A Holiday Newsletter From Kanye West

Tuesday, December 13th


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Yeah she's an inch streak and all over ET. Straight out of the box and Jeff finch and shells and stuff and people line. Few days ago we all divided. Pop culture celebrities and when he sixteen that you're held. And on their behalf we are writing this colony newsletters that some people send out. Thank the friends and family. Room figure men and I've noticed the Colin brokers legitimately. Really nicely and we expect and have a full scholarship. And. We decided directors on behalf of of other people. I think Kelly she's gonna do Adele because she worships now. In instant teller swift beat news. Acts. And and JP who did you pick I got Ryan Lochte. Viewed that moron. Every easy on. We thought it could be angle the spinning news. Date you've got to do the newsletter inmate everything's sound. Great. Everything has to be fantastic. And I hate Kanye West needs had a rough year. It to cancel it to work his wife got Enron have. Things are going and no I'm not so great for canyon. But I was able to come up with them and thoughts and some spin on May very. Kinda game holiday newsletter. Oh. What's up every one its problem AKA the greatest of all time AKA I'm a west are dance. I just wanted to drop the greatest holiday newsletter all time on you real quick. What sixteen has been a year man and by a year I mean the greatest year ever. Let's talk about how David Bowe in Glen Frye. Rates Gene Wilder and Mohammed Ali all of did out to make room from my break it. Talk about Taylor Swift who dared. Call me out. For including. Her in my great. Shout out to mine number one this kid's a man number one shot out of my number two Kim hee she had the truth on video. Kid gets everything media. Twelve seasons keeping up with the tired as she eons before that home movies my girl truly the second greatest of all time I. Yeah okay got robbed in Paris. Some doubt in your hotel room and James something in your face just like last time she got more famous. That's my girl Kim. Always bacon lemons out of lemonade. Not that beyoncé lemonade real lemonade is beyoncé won't get too easy to call me back so I've done. The beyoncé and her lemonade. Also lost my mind for just a minute which is the big deal because at the greatest by default and I got a little worked up when I've put a bunch of additional shows that my legs a problem unto our. I'd heard of my life the problem to go on sale. And they didn't sell as fast and I couldn't give you people not wanting to spend their money on me I lost my mind. One other thing about my number two Kim. Or at made 32 million dollars in 2016. You heard me right 72. Million dollars. You've got people by my 300 teachers for the fools know. Tatum rich people's money one honey at a time or people's money nanny that sentiment that you cannot escape the wet start at eons. I'm like Robin Hood but I route from everyone I get to meet. Used a 2070 us being Richard being greater than ever went out. Especially you read this stupid newsletter. In 2016. I'm I'll let you finish Domenici Tate John Lane two is not America's only hero. Be the first person in space don't count for nothing anymore. Happy canyon a year. Ada. Yeah. It. Well. As I've spent a little productivity in the it. Well heated back up. And she I'll still our follow.