Honeymoon Snooping: Listeners Give Advice

Friday, June 3rd


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He's a local all its fear and local Shia. What a concept or a girl boy so. The problem I didn't have time to answer this before user we're wrapping up the break by. If if there was intentional snooping like going back through history looking for something yes I would be mad because I. Am guest are planning a honeymoons in and it's going to be a surprise I think I tries me crazy. How much Amazon in FaceBook and all the Internet cookies and everything you use his cap and use that seemed computer. The same on computer at that house so it's it's around her birthday around Christmas and look and stuff I have a cup but a pair of boots. Whenever that all of a sudden every FaceBook page and look for the next nine years as those boots and different color. So if it happened like that and now I wouldn't be like if she had and use it and she kept seeing ads for this place now and again. But it used intentionally going back in history of fines now to dig around and found it booked Turks and caicos rapper. Grammy be ups and then I knew it would Felix and the idea nine right. Pay Molly. So check in these. I we got a whole bunch of people on on hold majorities in outlook act. Right now. I'm gonna I think I might have to disqualify Christie and coming because you have good advice about. Just start to drop hints about a new location and. Yeah I think that maybe he can get and it got an iPad like oh you know what color or what are her up and he meant here. They thought of pretty. Here's the problem that currency. She's getting married in three weeks. Well. Here's a positive not I mean at least he can make you never eighth place currently hold kind of a negative. That's what I'm not that's certainly a lot of a lot of people are saying hey is it Miami. Want Lonnie she hates people and neural. OK you win Yemeni. It's Lonny and I I agree I think it's our opportunity. You're in the bad memory it and maybe some Adam. You know ticket out of market opportunity and make better memory than not see a critic Eleanor and remember on the thing. And finally there's. That the right if let's you know let's make no memory and forget about the past than. Lit for the days you know. Thank you thank you for the call and that's the piglet. Or events it and. I was gonna ask her question how he hung up on our side as two dozen traffic is mixed on rename I just wonder if people think that she needs to confess up to this new paint. Gorgeous keep quiet and go on the trip and never. I Caitlin and Smirnov what do you think she she confessed to snooping word now she is as a dealer that she made her head just alliant. I definitely don't think she's expecting a sweeping. She's saying what people. But I just got back from my opening few weeks now and it like a magical AT and emotionally and fair that like. And vacations like no other. What do you think of that Molly think you can use this trip. To erase memories of the old trip. Maybe. That story I mention actually. Gone I told him that I've never been. Well. I think that it'll somehow. Figure out. There have been hair. So if you go if you you see you say you've never Banderas now if you go in he finds out after the fact that if you come back and people coming and I can't believe you went there. You've lied to him about being there before. And yeah yeah I. A little bit. On and on many layers. Irony I entangled in the land here I think he needed and he need to break open. And getting married I think you need to and you need cancel on in a month. What he got Kelly she's reading FaceBook. So Allison on on pace that has a really good idea she says you know how Google and so your search history to third parties. You simply say I Kayla on the computer. And this plays kept popping up like ads for like my least favorite place in the world and that could be the conversation starter or heard on like him being here for. I didn't care for inning can mean Serbia if I ever went there like they rate the in my cell kind of things and or it can't be that red flag he might need to be world she's a previous engagement passed there that now one of the apart either. So it's kind of idea has Google has the right. I sort of surprised yeah the problem is she's lied about being their before so this is an unsolvable problem. You're in what we like to column that call he. Tony got anything you'd like to solve problems the US UK is where pickle when yesterday ye yelled at me for conundrum. You can get your being climate. Is someone who I've found might Christmas presents. Its laptop experts history thing. That's a completely different topic in itself line. Yes. With the confession. You know the truth shall set you yet. Randall in Covington you can be the final call one. Because this has actually happened to. Yeah. That perhaps Mother's Day. I'm not a very romantic. Soviet grip better by. A public grew up so a lot of effort and look at the right now I'm. Never been there are great deal made me. Two days in advance he found out about it on it. And where there and optical. And have a good experience about what alcohol problem. What would your. All the romance the beer that the market. Kara. Let me. Thigh so what do you wish she would have done. That went deeper than that an advocate. But what accomplish something great. Media and then fuel you to do it again and again and hearing how you feel so defeated. And you're not gonna play another so did you now Erica did you guys did you. Let's just. Sorry that you should make that. America. How about that would you like to go and a honeymoon waves. Molly's fiance guys and Molly and just your way it is at the end of Graham center at. Rick Randall thanks thanks for weighing in appreciate it. Well from. They Malik in week. Check in India after you have a conversation we've Emery for an answer whatever I'd really think we have ourselves an unsolvable problem. It. Choose the message over the weekend error whenever and let us now oh. When you talk to them if you talk to him at the guys. That. Anyone has any suggestions suggestions are always always welcome please go to FaceBook page. Leave your comments we read them we won't pass and thank you ports and you are making this is an edge fringe and shall always peaceful.