Help! Jenn's Trying the Whole 30 Diet!

Monday, February 5th


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Give yourself a grade on self discipline. While what is it. Well the big red letter at the top that paper it looked like. On self discipline because my name's Jane and I'm gonna ruin your Monday that I can't figure not a big old talent and anti. Self discipline department is not my strong suit so. Might need to lean on you for some help here explaining to suspect it. I. I don't I have to be honest answer is if you have to answer it. I tomorrow morning. If this family of those timing for a woman name shall. She thinks that somebody in her friend group is made up appointment. She wants sickness on the boyfriend yeah Baghdad if he's really just pigments yes that we're gonna tracked down this made guy. And see why herb what is deal is in mission. That's tomorrow morning at this time goes on is dying people it's appeared out of your life normally and we track and now. Why. But. Michelle's. You in he thinks he does and she's just sort of stories and senator Kerry's yet tomorrow yeah. Tomorrow morning at this time we go. I just self discipline if he had to give yourself a grade on self discipline. What would the letter grade B Kelly great eight at. Months on being self disciplined about what ever it is in your life that we and it here if you're gonna say eight less than that centered he'd be across. Not listening to us about. I have. Here's what about this and we do what if it's just what we just take its course the past. No I don't know and you pass making grade yourself on where you fall. And are being disciplined time in half minus ams so bad. You tell yourself you're gonna do things and and you don't follow through for years I'm the. Only thing that I'm consistently good at is writing staff I've already dynamite to do lists I. Other than that like I am not aid on it still feels as if it does feel okay but I might. I'll type it into the notepad in my iPhone I mean like pay visa bill. The bulletin eyes and I said yeah I even though wasn't on this Obama to give us an idea. They season how are you with Adam self discipline I give myself I might teetering on the solemn XE plus B minus. Unlike that average student and the teacher Ehrlich and says eat eat these and much more you know unlike much attention and a black in uncle Jesse plus debut in the value. I'm a seed because some accommodation of an a in path. Like let's say I want to lose twenty pounds I would lose. Pointing. And then put it right back on turnaround and just do what magic hope Gooden and I have. Forty chicken wings so you get a guy who doesn't go to class at all. All year but and rushes its last paper. Says and see in the course. Paper. Yet let the redbook and made a bomb might be how well an all out. Don't drag us down year to affect hundreds here measurable whirlpool of self discipline. Well I would say I'm a half if I had degrade myself. But I did not smoking so I would have to give myself a quit smoking that was years and years and years and a long time ago. On that and not take on I've pretty tough challenge for the next thirty days. And I'm almost afraid to admit it because I really stick to it. But that they say yours does that tell everybody and get a lot of support and by. I discovered a hole thirty and I learned about it sort of randomly and it's. It's a challenge to just basically eat clean. An island at kind of hold on just about your diet plan. And he basically eat and carrots in the water. Yeah I mean. Basically stand as what you can have. I. And and why are you going to do well I saw it was just an image a lot of feel better and I just one like. How Obama's reset button and a lot of people did like January or you know like Ole. All kinds of like clean healthy eating whatever for the month of January and much my fashion I procrastinate. I think there are today. I did exact. Sixth in waiting. And a guy thirty days but I've got some pretty bad habits to break I think like a lot of moms I'm like coffee and wine down. And everyday NASA is I had lined downtown we have our economy girl and it's like it's just a bad pattern that I like to break and then. And then we started my husband said that he would do it and we sort of Reading on the tough love part of mobile thirty and it said like this you know is. Eating clink for thirty days and it's like this is not hard beating cancer is hard holes like he had. We did share with race. Like if they're saying that's hard and we already did that and we can do this so it was almost like that little I want maligned in the description of the whole program. Was that a little button. Yeah much but here's the deal should take when you were beating cancer. You had that look at deteriorate downstairs and Eggleston as the best pizza on the planet. So it was made a comfort yeah it was a gift amongst your journey whole foods steals your gifts hit a volume money. Why others it's all like this organic natural it's more expensive it. Yea gain anime macaroni cheese out of the box next month. Rat willed of the whole thing is about you know just it's changing your relationship with. Insure an added sugar but I'm just afraid to say it because myself this is really like I. But that's going to be the challenge the next day so I retained a share the journey with you guys and if you've got any advice I would love it. I would love I'd like if there that the person that we would need to be treated to start your support. Right if somebody was voted today to join the show. Rate now and talk to you and after via person in excesses themselves the theme is year. I. Like the person who. Is and it wouldn't have to just be his diet I think it's just somebody who. Change their life forever. Hey I know with this guy is. Now I've for a 4639. Parliament let's hear from all my life. What are the bones just don't bring in a heck yeah as long leap edit and how old thirties now. If you cited self discipline that you changed your life and I need to hear from you today for a board to think there 941 as a number here's the jet engines show. Starting hold thirty and I. Didn't manipulate urgency some sort of intervention thing that it is not okay and is it. Chris stand in Fayetteville want to show. Owner again I think you'd hardly got literally your name being possibly hiding. Everything that I LA on the and it dictionary you know leak one it'll don't want it I need colleague here at the very week probably the heart that. But I got it straight we're working mom the other end to end that are how are so that that takeover. Now Kristen where would you score yourself on any. Self discipline and if sell itself to discipline with a school paper will created again. Probably the admin and took. I'm I'm I'm I'm glad you my belt red I mean I had a and that's why can't panic at cobra and a question I'm not gonna let that that Oprah meet. Austin so awesome are you gonna have to. Appreciate it for yourself and Ameren line you would just call you every morning. My coffee isn't that imagine. Kelly and somewhat Arcadia on saints want me. Paint an aid really unique theory and it. I don't weighed almost bank account and locked up and get it eat by going in their eye ear. And and I played it I love it like I was eight. Are there any. Not eating they are the card and everything worked so hard but I wouldn't it in my. And let out a. Our secure and a beacon for five years and then you come back to eating eating meat and dairy. Yeah not very I'm betting they. And I eating her income and. LA US AT and at that and it's a wide view. If systems used in out processing me in for five years medals and it. In and out but. She made in life. Awesome yes and journalist Allison Daryl and welcome Asia. I said Yang Mimi can. Thank you eat things. How does your diet before starting hold thirty completely and then whenever you penance you have even paying back end it ended an NBA you Iraq. Big bad pain or your body. Yeah I started a little bit last week thank you so much of that house and I'm definitely a lot of research on reading a lot of the cloak of that you know the whole thing and she's right you can test. You can't just do you have to really prepare for aunt shock and impressed and and main Buford at one militia. I I am I hate that I I definitely an act when he comes here you felt that the plan. IMac and I don't typically eat vegetable adding grow a beating best of all but I knew that began over 48. Time and I've lost thirty mountain. And then I feel great experiment being. Nice or foods and be viewed at. Holt thirty or whole third and now it's like it's like me communities. That any process. Of the joint. Remembering you and you all and edit it's you learn it's easier. Relationship with me says on it will change your life so. Any eat anything for thirty days at 830 here's that's gonna change your life. I'm you figure has been grants in this is about right yes he's and its okay rants. This superintendent of schools and also the superintendent of sweets he has he's gonna do it here that's gonna change your life. He's going to kill because (%expletive) yeah. He's that you guys are dateline episode right at you keep cupcakes from him or thirty days you'll W. Definitely bar and sweet and I I think I think on going to be given that I'm one last one and it wildcats beat. Just call me every morning in your title in evidence and and he goes through a kid's birthday party and got cupcakes. And I have won it is going to be it's really hard court I think if we did together and W bonding thing Aaron I'm hoping. While a bond with people I would that you lawful there. On Saturday and while coach Larry I do I block authority you've already out of the lot haute Thursday. I heard and Noonan. And 38. This girl. At. School after. It. Regular food court I spoke about her book at eight and barrel. Honored and noisy and chaos is an eternity I've tried to go an hour without looking name's Ingram. And I have. Oh yeah. Total self doesn't sound and I have zero sell this legal I say god I guess that's we will be it will be thinking. Ran very. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.