Hiding Your Resting B!#@h Face?

Tuesday, June 6th

Jeff needs help! He has RBF and needs to know how to hide it when it matters most


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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell Ole ball right now what I men. First of all genocide here naked she's she's been literally trying to call for three weeks. So she just said I'm good and went to doctor she got a bunch drugs but shots so damaging Tony for hours and sleek. Yeah ran through my grandchild and obviously in Mosul germ factory kids out of her house you know should be back tomorrow. I I was in the elevator at my building. The other day and I guy gets and and Abby a small talk about the dogs or whatever we ever look conversation and vein. Somebody who works for the elevator company gets and it had the name. So Otis I think who makes elevators is Otis and a shirt. And this guy. Lazy into the elevator dude because. Natural worldwide. But my face. So significantly. Changed. That as I left the elevator of the man's wife said you really upset that young man. Am I your facial expression I had no part of the conversation whatever but I was just so uncomfortable at this guy beat his man that the elevator does that in the seventh floor after nobody uses it rather than wait in the middle of the building America and clears right. By. I've read this happens all the time I'd been in meetings I've gotten text message is messages during meetings. From people in the meeting saying can you at least act like you're interested are commercially equity fixed her face off except for you yeah. You do that I can always sell only the well word doing ideas after the show we always do our unlike pro show meaning normally bounce and ideas right and I knowledge looking indictments of science Alsace young like Jeff what are you thinking that's a nice live wedding at the. And I think of cinnamon bun yeah like that a so. I need to know if there any tips any mental tricks that I can do our phone numbers for 04263094. Line. Are there any tips or tricks the you have. Listening at home with your resting be phase or year know poker face. What can I think of what can I channel what can I do to change the expression MIA's. So people don't think I'm miserable so you really have no idea that you're doing. I'm becoming aware of it because is why I wanna change. How are you return it because people are pointing out arm because you're missing and warm and this is what goes on in my head this thing is I'm crazy. And so in my head what will happen is I'll say I'll be in a meeting out of this meeting is terrible. It's going on too long nobody dozens of art around every idea that's being skip. So that happens in my head right Damon. I hate then it dawns on me I remember that my face is reflecting all of those things some I owe you make in the face. You make in the face now people are looking at you and they think you hate them yeah you don't hate and just heed the words that sank. So you've got you've got to change your face in the and I am encouraging her face that I am convinced that I'm just sitting there like you know the sad clown at the circus trying forced smile. So many you have from this like I don't wanna be your face to. I can use face because everybody can tell Obama face I don't wanna be aired sit out how to fix my face confuse Maine and now I know. Paying any attention to anything going on around me because I'm just having four conversations with all the different beings in my head and all the different takes a yes and I'll talk to each other I think Eddie Collins gets a burning and so I I need I add my dad thought I might table wine and I think about. Throwing a tennis ball from firmer and ugly. All right and I think that it is then various colonies in baton. Relate holding a baby that's not trying has improved but then you're. Or your hand bacon bacon and you're gonna be that creek began the meaning there's a slight smile. Illinois is like looking around and I watch how wise is happy in this meaning everybody's in his. There will hold them that's even worse here I dare off in the distance. Usually that little half smile but nobody's calling nobody wants that we can't picture things aren't. Are 263094. When the the last hour and ask for fifth in view. And suffer from this or you live with somebody who suffers with this how do you get them to snap out of it how do you snap yourself out of it don't tell me. I can't be the only line you know. Don't leave me out here and lonely out controls on the arm began violently he's kept my pace of change for the whole show. Girls learn. She's 6309. Or. Czar not before one that I love you Jeff ginger family thank you for making me feel not so. Phone lines are lit. It's people trying to help me. Hide in my miserable for I know poker face so I'm in the middle of a miserable X rays are miserable miserable conversation. I can't change my facial expression of pertained. Katie and giants creek or use similar. He had to acknowledge a little bit of a I. God I didn't like it it's a meeting that everybody's miserable rain. I'm fine with that because that we're all miserable together and I am not the only one but it has a meaning that every super enthusiastic about I'm just saying they're going god these people are stupid. Advance warning Heidi it's. You act now. I would recommend shank fashion that I. I had a guy I've been you know I had yeah yeah yeah I knew about it and a better idea eyebrows. And the model and I apologize. You mean like just doing right now in front of me an intensity. That I'm showed a little bit scary. Excited about semis thing I know my time. Glad you know yeah. I'd like I thank everybody you know you love it doesn't look JP right now like I am who think. It's got to end. Yeah yeah. Good morning guys. I know a lot of people price paid kiss and tell everybody I. Am I get that I'd say eight. Could Google thinking better. Easing its. Thanking that is this big Mac you can. Eat your parents in law that annual literally hello Al. I can't laugh out loud during the meeting does that mean when he or didn't get there. I don't know maybe marlin I thank them when they are. Not about to launch and I'm. Straight agency now fast forward four weeks I'm gonna be and they're gonna hate everybody in every meeting I don't you think some great. And he's just sit across the table and I smile and raised eyebrows this went. Tiffany's points. Didn't Marmol came right out there. I'm. In. You're buying you're. How are. The. No. I'm just gonna go promise to say is do is ten phase of radio talk the same time as motivating go to bullpen and I found. I'm actually manipulating MySpace which prompts. And thanks so I things that Limbaugh and bill I'd I'd love. I'm glad that somebody is gonna try that today yes somebody's going to be a meeting it's gonna popular and up category Tiffany college passenger in this morning and said you know one. They're panning amount to fake smile maybe if I had to on the pin count I think our serie a games so what's up. And I have just been told that I had a party at frequently and can he recover when we were you diagnosed. Two weeks ago tanks have always been aware of it but he might not just delete my god it went port side and Albany every day. It even worse into. The what do I do you. How loss in and it during any given week equal people ask US Ron. Probably want to accomplish is not yet checked. You can catch up okay I'm kick. And then like I don't think it matter what no this is just my natural leader. Major knee over here and how angry that looked angry. Exactly until they explain it. Away. How to become very aware of it. Any candidate has to think about it all the time a candidate twice and they now super tacky tacky about. And I just kind of coin perfectly. I just kinda Maastricht. And don't be you know papers I'll talk. And I think it was clear so that want to enforce federal money. I think what we need to do is ask everybody listening right now when you go to work today is every knows somebody who's got RBF. Oh yeah just go up and ask them it's gonna be scary. Kelly was gonna ask her roommate. I've brought this up last week and Kelly goes I was gonna ask my roommate but when I approached her I notice she had really bad RBF and I can tell she was really mad or if that was just wish you looked so I didn't ask Alison. So make an approach to the person who's got the worst RBF BI office today and ask them. And then you can leave a comment on our his son Ashley. She looks so much should double Max and I am yeah. That's what she knew she had written. As she does still values like fairness says she's diagnosed with. RBS when she's in recovery okay. Thanks for making this wedge. It's indigestion changed now one star not before one and it.