Holiday Pick Up Lines Part 2

Wednesday, December 7th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to shell on stunning BC wants this trending kinda. Twitter this morning hash tag. On it pick up lines. Cheesy as you could possibly. Notre really enjoyed yet tens. Then you are. Your company Christmas. I got bad company Christmas party in the break. Somebody makes their way up to you at the Christmas party and today. Paving. And then delivers a hash tag Holliday pickup lines and Tristan. Take us to your experience. Well it's disgusting I used to live in Vegas and had the guy. And I remember how weird and I let that I remember look at character in the bank and has really cute until he opens it now became a rock. Hello. Amy really cute look like if you think I'm an idiot hey if you're brightly at the beginning it look like recruitment activity between holidays. Oh yeah said that out loud. Yeah alone and he thought it would work and do a lot. I'm she. Merrick. You ready and known for. Hey baby. Wanna guide my sleigh tonight. And if so how did it. Hash say how they pick up lines with company forces are. Making their way of Nokia. It would you mind. Hold my gloves for a second. Easily won them fire. You're here. And that the infant and a yeah. I'm. Hi welcome to the show. Hello hash tag holiday pick up lines I could get the ladies and talk to you at the party. I'll walk around him out there out like you pay maybe that's I can't in my pocket and that is the. You check that Muslims and I can tell you giggles the thought that it. I usually walk around the clock for the many and he means that early infant at. Really getting more energetic ladies. How about it. Elf on the shelf. What a freak between the sheets and the announcer with that. I don't care if I'm on the naughty lists that nice and you've. It got there payday yet they're hot desire at that age eighty. You wanna come over they Yule log near the hearth. I can't think of mines. Zell and Hampton but he got. Hey baby. That. Let me tell you that they didn't let that. It. And then expect a a. I won't. Cash a holiday pick up ones. I know it is a Christmas Eve yet. But I would and Brad you know he's. In trouble. Maybe you're like pumpkin pies and say yeah man Thanksgiving but I can be with you on year. This is viewed news. I've you'll find more of these attached a how to pick up lines on Twitter early show them that. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.