The Hipster Quiz

Wednesday, December 6th

Answer five of our questions with a "yes" and you might just be a hipster. 


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf all the well. And how concerned are you at this point is will help you determine are you ready. I'm still worried that if I end up being the most concern in the room. And there's going to be weird uncomfortable attraction between Kelly she's amazing how tough I I let. So I don't know if you'll have too much to worry about here and Cheri makes. And I haven't. Ayers to play L lung cancer error when your car anyway weren't yes or no and if you answer more than five of these with a yes then you can officially. Deem yourself hipster and I pays a go around her and hear the play along with us. Number one are you into sub humans yet sorry series are amazing your senate. Is that in that category is hurting around. Google plans he got a lot her very much power and manic actress and so can once get a look like taxes that column and Zahn is an omelet very beautiful little lake. Lowry editor at a moment ago and now. And cancer and I I go and I like arguments about an answer I got me again. Do you have a second in his if you know OK again I guess. Smiling and nodding kept it cool is question that numbered see you are you have served do you Wear bikinis even if it's not that calls. Everyone's there's sin mean highlight like a good beanie and I came out lap. Yeah it is can't match number eight are you drawn to the named Jasper. Now makes me think of what goes through Maine casts her sentence that's. I think yeah yeah. It sounds now never short do you drink flat whites. Animosity out there. Anyone I I've had one Islamic charities and bury it. I'm so not hits there that I'm now I'm actually concerned that I'm over on the other side OK I got an earth I'm David DNC Graham your bottomless branch. I'm stumbling Manning now it did have a friend's pictures as good. Here's Jeff here's what is rare quiet yeah ever since are you obsessed with LaTroy. I'm Kelly is either be hipster for urban yeah. Man. Number seven do you love all things my Cha. He give them how to iron and it's apparently super good for you although I've. Probably tests I feed my kids my sentiments. Number eight G lumberjack beards did you going early and cut back it is closed up bases and number I NAD love to eat and drink out of Mason jars and as. I've candles and Mason jars Allah is our head number and can it do sixty bikes to give you heart eyes yeah. Our guys parts. Hasn't. Like heart on my part and his dad and I are buddies yeah and energy are anti aids. I want. All legitimate eighty degrees from hipster. I know I know. Chubby middle aged guy who has been generated. That's what I am. Over here are my dog subsequent. They Justin Jan Shia. I seriously what is this I can. I didn't images see into it it never understand that Jersey. I'm not gonna. Even if you only that you exempt. I require very little but I ask him exactly that's for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.