Holiday Travel Etiquette

Thursday, November 16th

If you're going anywhere for the holidays, pay attention to this list. 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole now. On the road and in the skies for Thanksgiving we are putting together. The etiquette the list so that everyone needs to listen to it it's basically your way to vent about bad travelers. How this. 4014630941. If you would like to add an etiquette item to our growing list I've got three straight after. Oh you bet didn't take long. Sound like. I'm reading. I give you one from just last weekend. Cali and I went to Florida. For her my birthday. And it's a one hour flight home. Short flight. Live from Saint Augustine Jacksonville right that's the airport here in hours do you mean short. I still have a headache. From the person. Winning two rows of me wearing an entire bottle of cola I. Thighs the worst. Yes just know don't sprints before you fly deodorant that's all you need right seriously yeah anyway and if you if you're a person who likes this so never sent. Feel like the little one puff and then walk into it. We have there's the thing. Yeah but if I'm sitting rows away from noon. I shouldn't smell like I fell face first and back glass counter and Macy's now broke them taste it's totally great Lauren okay can go ahead and I. This drives me the most crazy. When your boarding the flight and everybody's waiting because somebody ahead is trying to put something in the overhead band gap. And you look around to be too. Very able bodied men standing in front of you who are watching the old ladies struggled with her bag yeah. Have held BB old ladies struggling with bags in overhead men held. Her only help her era walled other on the order it just happens all the time while the other one know when Jan that's one thing almost worse is when men jerk is trying to show some man in Manhattan doesn't. They and everybody knows it's not gonna pay a man lives and look behind me you are usually just check out our. 404 or 26309. Of 41 this is our holiday there's just say tenement guide they were creating for anybody might be traveling. Road travelers as we who are traveling. Over of the road yeah I am now on the highways. Let's sue a couple of categories for this one and the driver. Tang they drive her. Should know that the left lane is for the fastest moving vehicle. So if you are consistently. Being passed. Are you are right you are going to use Slough. Kids over yet it doesn't matter as the ways app is telling you there's cops ahead. They don't care. Hi I am around. So annoying. Oh and Elaine I and then if you are a passenger in any vehicle whether it's a car an airplane or. You can not be the only person consuming the stinky food. So if if things tiger's car. Rolls through a drive through in everybody's getting lunch and bring it. But you can't go get a bag of onions when the cat when the way to raise Phil went up right. Weighing in Maine eat them in the car you can't bring an onion by and cheeseburger. I'm the airplane now. It and press sewn not allowed over so well on those gas stations sandwiches. If you if everybody in the car is getting gas station sandwich. Bring it if you're the only line and no. It has been a big salads are all god. It's not like art. Gmail Lanza. Right what's your etiquette reminders is not it's I know it sounds like there's a lot of anger. Directed at the idiots who don't know common courtesy and this is to help. But I'm saying the were idiots with this much love as I can Muster and. Right no worries at Citi bought backpacks and forget that it on the back and they turn and it's not great Indio C a us. My kids than most scary are saying and they turn at a candlelight well you. You've got to have space shall awareness. Yes pixel awareness back then. And this is tougher guys and say JP and Jeff I'm sorry. But your legs that do not belong in the aisle on the airplane yeah. I'll is not your domain that is public domain that everybody needs to bypass. But I don't struggle Israel when he got long legs and your in this tiny airline seats and and they'll give you lottery I get it I understand that by. You also have to be aware that that's that's not yours. But because men don't like to move when you need to get by with your two children the way it's that now once that I mean is boring in reference. To. I am average size like I just have big. So I am good to know. Good snap what about when you're sitting here middle C. Or the you're an airplane. Brad. Yeah and a lesson grossed out by that now rain. You know just talk about that a slightly armrest and digest that I was. Our round arm rests oh right that is shared in the middle seat and your taking both armrest I little punch you. In your oversized junk Hickey and Powder Springs. This when seems so obvious that you need to saying it's. This is not your living room sofa do not take your stock can shoot dock and put them up on the armrest of the person. Yeah. 00 and anti hero. That the growth plates and breaking news. Rounds. You see their see when you're sitting there and yeah. Now that you know. A little. So disgusting I absolutely right that person should be banned from flying ever again in their. Their whole life dietary travel addict yeah hotline is still open for a 4263094. Line. Star in 941. Betty thank you divers traveling over the holidays. These things seem obvious about we want you to contribute to his illness anyway 40426309. Of four lines and the ones that are so obvious to people don't. Through vivid people are calling him hilly than the same out loud her my hand. Like don't take off your socks and shoes and put your bare feet on the arm rest. Shoving into that road ahead yeah. Jeanette in Douglas Phil how did and how why is this not obvious. I you got me to think that that would be common sense kind of what is it. That do not open a bottle now polished and try to engine on the airplane. It's no luck this may and number one the smell number two the turbulence. You re certain. Did this all let's talk sick and you. Need somebody did today and its associates to call it mattered to me and rule book for holiday travel etiquette I Isabella Mary and a. Cry yet because her parents. Please see if you have that lucky that you read them talking to academic Hurricane Ike are invoked some sort of smacks. Because then I want to be acting happy to be trapped in the little speck in your general slow. On my favorite or is Benadryl. Since. Hi Jennifer incoming. Wish I had an idea that we need to counteract. Turned down don't talk on the why you're trying to be at a terrorist gerchas sort. I do I take it to you my brand cars there are some plane tickets or something. I actually mainly in the fresh start but still very short status. Rebecca and Carter's well. Leave the fish sandwich at Holland analog. Now that's wrong guess and capacity in College Park we. Keep it. Going eighty do it here right. Brand as braid behind you. The worse and it tight end and nobody in the lane exit and couldn't they just don't want to kill my favorites and I don't want to know. My favorite thing is people who win their crews and on the highway. I and they see a cop who's got somebody pulled over which means they must immediately slow down to 13 of whatever they're dialing. I need that's not dangerous. Side dean and Brooke I'm Bethlehem Sarid. I had in my opinion do you not here I be me on an airplane. I have a post at tablets don't talk to me. Yeah that's great my head let me say hello. Yes. Are all right here year by at least he fell below huddle and he herb sides or a magazine or I think they'll be in I should be an end visibility below. I am not your therapist and I don't care Baghdad earbuds and you may come not being here you have the. I won for nursing moms if a mom is nursing her baby guys don't watch. Time barely heard you bet you yeah. Yes she's still order bass I sat next to a nursing mother on a flight out of California recently and every guy in the vicinity was watching her. Place baby on breast and I mean I think yeah. And she's trying to do as discreetly as she can be she's on a fly. She's sooner bass and she's trying to make sure that you don't have to listen and her baby crying and secure the courtesy and I'm looking at her boobs. If they came if I have a cup a black coffee goes equally hitter out. Shall squeeze. Half com. You know I've seen the light lunch and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.