saturday but wanted to go on a date. Austin heard her description heard her describe the kind of guys using four. And he said. I can be a man. And Amy as successful at whatever hang up he has patents are excited about that's an hour or two for TO if you gotta have the same networks are basically. Talk to a girl talk to a guy and let and ask questions of each other. And then we get my count down. And one or both of them can hang out. If they both stand the line. They gonna date in and will give mud you know buy dinner for. But of one of them hang if they both hang out than it was meant to be one of them hangs have always really awkward. And that we could be finding love on the right well not only Janet we now 5050 if you've done or times to work student. But we're honest straight. That's true is part two were right now or two and Iran to win zero nights like this momentum is going direction and I in Austin went out and Saturday night. It's so funny I really hope that. It worked out because they or cracking us up on Friday and take questions for each other and I just thought their sense of humor is really matched. Jenna was all like it if I can get a sitter and I poignant. Yeah. Oh we are box is party and I was like I didn't pay and I welcome back to the Japanese and Sharon. He. Then I hope we didn't speak to you soon and talking about how growth rates. Friday when I know because I I you know it just wife calls me Cali calls me the love cheerleader. Yeah yeah. Yeah I know that. Did that and then you just love cheerleader that had the early as I am because I really wanted to sort out great for you and Austin so. We're excited to hear an update tell us about it. All eyes so we you know matchup we have. Started early change at a I you know I I do read my MO. Right this is good though he showed up. Rights motorists are now. He would act now already as he announced he checked that box lurched and yes it ended up being a great time and then nurturing turns into it Jenner and and then turn and hanging out of my friend your thoughts owl you know back IE and. We had a great time we Urban League top comedy it was eight. I have a question for you did your friends at any point pull you aside and be like oh my god. You won this man on the radio. Oscar race. Betty they pretty much well like I can't believe you can't somebody do it so what did you and so that look that good and he's trying to prove how soccer and the crew so far so good. And Anna what about physical chemistry like did you find him physically attracted Annika that's always that thing you know. We had had you know women know pretty soon and I'm pretty soon that I was and I'm. And I can't some. I feel like you should never. Even listened they showed again he should just go out and knowing that everything an outstanding and. It was a couple of that I guess I think I'll do that now. Actually now we need every single listener we intense affair that's. Uh oh a so how did the whole thing Annan's. Out of the night and. Well you know I I don't want had. You can tell all play in a room and get Kyle I attacked. Up at night and is they're going to be another day as any plan to see him again. Don't mean we've been. Talked ever since so I mean we're just gonna see how tired are scheduled coincide we definitely talked about how we don't have a good Ayman. We just need to put some been on the books he died I certainly can't think communication. That's awesome and I did any of your friends here you on the radio. Friday morning and if they did it I'm curious to know if they're like a typical and out or or she's desperate. A lot. Despite the crazy that I actually like took that step they're like really feel like you have to think you like not on my eating out but I doubt that I may not. I like you know it's just. Good evening this is more our one on one connections and he the Internet cell. They were just like I did Levy that aren't like you know I at least got beat you with what we look forward and went on the dates now they're back. Awesome congratulations and act when his cap Italian and the love I love to lead our loved cheerleader is gonna be cheering for you for months down. Well yeah I guess. I'll let I don't. Thanks and I did say he is so. And a greater than ten years ago. It. Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Straight come. He just enjoy and Shia on saw no need for low line.