A Holiday Newsletter from Ryan Lochte

Thursday, December 15th


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And she I'll still our. Time let's move iron to a holiday. Newsletter did today you are opening. Right. Right. Best buddies JP. On Alison this. Newsletters. It is isn't a rumors this true that you use to. She gave him. He's a swimmers say yes to be completely. Dad usually see the does hands full apparently came off the bat boy didn't. Give it should have a lot a lucky for. Yeah well. You just have to. I've already locked these letter. Okay. Pay so. I'm leg grateful and stuff and I'm not writing you this letter. From some terrible smelly Brazilian president John. Her whole Federer sign Ryan I hit them I hit them with the lyrics and I knew you you really need to focus and words that's a where power. And tyra. Hey so on the leg grateful and stuff and I'm not writing you this holiday Christmas letter from some variables smelly Brazilian prison and John. Like you know like yeah lied about happen again in my head from a fake police officer Robert guy at the Rio Olympics or whatever. However whenever wherever a campfire and it was a bogus line it didn't happen. But whatever dude I got insane amount of publicity out of it America. Ask yourself this question. Well we're rude to you live and that we hear it drunk in the destroyed. A perfectly good gas station bathroom. In Brazil vandalism the federal crime. In America that's like usual Tuesday night for me in my bros and potato potato. We got like 47 United States here and whatnot. And on knows America was founded on them. Life liberty. And pursuit of Taco Bell after playing nineteen games beer pong. I. Straight up lying is wrong I don't wanna be right if lying saves marriages. Act boom. Yeah. I totally you know because I just got his studio bond James is pretty don't buy gas. At. Seriously though real talk real talk. Nobody knows how hard it is being an Olympian swimmer. X actually on my haters are talking crap about me. I'm like all in Rio trying to concentrate on the backstroke swimmer whatever when there's a I'm here. I'm trying to concentrate on the backstroke swim whenever when there's Brazilian volleyball players with a bronze butt cheeks no bounce it around. Didn't so that you know. All the way no way I'm married never mind sorry babe I didn't mean that China. Any who 2016 was recently I got eleven Olympic medals now. I was on Dancing With The Stars of Vanilla Ice not a lot of people know that you know ice is real name's Robert Van Winkle. Loser. I hate to because he ain't me. Throw your crap about that. Got to go swim they're doing Jaeger bombers some then. So this is your Olympic hero and gorge is GQ of living role miles. Ryan Lochte. So peace out from your featured president of the united states of more cut back. Is it just smeared it grind get more and more intoxicated. And Carolina did the season yes Baghdad. Again loaded right now. He's running get it done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overload office. Jet engines young on starring Betty Ford Lola and.