Helping with Hypnosis: Sean Wheeler In-Studio

Wednesday, July 26th

After treating Producer Jeannine for her hair-pulling compulsion, Hypnotist Sean Wheeler joins us to talk about treatment. Hopefully we'll get to help another listener as well!

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Producer Jermaine has struggled for years when hair pulling it. Causing damage her physical self. And also her self esteem and she's ready this stock. And is seeking. Hypnosis for helpless fast and her hypnotist John Wheeler is in studio with us we're gonna get into that. So what you see here's some really scared. Thank you so much for so I'm glad to see you again is John and and Jeff and I are old friends and tell us the reason the you know smoke anymore I know I it's one of the biggest question that I get from being in on the radio. And he'll say how did you quit smoking to that hypnosis really work and I always say absolutely yes it was part of the process that you have to want. To stop your bad habit first. And that's the nature of any of these changes that I make with people's lives and the change has to come from within them can't take a guy whose wife wants him declared her you know to say there are any any of those situations where it's like I want my person that are my husband the subject missile or bush or deceptive and that's got to be you that wants it right and then hypnosis is is really powerful tool that helps you to do it. And tell. I mean it's not about me and something smoking I really wanna talk about its name to I think that what you've been struggling with this is super fascinating and I'm fascinated by the fact that it's Madison con man. Is I would have thought it was because when we and we were talking about it in the studio a month or so now move in Jean told us that for her when your starter. It's becoming a problem I think in like seventh grade is when my first I remember having a bald spot in class. So probably back in sixth graders when it got bad again. As the name for hair pulling rank trickle till meaning trick hotel Romania so afraid decade and a half. Janine will. Poll out is when you pull your hair is it individual strands or clumps or what do you do when it's individual Aleman. That was an important every strand of matters yeah. Can you take this into the mindset when you're doing it and so basically whenever I'm feeling anxious or feel like I need something you do all public at. Like it too injured tingle on my scalpel or a man eyelash it'll just feel sore like when he gets tiresome thing. It'll kind of feel like that analysts feel like something any toll country's second I'm like oh let's dinosaurs little bump so alike find their hair that's like. Can kids here that the hair and it's not smooth imperfect. And it just if it feels like if I were to pull it out myself would stop bothering me. And it's so I put out it's like this needs any second of relief. And like this tiny second leg feels really nice. And then I'll just keep doing it because detained on my style doesn't go away so I just pull like every hair in that area and while trying to get better. And while you're doing this are you aware. That you're creating a bald spelling isn't this weird internal conflict where your legs kind of pulling on my. Herald sun gonna be bald and I have to keep doing it because I'm somehow compelled to do it. Yeah like at first that it really notice it at first it was just like well there's a bunch Harriman baskets probably able to. But as I started to really wanted to extend wanna stop that I started getting better recognizing that I was doing it. Which which actually has made it harder because I would have an internal struggle around like I make myself uglier with every single second it would get really hard. But I was still in that like trance seed. Feeling where I didn't really care until I stopped myself and then I would go to the mere see what I did and then dislike hate myself for that nauert yeah. This so this psychology behind it is it's anxiety driven which put issue and a terrible. Whirlwind of yeah more anxiety right and you see we've done and then you have the anxiety of what you've done that attends a currency continue to do it smooth it's this week and so so when this came up and I'm merely randomly. A couple weeks ago. There's a lot of listeners who have struggled this and then when I reached out to our friend John. About gene going through hypnosis. He's like area that's that then that's when that I've done a lot of times a lot of success so really is come. Yeah I I never had a taste of it and so I think around 2010 herself and my first client was a woman who has like early thirties very professionally driven very three or driven but also the person that her entire family would depend on like everyone to come to her for money they would ask her solve problems. And so she took on all that responsibility and all that stress. And hair pulling with something that kind of came along with it over the years her being that type A usually most of my clients have this problem are. Relatively arm accomplished people or people who are like a student to to get the really good grades are. You know they're very active in the community. And they take on all this extra pressure and had no release valve for it. If that you know the thing about it is that anxiety is always the key underlying factors so it's not just about helping the person says. Stop the behaviors about helping to address the anxiety it's more. In united talking managers they carefully examine many of the behaviors he treat yet the good and it's anxiety under. Right like there you know a lot of these any compulsive pick skiing and nail biting inherit pulling him in there they're different in certain ways but the similarity is at its underlying anxiety so usually if someone comes to me with like a weird problems like that. As I haven't dealt with a 40 easily say yes I think I should be able to help you because it's a similar patterns driven by the anxiety. So Janine has come to see you how many times now are three times now. Lose it's been it's been really cool and isn't really interesting actually. And I was worried about it because I'm fidgety at her for me to stay still. But I've got a really good I didn't really nice to actually be able to relax for a minute and it's nice as you tell me handily and I do myself. I'm really excited to keep practicing that. I wanna I commend Kerry and justice and ask you I have. Hypnosis met your expectations. And then Sean I know you've prepared a list of some of the more and usual. Things they used successfully treated. Because I eight. Would love to here I would love to see if there are somebody's listening that we can help to them. Only because I know there's somebody listening right now who's connecting with which means talking about whether it's hair pulling or something else. Who is like I thought this could either replay for me is not something related anxiety yeah. It seems that you live and anxious times you'd think there's a lot of anxiety. Here and there. I'm we'll come right back we'll hear their messaging sorry that's. Existing days. Producers and neither has gone up hypnosis helper or sound hair pulling. How it's working here and that they can SNL and I welcome the Chambliss thank you tying IG is listening. Meet me I did I would yet I don't wore it where. Just try to actually I'd want in a it you aren't in condition that. That tactic that could conditions there. I can. Do it well and and consider it crap. I'm old. And Australian. I looked at it'll go. A little and in the end I was a Porsche and she didn't think it built spectacular but it. And how. Little I try yeah. It's so hard to click that feels so weirdly good that it took me there is nothing more uncomfortable than having their hair pulled out so it's like you're talking a complete. Playing. My my brain yeah I noticed some people who didn't ever again it really to stop this sounds all funnels. To stuff. What was your expectations going in hypnosis. I mean I was really idealistic like I hope this works at the same time I've had periods where light up to a couple of months where I stopped completely and I got myself to stop. And then it just happened all over again so. Strong part of me was like this probably won't work it'll just come back you know it'll it'll still be just as hard. Says it cannot pull 'cause you'll still just keep thinking about it. Can you paint a picture of the experience and when he walked in what you deal can somebody listening and what does what do you eye candies it do you run you what he did template that is going to be. More and should be defused today. We are things to watch that really dislike went in the hung out on the super comfy chair we talked for like half the session dislike. Just like really casually get feel they get a sudden you're like a really insightful friend. About all your issues and Jeff is right it's like six with the therapy in half an hour. And then I guess you just kind of used that to guide whatever it is you say so the second half he just laid back in the chair. And try really hard to see film. While latest hockey and then you just can't really relax and then all of a sudden it's so rare in the and you go home. And it's really it's it's really basic and simple. There's a different look if you bandit the therapy and we've all in this tremendous therapy they give you go to therapy that there's this journey that a therapist each round over weeks. Until you reach these points of self discovery. Where you're like a no I do this is an adult because this happened when I was eleven. And then you work out and corrective behavior and I think therapy is the whole person rather than focusing on one smaller things I went. I like the way hypnosis is. More directed like a laser beams version yeah. As you go and Rashad and he says I'd say opponent out we think about when you do what you do when you start Taylor I here's why you do it you know I'd. And then he uses. It the subconscious mind to correct that MS and I correctly. Yeah it's like he knows for sentenced to Lerner really effective approach to helping people and it was about asking the right questions you know so you can talk endlessly about one's childhood but the person still pull their hair out or they're still haven't problem. I'm what I learned was how to target the cause and then to start getting the person tools to address that you know so in some ways what I do is is very effortless for people with certain issues where they don't have to work at it very hard like in after not conscious of the fact that things are changing. But some of the changes are very much about recognizing and being aware and and reminding yourself that you have the ability of the power to change this thing and so I love what I do because it works very quickly if you do it right. And most of the time I I think it your right. This means it did either write the million dollar question again. Biggest difference even from when I got myself to suffer a few months is that. It's not hard for me to stop attacking go an entire day and not actually think about pulling my hair. A before they keep your hands down 20% and just keep your hands down if you do that enough it'll get easier and attended but then we'll come back after one stressful day and now it's like. I'll go so much longer without even thinking about it and even if I catch myself feeling my scouts. It's really easy for me just like. Take a breath and dislike slowly lower my hands and go back to and I'm doing some words change what I'm doing in my obviously is whenever I'm trying to do now is workings of us try some Els so is there more relief and not doing it than in doing it. There it it is it on ice and snow. Little too and would. It is it's really nice awesome it really rely on you treated more than hair falling more than me with quitting smoking you've got a whole bunch of different. Odd things that you treat people for. Yes like you know are any kind of habit that you can imagine from you know. Biting your nails to pay connect your skin said you know whatever you can possibly imagine any kind of nervous related habit I've probably dealt with at some point. And doing this for like fourteen years now had roughly 101000 sessions with a couple thousand clients so. There's a lot and I've seen you know an immature looking at specifics. I'm I've had you know I've had and early years ago who had a fear of vegetables. Like she couldn't swore she would gag. When she tried to eat vegetables this is like a twenty year old. Young lady and she's like I wanna be healthy and I'm gonna stop eating junk food but I can't swallow vegetables because when she was allowed them. Her uncle like made her eat her vegetables and used the medicine out. Marries Jane hobbies the world in Laguna Reece going you can get out when you finish it can. This is doing that thing that kids do or you're actually like you're like you know crying and caught like choking and look how. And Scioscia was chicken and vegetables mission develop that reflects soaked with my four year old you know we we get dirty your broccoli and we did there'd be like sometimes or Brussels sprouts but we don't like. Putter through trauma force to you gotta be well not to traumatize so I'm not dirty to vegetables you know and and so there are a lot of things like that I'd say one of the things right now people might not think about. But actually is a really strong compulsion I'm. Is a workaholic some. I have a lot of clients who come to me lately sometimes it's also with light weight loss or some other health related issues and taking care of themselves but they worked like 1214 hour days and the reason that they stay and other people at their office go home. Is because they feel insecure about going home like they think. That they have to stay there for a really long hours. One client recently I had down when she was like sixteen or mom kicked her out of her home. Forced her to go get a job and live on around and she developed this fear because if she didn't keep the job she was gonna be homeless. And so she kept working long hours with this first job and your shares is thirty years later. And she still has that one of the office you feels insecure about knowing you know. How have you and we're all still that in her sixty Earl ray have you had to come battle. Device addiction act. Yes yes exactly and that's a that's a big one and that actually sometimes almost goes hand in hand with the other one it's almost like some people especially those who are like I would decline is like very. Powerful like sort of CEO and architecture firmer something and that's the thing is like he has a hard time turning out because he did their client from Australia column about you know a project at 1 o'clock in the morning and it's like setting boundaries and knowing that you know it you're gonna be okay if you turn the device on silent had dinner with your wife. You know what that's a big deal people are really struggling with I debuted in Griffin welcome to the channel. OK I have known that yeah Harry you know and I'm doing pretty did not considered you questions Sean. Yeah a little limited I assert Suu Kyi and an army and ability to use the so wait wait you know and anxiety slumps during that happened over that. It is. He could do something what that. Yeah absolutely I'd say my experience with that has been limited more than I wish it would be simply because. Those in the military does that PT EST don't really even know that it could therapy is an option number one. So I'm trying to get the word out at times I've had a couple of clients in the past and came to me and I was able to help them. A one in particular was was in town visiting family for Thanksgiving this probably eight or nine years ago. And I've yet PT EST from light mean literally from like the sound of bombs going off when he was serving in Iraq. And I only was able to do one session with him because he was in town but I made the recording for me did a religiously every day and you know I think after like three months he contacted me any had a really noticeably different experience like. In trouble like being in malls around the crowds and certainly with the loud sound source and all of those things he noticed are really tremendous improvement on the suit I've I've wished that I could work with people more on that issue. The other issue that people should know about is like insurance you know insurance companies don't cover the new therapies so an event. Wants to have therapy like they're paying for someone like my services totally out of pocket. So that's something I really wish would change is give people the ability to use flex accounts are one ever. The coming get the kind of circuit it's gonna work because what what she TSB is is again there's this underlying stress and anxiety. And that the therapy is really effective at helping people are all comes. Act anxiety. By Sean does want to help somebody out who's got a really unique case he likes to be challenged. So if you have something that you want us to pass along to attempt to Sean and they'll pick somebody will follow your journey along just agreed to which means. When we say email Geneen directly yeah. I don't think that would be the best most private way to do it is just retired succeeds in Maine and I give me your email address yes it's Geneen JEA and and and I and eat at start 941 Atlanta dot com Geneva's is Jean and ninth together if that helps. Suggestion meanest guy named for one Atlanta dot com let me know when a passer and prolonged. Cool at all sounds awesome. Awesome thank you shine. You guys or have me it was great to see you again thank you it's eight great to have you on the show and thank you for help mentioning. Oh my gosh thank you so much it's changed and it's been a pleasure to have we're gonna put a child's eye contact info to up on the web site if you wanted. Just go with him directly if you don't want it to be our radio bits right is when I didn't touch them directly. China Shana Wheeler a sustainable make sure that's up on our website ASAP thank you John thank you. All learn and share that conversation. Continues with jet engine on FaceBook.