Holiday Pick Up Lines Part 1

Wednesday, December 7th


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We'll turn this league you've done this done now. It's yeah. Ari is inundated hash tag is. Holiday pick up lines. Have you would like it will will go around the room we ate some highlights that gene found on Twitter. This morning and and it you have Sam the pound junior mightily again of this. It was a call them if we can and ended he segments and Asia but for how will just go on the ground beef buying. Good music for earth Google earth and. Yeah. Hey can I. Is unique and jingle bells as you look like you'd go all the way. Is a good. Tendencies. Wanna come over in Iraq my Manger stranger to pass tax holiday paid yeah. Eight feet and. Let's make like Santa Claus and go to town of. It's a black. Well I ain't no virgin Mary. I'm I got here. My aunt Lisa when he calls. Ashtanga. Holiday pick up lines. Hey game. You have aside. Unions say the. Another ounce. How about we make this night and not so silent night. I don't I will pay somebody and cash the use music company party. Send me video through. I'm hearing now I'd like to show you my recipe for snapping. Up a pass tag I have. JJ. I'm Angel on the street corner ho ho ho in the seat. A Eugene. You looking for a treat because I've been told them a star on. It. It. It expects. I have other rain and a half a lady is so very happy that it came ones. Cash day holiday pick up lines. Mind if I slide down your chimney to. I like Obama and. Just let the same pool and it should eat. On me you know that was my favorite holiday sign off so I caller I don't creeping earlier and and eat it didn't. I aging. Can I take a photo with you. I'm gonna show Santa what I want for Christmas. Of change. Pastor at holiday pick headlines let's watch frosty the snowman and Netflix and Jill think it depends against. Budget year. And rose might chestnuts under opened fire yeah yeah. Guys guys payment piano bar. It's just gonna pass. 540474. Wine 9400. If you would like to contribute to hash tag Holliday picked up lines because next week rampant this team. Oh being naughty and saints fan of that trip to. And it's created a company Christmas party and somehow I again and I'd. And over there at The Who saying. At the punch old that punch bowl with the mistletoe in your hand season but at the Nancy you approach and and the Cuba and down and I thing. Hate me. Nation. Think the. We're an army air. 4047419400. Ashe day holiday pick up lines blame on us. Peachtree City and all over eighteen yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. To just enjoy and Shia on saw no need for a long line.