A Holiday News Letter From Adele

Friday, December 16th


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Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. If you are listening yesterday morning at this time you heard the very exciting news that Jenn hobby while doing the simple act of buying paper towels. At the store. Found a hidden packed Kamal. Ellis told us that she thinks it was an employee. It's dashed if there until payday but I happen to discover and I was like I don't this is one of those hot things and so I bought it and then I realize my curls don't care about this thing brightens as is too popular Wii at a given away in Russia. So we're gonna tell you hear ingests a couple of minutes how you can win Jane hobbies actionable and she has made its so. Easy you know he's so he's really simple you have to have zero knowledge at all of anything it's easy to get to and hobbies hatch and stuff. This round the world off I'll admit remain. Just south urged. It's an easy maximal and hobbies had to Mozy easy. Why an option hosts yeah. Kind of. That hit your hat to all of them. I anyways is there and do that here an excellent payment how to floor and had small obvious first. We are very very blessed here on the jab engine showed that. All of us who live. Gotten these amazing holiday news letters from people whose paths we've crossed over the years. Tis the season for. Christmas cards and holiday photographs. There's newsletters that come the weekend unfolds and read all about it cheer and good tidings and the lives of other people. It always puts a nation. On yeah. Dad meant nothing is ever bad in the high eighties and literally just. Everything is her parents. We. Turn our attention at a Kelly she's received a colony is better. From a Dow. This is awesome and now her show over I mean maybe that's how she Kutcher address I did actually. I think she meant to send it to her ex boyfriend. Because that's definitely hits too but she she talked to me about it before hand almost like he should do this like her okay this is like an exclusive like this is some she just say I you'd like proof. And you're sharing it with yeah it's pretty good job I way to bring a for the radius. This is a Dell's holiday newsletter now. And I mean. Down. Under after all these season on and going home and I don't want the music and you and you're gonna be rocking and accents and I can't pay them. I can do at a minimum practice in tiny means and it. Fat and Tony strategic weekend shift. At that and not this Friday brought him. You write those as a nation that. Anyway I'll start mercy he. And and it's me. Over Adele. Almost on capitol I'm sorry I was side. And those say. It like. Just a prayer every time is confused BK is anybody else coming out in their didn't Adele have an ax and for them hello but then like it's me was. Almost new York and its community. It's now. Right I right now I lied to L I wanna know how connected. I won't read it. I. You can get a laggard in the cold. It did and. I am now wants and it and I. Think it's not like. Coach. And. I. And amazing the other direct. Yeah me. It broad Dell. In almost one minute after all these easy not to get a holiday new senate from me well of course you. Good. You in my office after all I've tried to make you laugh at me that you just gave me called cell. You know. How how. You a busy time in Thai people's announced ice enticements. And then email to my hall has done but doesn't any music guaranteed grammys right at three smash hit albums announced 2016 and it's all Waltz under the bridge yeah. I've had quite the year as you know I 2000 sixteen's or sold out within minutes people bought tickets to shows a year and it that. Talk about rather than in the deep Macon bags of money now. And I bet you wish you in the breath now with me but thanks for that marina has it on the on the night of the five mold grammys shape. And that you can add that to the other ten have already won. Thanks guys by the way anyway have got to run I've got a wonderful man and precious baby let police in my 1911 street about America basement. So I turn. He knows he's gotten there minds news read. Eyes X 79. And eleven as well and I thought long. Send out letters yeah all the bells of Christmas. You're generally yeah. Yeah. I was listening to its own right isn't maxim my practice ninth. That is the only when laps Jack how Abby is you yes and the weirdest. Okay who'd you get in his letter from. He spiraled this year all right Europe Nextel hosts. The biggest. Viral video. Of the year. Aren't weird well this is going to be awkward but just bear with me here we're gonna go from viral Jan to hobbies at Jamal. We'll tell you this medal is going to be the favorite sentence that are said on the radio frequency of the you wanna get your hands on hobbies had Jamal had. With the idea how to get your hands on hobbies and they're all acts. It's early enough woods and.