Honeymoon Snooping: What Should Molly Do?

Friday, June 3rd


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And you are making news today championship and Shia on starting 94 wide Jana why do women in this new. It's a curiosity. Factor in me and it's see. It it's rooted in not trusting your partner. Why why. What if you're snooping and something good aid. About to talk to one in Wayne's new being beaten is her fiance was planning honeymoon he wanted dubious prize. She found out we care they're going. Semis there. But you wouldn't notice it smelled. Honeymoon we're gonna start diplomat gonna we're gonna collar Molly and the first question I have for him Ali. Why did you snow. I. I get there and mine yeah I'm name but Manning our honey and it did happen. But I am now we're drowning and now I. Mean it'll wanna go to that play. Stop right there what do you mean it is. I did that piece that Malcolm house that had like. Return address on did you receive a phone call. Yeah. Computer and I. Looking on you know. And I need to carry. And I kind of you been looking up at playing. And it into it kept coming up in the history isn't. That turn me. So why is history. A. Looking at something for myself and then I'll the other that just kind of let. While that the dilemma you that they'll love it. That's neither here nor there whenever you have to tell yourself to make you feel good about. I think that's that's water under the bridge is they say. But you've got a problem which is where he's taking any money. I do have a problem it. Actually Wear my like you on day propose to me and I have never told to mind in yeah on about. Oh it absolutely where I don't. Want to celebrate my honey. So you and your fiance. He knows you were engaged before we just doesn't know how you got engaged or he doesn't know about the old fiance at all. EE. It doesn't know how traffic in the last. And I. Cain and now he's the honeymoon to that same place Kenny tells word. I don't want you reveal that information to connect. I. So. How many years ago where you originally proposed to. Yeah games that relationship ended so badly. That you can't even fathom going back to the place where it's. No and it apple marble and the proposed the pollen though. But them tactical kind of got into it now one of your mind and into memory. It's just please. With the other nations. Like. It's something. He. I and then before it line of here's the front four O four. 74194. And yet any suggestions for. I do want to say. I'd really really worried that history of the computer popped open itself up. It and really mad at accidentally and you feel that you. Tracked. So. Apologies for that. Is there. Is it too late to drop bad. I hints about not liking the place. And I felt like I'd bet. I. There. It. Maybe you can just start talking about your ex. I don't know I mean I can think because you don't want. You instantly. The now. How anxious to confess that. Well how would you feel while the other option how how long until you get married. I I get married at the end of the month. So. Yeah. That's going to be even more complicated if yes. Repurchase. It is day you don't know how much money loser you guys would lose it's going to be your money soon married. I think you just cannon he did such an. He went and fortunately does go to the place and not yeah. And I use this. The disease together there for. 4047419400. Page Kimberly in Marietta what are your thoughts for Molly. I'm calling a partner didn't Mary Mary a lifelong commitment he can't start Mary on life and eat. In fact that you worked there bring you all the history and that you're engaged accolade than to be honest I know and can't get Mary. And the lines here at. How would you feel Jeff would you feel so crashed in your fiancee Kelly was going back through your history. Well it could pay nice legs mad that's got to feel like. Computer. The only thing they can do it does bug me now this snooping thing but that guy. Well let's do it in and let's get the on ramp for a 47 Portland 9400 Maliki dying and for fifty minutes. Are. Do you or making this list today Jeffrey Jones Shia on starting 94 wide.