His Date Got Them Both Sponsored

Wednesday, August 24th


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Engine shop still are. I felt weird generated jamboree got to take one myself. How can anybody beat Lindsay was there hash tag for a pro problems. Lindsay just called and told us his walking through Lenox square window shafts. Think I was browsing around checking out designer handbags she's in the Louis Vuitton section. And do liners out and as you like that bag. And he bought it for 18100 dollars and bummed that I did she get up the phone I wanted to and Oscar. If she asks if like he knew that she was married. They have a conversation about that. As you can see the ringing right you'd see maybe she and a mom that they that maybe she would have she. I don't know I would think that somebody if they apply unit 18100 dollar Louis Vuitton bag of all he homers. That creepy and I almost wanted to go to Lenox today for lunch just to see how many women. Winder and or visit. The best rate today you know their. There's that one wing of Lenox square where there's like Louie Vuitton and all that. Super high and Stewart's yeah he's just Weiner and and going to be a path worn this mystery guy. In Shea an act worth that welcome to the jet engines. We do know. Thank you I know what you're story is and I am. Don't know how to field. Well it sort of I did well but you. You know I was dating this girl our first date and you want you girl that would really beautiful everybody you know looking at a whom we come walking in the door. And we went to a bar and not go to Upton to borrow gonna get it straight and she says none of them out save your money I'll be back in about five minute she'd take the trip around the bar. And come back in a few bad weather a couple of drinks. And so that pattern repeated itself over and over that night but it also repeated itself whenever we would go a little bar in the future. So she would leave you you'd get your drink order leave you. No flirt with an attitude for five minutes he'd buy the drinks or her and you. And then she'd bring it back to. Exactly. On time it's. Part of me is like Shea you're my hero in another part of me is like that's elements. Yeah. Yet it ever bother you about was how. Your. You needless to say identified the fact that the relationship probably lower than the last so very wrong. Calgary at the time Jack. I guess so probably about twenty to 43. Yet 2223. In your and I and thanks for freight. In love and yeah again it's like a sports has to take a lap and respect his fist pump through the area or Denver today and appreciate it well. 10. Jesse James shall.