Holidays with the Ex In - Laws Part 2

Wednesday, December 14th


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As health and all over AT and stripped a little early enough. Did you tangentially on stuff you know people online. Brain incoming thing you've been on hold for awhile thanks for being patient your thoughts on Sarah is spending the holidays we've. Her ex is her ex in laws again. Yes I totally think actually she's out the there's no kids involved. So. Wealth. There if she taught them how to spend like they're so cool special friend. I would probably call it a check in make sure as Haywood or do not like she said her aunt Linda ignored she can't really. Know what they're. As it. Her ex in laws still delighted saline and then there's been one thing here and being alone a holiday no doubt. I don't know I might my feeling is that adds. Like that's it that vineyards around as I did I have a different opinion thank you Rand I just feel like. I think we're on the same page and that your divorce. Like you have it there's things that happen and but losing your axis families is one I urge you disagree. I think everybody's situation is different yeah so I don't think you can have a blanket rule for every single one yes my rule as the right one. For every situation but as you're girls have religious view I think totally the rules change if you have kittens of course. Because then that axis mainly is the grandparents and you have to stay close. Thomas welcome militia. I. So it just to recap for anybody who's just coming in now Sarah got divorced this year from her husband says he's now our access and he has decided to go to Hawaii. And be there for the holidays. So. His mom. Areas ex mother in law invited fair to come over and Spain's Christmas with that family and terrorists are remembering her. Boyfriend which is we have an eagerly. Are tyrants that Thomas I think you're on the same side as I am. Yeah yeah I leave the that organized them all of sudden beat you mythical horse. Don't got to get more space aliens MI on. OK yes. Yes. I sent yeah I think. I'd rather talk to them mother in law be let your law he needs to be your son in her his. Because you clearly. He is clearly distraught and now that he's going. It's far away as you can possibly go from Georgia right he'll stay in the United States means right that's a great point now. I Jessica and Carter's well. It. Tacky that. I hate them and want our air what the rest quietly. End of the floor and it not a pretty picture and I'd. Court and and his mother and I meet recruitment. And that was on any better whenever there. And his Brothers did not want me there. Did not meet there and then yeah he was going to be there on. Home. So it is and and an AG and now because I'm out there do you not mention the different. What's partners should she thought about taking the morning. There so Hernando. Miss that haven't even been a full year yet. And I'm aiming that a mother in law may be trying to think there's a possibility that they can get back together. She showed that with a bag and you've got to live membership. I didn't even think it that you guys are so Smart. Liquid theories and again this salmon and other I didn't think about mother alone in ticket and yet our youth that you think that they could stay friends if there was a lot of distance in between. Like let's say he gets overreaching it's over it's years down the road on ways she's safe hands why a. The point. Do you agree that mother and lock it be like this and this girl Sarah so good she's so good for him we got to lobby her bring her back what if he's eating in out. He's like I'm gonna show my get out of here you'd bring her in and yes guide word dumb listeners mark most dumb. Mr. Smart host dom. General Richard genius theory that we problems so obviously we've. I don't think we act like you know it didn't you know don't let them like that she knows she's really gonna explore everybody in the world to what caused a lot of problems in any need to show up with another guy there and like a lot either way like. Not even have a conversation with him let alone in an Indian lake strength go to Hawaii he's only got and so yeah he can't really sad over this in my. You know now he's the nominee to be in Hawaii just like you know trying to recover and gears here is like. Pictures you know nickname like you've got up to be true to get together that he doesn't mean that. Jennifer doesn't sound like she even cares about his feeling at all or she wouldn't be asking as the. She you know obviously believe that you aren't Slava is one of the let the united they have the lake to close to. Now do you like you know you think you're gonna be the talent rather and then honestly it's it's you know not to put it beat out. You know you don't get her and I think she connected to the only by seat children you know operate her little. Actually didn't bring you some good. Of what the normal pretty much in either she can't you sound like you can't harm then and then have your a away from him equal partner. It's I think Tim is. May get a group rate observation and her cat. Her behavior hate him. You do get I think this is that this is such a great point probably gonna and media that yeah. I think yeah I think you wish you didn't just cruel she initiated torched the course. And then also and she's really taken a boyfriend this place you want to make this guy I don't know she and I are honest let's make this item. Taipei yes hey we got separated. You're part of that and the question are you there are more are the family unit that secures your best friend and a deterrent destroy your life. And yeah it was like revenge you know we haven't even talked about eighties. The mother in law that's cruel of the mother and lied to invite. Horror when she knows that her own son is obviously so hurt and he's using his Christmas break to go light. When I went. Yet I believe I believe you look at why did away from the silly situation not having a spot there. And I believe that. You know she's gonna go and do wish he would do and it just that it's just you know like put a dagger through him because like. How it should a mother watches and butter because she's so they're just all while we don't dislike I don't know how long they know any other. We don't look like killers at all by herself but this is a sympathy. She had invited probably out of sympathy to the mother thought that. Well we will follow up and thanks Dan more follow up waves with steroids the issue Maicer decision we'll have her back on and let her tell us what which she decided. Treasonous.