Hook Up or Hang Up Anna and Austin Part 1

Friday, December 16th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting formalize the name in this segment is hook up or hang out and here's how it works were about to meet Anna. And it wants to go on dates this weekend. Then we're going to try to find a guy who is willing to go we had her that meets her description meets her description they have a short conversation. And then we do a count down if they think that they're compatible with each other they stand the line and happily ever after. If they're not compatible with the each other one of them has the opportunity to hang up. And. Never in Iraq for the other person again you have there's definitely lose because if you're not I'd and it is just I. Can hang up or whichever guy we find can hang up right either one of them yes and are we. If we have a record. We've done one of these successfully where they got together yes and Q hang ups where one person hung up near the prison in which is so awkward yes so what's a person level 33% OK we got to. We get up to 50% of the event and I hand it. Are gonna show and a. Do you have an on day. We are here we are ready to help you find your destiny. Or humiliate vitally or at least some you do Saturday afternoon. And you're just gonna be a daytime date on Saturday night time day. Each I didn't something that a little early evening and outlay at I need to bale I can bail orders continued to aren't. OK all right you like that plan you sound like you have dating expertise why are you alone this weekend. Wow I mean I started with a serial Bader and you now are few months ago on I took a break just like. Getting bombed out that having like one or two days and then there's not really like leading to any bang and I just figured hey why not mine I give it another go on I'm not trying to get. They can be exhausting. App. Physically it's here a serial later and you're dating multiple people he got to and got to remember who you told what story to end. It's in my over thinking it to think that serial dating is that a negative myth and negative thing right. Until like she was exhausted by it took a break and now Oregon back in the game with the help but yet again it's not like this I Telus. A little bit about yourself like innocently got 32 who is and Alabama. Well I'm not that 29 I where I mean lean catering but I do a nanny never let Lyle. And I don't know I'm are they are and not making kind of later years. And I really love movie so that Mike Lowell. Maybe talk about them you know and that. All right and they perfect guy for you would be well actually before we get the perfect guy let me ask you that. Are you looking to start a relationship. With the win this today or you just a numbers honestly just something to do this weekend. Like I plan on 29. Hole it could lead to something really sooner the better yeah. We're you know I'm sick in an all not the most pressure on the. I want I can ask anymore questions in that area because we actually want guys to call. It's so I had a bad. This year but I gotta be honest with you. And again permit that tell us about your dream man and who is your ideals future for this weekend. Well because of my and good humor in everything index would want him to teach somebody hit it. Sarcasm. And he and just about as much as he been taken at. Com. And I just somebody that I can have an at bat even as we're just. You know waiting on the table we cannot try and keep watching her kidnapper just hanging out of habit. And I Larry translate. You. Were a man when you say people watching your talking about making fun of the other people in the rest. Oh yeah there at the start at one and got it okay this summer with a sense of humor and he soared have. Interest as far as like exercising your health or hobbies or worse things like that. I'll Israeli navy settled that's you don't achieve that they literally grew maybe aren't in a court. As far as actually I didn't think that I love just being outside and then taking notice and act. Mean drinking outside on the Iraq. And you converted eight and physically what does this island night. I don't trust the caller he had to meet. Over I ninety that's outlying and the end my period as short guys is there eat it can't handle a look at them are. I've heard that before. You know not yeah I don't have a problem what sort of guys they usually the short ago as I mean insecurity thing. Absolutely absolutely. OK and a well our front numbers for a 47419400. If there's any guy listening. Who is intrigued by you and meet short description. You've got three minutes. The call did pass Kelly cheese and will put you on with and I take the next step and hook up and hook upper hand. And you'll get a chance they attacked and that I answer some questions and and there will be hooked up early ending up. And you got to also be available for Saturday. Early evening practice. Yeah attack. Not art and a guy gonna three and a holder will be back with you in three minutes. I loans are already being an idea put up or hang up is I'm now the different tensions Stan before once. If you're driving minnows a Trout out true. No national duty your boss. Why you're. On starry night before blind.