Hook Up or Hang Up Anna and Austin Part 3

Friday, December 16th


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And she I'll star. It started out all of very normal. We had and a cause that she wants to go on a date Saturday night. And Austin heard that said hey I hate to say to beat her guy I'm free and Saturday night in and they met each other's respective criteria. And in Austin started thrown out really weird questions but then never flinched. When you ask you told and it speaks knees forum. He wanted to know if she would rather. And then also wanted to know she gets a lemon with how many fingers and her mouth he was really I mean is questions really more about getting to know her personality but I think just. Testing ever since. Humor again as say Austin. They are just very curiosity to those questions you run by everybody the intimidator was that a special and a addition. Well you know I actually sense. And that out yet she apparently had apparently America I would. He just how big it is a good bookstore years you know any kind and I. I normally wouldn't let. I wanna see how how well connected to that kind of that operated for the US happy now. I was trying to listen to a and I you're still there today and I'm. At an earlier. Right it's as simple as this general give you a count down pat this is that how hook up for hang up or hurts the guys I if you wanna hang out on Saturday night and is that she wanted to seasoning early evening. And he goes down I. If either one of you aren't you on and don't wanna go on the day and he just. Hang. I'm called do 123321. That's a Tia throughout pressure from you guys like. You want to get. Our answer and I've I've had I you guys ready. Any questions about how works. No no. That's not complicated but I just I'm going to make. I need to hear you fix and I can't. Throw it fresher now. That he's just tuning in right now then why is she asking the we're from a silent season where that went under is one of those jerks who does this. You need is right even owe you a blast you. So I thought. Okay. I've Syria and an odd then that upper hang up one. To. Worry. Now we have to take attendance because I'm like old phones. Mobile device is just a visual bunt to somebody is still there pay and a yeah and it is still there can I say hasta. In Austin. You. And dig and okay hi I have so gullible I yeah. Deadline needed it didn't you know in a constant congratulations. You guys. Yeah. Are you about this. I I want to go on the guys he does or not I don't all right. Hey can we add a lot. I'm gonna laboratory. Animals now and Kelly she's of their respective information from from you guys and we'll get a gift card that maybe Buckhead life restaurant so. Buy dinner for you hands. We'll check back in we view. Next week like on Monday and find out how when and if that's cool. Now archenemy can't. And and awesome thank you guys pulled out a guy. I shouldn't. But governor Arnold it's that's. Hard drive. Shot at aka pygmies. Together on the count of three wanting to break. A. I like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook search starring 941 Atlanta.