Holidays with the Ex In - Laws Part 1

Wednesday, December 14th


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All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search stalking you or want it'll tell. And we have a listener who is joining the show when they're very. Unique dilemma if she wants our help and song you want to route soars. The Japanese bench it was OK all right she. Like both of us has been married and divorced. You and I remarried she remarried she has not remarried she is she's saying art and shares of boyfriend she's saying all K. Her exes family. Has invited her to spend the Christmas holiday. Weed them. Not the ax. So here okay hey Sarah welcome to the show. Hey I prayed to Allah and Rick how are you Lula. Don't grade or grade I'm so give us the background and how old. Earth about wing did you and your acts get divorced not long ago way. OK that'll add the kind of an annoying situation that I had to deal yet but we can't import and desperate act here. And he hasn't. I had enough you guide you to the whole story. That's when we just I write in because I can't have that they'll not sure what addicts. So we got bored just this year and you know Ivy League and an a hole you are how it together what Eric Stanley an. Iron about this. And old. And so this year that by. Oh. Are you from you about that yeah I about that. And it was our whole. You know why would I going to do what we're gonna do about it and I really didn't end out about it and about a I. Our runner lock me out as. And the holidays what fat you know at least another circuit let's. Because you know they don't want Allen Patrick and I absolutely love my and a lot and my armor it out and start talking about a lot. But they had a night at eight ball. That you can absolutely imagine but are there Q and I don't know how and other little that we haven't yet. You know and year and your axe will not be. Now now apparently he's not gonna be there and I got these plans and checked her himself to get out and get away or are you going to be. So how did it end I mean not that divorces ever and super nicely because then otherwise they wouldn't and but are you guys friendly or was it really contend just. I'm not at all and eight where we're cordial to each other terms I was the one that initiated. We know. And I think I don't know lucky his diet and you know and. I don't know I don't I don't think she really wanted to happen and I think that kind of surprised by the. And especially because I I moved down to somebody else. Well I think it about Canada and that sort. I had a couple other Rogers random questions before and 4047419400. If anybody wants to offer imports to Serra. Did you have any relationship with anyone in his family. Before you started dating him it is it every your best friends with his sister or did you just meet his family through them. And I didn't LA. Account. And there's and and confirm there's no children involved. Well. I was gonna ask about your family what's your family doing for the holidays and why would you go to. His family's house instead. Outlet culture at north and and and my age and my brother and are out there a while and it does something that I can make apple that you're right it can't our. I'm not a money but I can't read the time away eight. It just and I looked at one of the things that I'm kind of going to be a little more Elaine. Chris appreciate her. OK so your mother alone heard that I was like yeah. And you can't be alone company. Yeah yeah I mean contestant and though wonderful person that he has and he would try to let their place and opened doors for everybody. And they're just a warm and generous lot Errol Louis and I'm. I think I cut you off a few minutes ago when you said. Another wrinkle. Yes sir the other wrinkle that I had started it'll somebody. Is even an op urging the litany. That. Can't seem kind of know if that's family. But nobody notes were dating I just trained and and I and content out there. You mix has been best friend from high school. And they don't know that you guys are dating at. Don't know they have it slowly on the down low right now and we ran into each and there and we started talking and one thing led to another and you know you re just. You ran into each other after the worst drive yes. Absolutely absolutely and I have met him prior to let that we kind of ran into each other really talking after the divorce. So does your farmer mother I'm on no you would be bringing somebody should just doesn't know who the somebody yes. Now she doesn't know any other acts. 4047419400. That's our our phone number. And I know you have to ago but you can listening to the comments that everybody makes. You have to promise after hearing everybody's feedback. That you'll let us know what you decide. Sarah one last question brace. We do you tell your ex husband that you're going or would you keep that a secret from him. Oh my and I hadn't thought about that. Well I'm also people who lay and I'm that went into it and I don't know how to manage that when he it and because it likely Alec. I was aiming for his exit batter if he just doesn't people now. All right we're allowed will take some phone calls I've definitely got a strong opinions so welcome back and in three minutes take your phone calls. I will give you my opinion and and Sarah we'll check in review before. Christmas and find out what you decide it. Okay great thanks that it's hard to Harry and people say. Imperfect thank you Sarah. I three minutes from right now your phone calls. And what I would do you have a definite answer those OK language and I both we do coming up next to Ernie for one. If your drive in. And Helms drown out try. Imagine what we'll do your boss. Why you're. On starry night before blind.