Hook Up or Hang Up Anna and Austin Part 2

Friday, December 16th


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So are in 941. Jenn hobby has decided how to give away. Back patch from all of that she picked up the other day she I didn't mean to rhyme that by the way. If that's all right I'm just gonna say. Will give you the details on how you can win hobbies hatch from all ready after 8 o'clock this morning. Hook up or hang up and it's it's an experiment we're doing it's got about 33%. Success rate and NASA we're over with Anna that it gets a little bit better because. We just love playing matchmaker so the way it works is we have got a guy on hold his name is. Austin on accident came up here and a second believes he fits and is description they're gonna talk to each other and ask each other a couple of questions back and forth. And then at the end of that will let him. Have a few minutes to think about it and they will either. Hook up stay on the line and go on a date this Saturday night or they will just hang up and move on with their neck. I chaos than welcome to the Jeff invention. Oh we aren't rates. What was it about Anna that piqued your interest. You know I'll be on the during the night that he may interpret that she kind of sarcastic and electric and a different outcome that. I'm pretty sarcastic Mattel and look at someone you can kind of handle back into the jab like it will achieve that she can. Good regulatory you know gonna turn people watching and improve in the room in the it didn't make it a little bit on the near there so. My oh. While I'm 61. I think that right there hopefully it you know hit the spot hurts Al. It sounds like he has to be partners in crime the past I hit. It is I would. I here's here's how we got Austin is hot and and you each get to do three questions back and forth. And I that you get to go first. And just do you know ask your question you quick answers and use. On this guy like you're dating profile you forgot a little bit about each other. Then you decide whether you're gonna hook up or hang ups and I the floor is yours for question number one with Austin. RA higher Aston. I guess my question is. It yeah in the movie of your life. You would star as you. Like what congressional black are there right now. I would probably rule. I mean doesn't why I think I got up. You know but I won't eat. James Frey there's no human being and the planet thinks higher himself James Franco and I am including. Gagne last half. It is just not a fan and that maybe I am yeah I think I hang up right now I thought I don't know. It's awesome it's your turn to fire up the question. I. Time. Diana. Would you rather. He a tiny bit every time you need. War for a lap or the 22 uncontrollably. When I went all the about the death of wanna go up. And war. I. I think I gotta go for the. Fear of failure voting. He read papers during allergy season. Yeah yeah yeah yeah he but also buying stock in the cash and your next question for Oscar. Okay I'll. Austin. You can only order one yearning at a bar there you're like what's going to be the last. During that you'll. Ever order every time you go out and he turned that alcohol got you bloody. Probably an old stack actions don't know what my go to so. Old and and James Franco we're getting quite a profile in a car. Yeah not then your. And how probably fingered can you read your mouth. And still and they'll say the word lemon. Let's see here. Good unit. With or. That was sort of hit numerous to deliver a bird like that Atlanta. Is everyone else China and I'm gonna irons. It'll lomb. That. Kind of question is that a fifth. I thought I would. Again it's perfect it's funny how regular gonna go to work demands that coworkers they just I curiosity. And I love the fact be admitted and a that's since nine. You know what I would like to do. Many sank. I was a kid did you like that is on video viewing. But based that's the next level in this phase time gas I and this your last question frost and what you gonna ask him. Our event last question. Sort of tying it all back to question line is it's your being played by James Durango. Who gonna play your mom Austin in the movie theater like. Eloped. That's a hard one. Somewhat older I got caught up yeah. You don't you don't their names and order actor that aren't there EE. Brooklyn crime Helen Mirren that sound Elin learned how that. Allenby Arendt and interest and think highly of her. And your final question Austin four and a. And I and a lot about question. It's a circle back to question on all well. He's warming. When did you say they hit Kenny they need warming. He needs lately trying to really ran need to order. Are. Okay. It's is gonna sound sake but it I actually Canada. Without I kind of I guess I actually you know I got a good Ling. Who knew that routine and the only fair honest and what is your knees down night. It's pretty loud and usually edit comments you don't read it. I. We're gonna three both kind of hold we will come right back you've got three minutes do you decide whether or not. You guys wanna hook up or hang and I your animal Austin you're trying to hold Jan fakes these forests. And we'll be back and if you've been asked. Find out. I think is them very compatible I love their senses of humor. I'd heard ever hang up wraps up meant that Kevin engine and four months. That's where he's Peachtree City and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough you just enjoy and Shia on stun you know before long line.